Monday, June 21, 2010

Kiss Me

Round 4 - Spring 2034
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Marshal White is 38, Shamella Reeves is 35, Ariel Carr is 32, Joe is 38, Kayden is 4

 It was finally the big day and Shamella Reeves was excited to become Mrs. Marshal White......finally! Their wedding was held downtown in LaQuest Beach at the Parables Community Church.

 Joe, Ariel, and Kayden were the only guest in attendence aside from a few curious passers by. Shamella had decided that Joe and Ariel could just wear what they wanted. She just wanted them to be there.

 And so they were married..................

 Joe was happy that they were so happy. Ariel was happy to have a sister-in-law. She loved Marshal, but she had always wanted a she had one....

 Kayden didn't know why they had to be all yucky and kiss, but he was glad that Shamella was now really his auntie. She was really nice and stuff and he overheard his mom say they might have a kid. He hopes they get one so he can play with them. When he asked where they would get the baby from, his mom got really quiet.......
 "That wasn't so bad was it?" Shamella asked.
"No, but I would have planned a much nicer affair. With flowers every where and a band......"
"And just where would you have gotten the money for all of this?"
"Ugh, like I've said and Marshal were made for each other!" Ariel said.
 "So when can we expect some little nieces or nephews?" Joe asked.
"Damn, slow down! We just got married! I think we need a year or two just to enjoy being married."
"You've been living with that girl for years. It will be exactly the same. Trust me, bro, she'll be pregnant before the year is out," Joe said.
"Yea, well if that happens then I will be happy. I want kids, and if she wants to do it now, I have no problem with it," Marshal said. He didn't mind trying as many times as he took to get her pregnant. Actually, he kind of hoped it took a while.......

* Title comes from this song by Sixpence None the Richer......anybody remember She's All That?

* The wedding was pretty plain much to mine and Ariel's dismay. They would not cooperate with me and in the end I just gave up!


  1. It was a very nice wedding, very much their style.

  2. Aw, I think the wedding looked great. Congratulations to Shamella and Marshal. LOL at Joe already looking for nieces and nephews!

  3. "Actually, he kind of hoped it took a while......."

    What? You're almost forty and your wife is halfway there. She can't wait any longer. What's up with that?

  4. hahaha ""You've been living with that girl for years. It will be exactly the same."

    Loved that! Very true too!

    I do remember She's All That, I saw it on the netflix the other day and put it in my queue for some memory lane. ;)

    The wedding was quite nice, even if it wasn't fancy with bands. I'm looking forward to them adding a little one to the family.

  5. Apple Valley - it was their style, although I would have liked a bigger wedding and better pics but they wouldn't work with me lol

    Carla - I think Joe just wants someone for Javion to play with lol

    Laurelcrossing - I think Marshal just wants to practice slot lol

  6. Maisie - She's All That is one of my fab movies lol......I'm curious to see what their kids will look like

  7. I think their wedding was very nice and suited them! I'm looking forward to seeing any possible kids in the future! :)


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