Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Fast Forward: Keisha & Tanner Knowles

Kayla Knowles was now a teenager and really enjoyed having the house all to herself. She was able to paint in peace, with only her pet pug Mugz for companionship.......and she liked it that way.......she was living the life.......or so she thought.......

Her mom was pregnant. Pregnant! At her age! Kayla couldn't believe her parents even still did woohoo, let alone the fact that they made a baby! She was mortified and upset that she would now have to listen to some crying kid........she had been alone in the house since Kevin went to college and now she would have to share again.......it just wasn't fair! Keisha was in the last few days of her pregnancy and was already in the hospital awaiting the baby's arrival. The nursing staff was really nice!
Her doctor was really sweet as well. He made her feel confident and secure that the delivery would go off without a hitch.
Kayla soon accepted that there was a new family member coming.......and that she was being selfish.....maybe it wouldn't be so bad to be a big sister.......so she apologized to her mom for acting like a brat and became excited about the new baby.
Tanner knew that they were getting older.......heck, they had a grown son who was getting married......but Keisha really wanted to be a mother again.....Kayla growing up reminded her that soon it would just be the two of them in the house......and she wasn't ready to not be needed......he was working security at the hospital so he got to spend lots of time with her there in the end.......it meant the hospital wasn't so secure, but he didn't care......he was going to be a father again!
Soon it was time for the little one to make their appearance! The doctor and his nurses were right there to make sure everything was ok......and they did a wonderful job......
Soon Keisha was holding little Kali Knowles in her arms......she was so beautiful and there was no prouder mother!
Now Kali is a cute little toddler who loves to bang away on her caterpillar xylophone.......maybe the Knowles have a little musician in the making!
Yes, Kali is surrounded by love........hopefully she won't become an aunt before she even knows what one is!

* So Keisha and Tanner just took it upon themselves to make a freaking baby! They have a grown son who just got married and yet they're still making babies.......if Kevin and Kinsley do have a child, Aunt Kali is going to be very close in age to them lol

* You can see glimpses into the hospital I made and can see a little of how it works. The nurses and doctor are game generated. The nurses work on shifts and there are four of them that rotate hours. There are lights that I put in the birthing room that call the sim when they go into labor so they will give birth in that room. The staff rushes into the room as well. It's all pretty cool :).....The hospital is a lot poorly built by me lol

*Sims can also go to the hospital for everything from sun burns to the flu.....Tanner is in the law enforcement career so he was pulled to be the night guard. If you don't have a sim in that career then a townie will show up. The only created sims are the nurses and the doctor. Sims in the medical career are pulled to be orderlies that come in and tidy up.

* Keisha is now on birth control and will be until they become elders lol.....no more surprise babies for this family! But Kali is such a cutie, it's not really a big deal I suppose :)


  1. I love surprise babies... at least in the Sims and besides Kali is adorable.

  2. Kali is so cute! I'm glad Tanner and Keisha had a baby together.

    So awesome to get a look at your hospital too. I've got all the bits and pieces of that hack downloaded but I haven't put it in my game yet.

  3. Wow Kali is so beautiful and unique looking for a toddler. Poor Kayla, lol at her parents' still doing woohoo, much less having a baby.

    The hospital looks great and it's fun to read about.

  4. Yay! I loooove surprise babies! Kali is so cute!
    That caterpillar xylophone was pretty cool too :)

  5. Kali is a surprise I wouldn't mind having for myself...she is ADORABLE! The prettiest little toddler I've seen in a long while!

    I am grateful to finally see a bit of your hospital. I would love to use that hack, but I can't bear to see Dr. Trinity Dalton reduced to an orderly, cleaning rooms and stuff. She's worked too hard to be doing that...but she's getting older and after she retires, I may put the hack in then.


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