Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Round 4 - Fall 2033 - Mini Update
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Tessa de Muse is 37, Elvin de Muse is 41

 It was just a band. A tiny gold band. But it signaled the end of Tessa Gunner. What the hell had she been thinking? She remembers feeling a need to be with Elvin. But that need was now gone. It didn't make sense! Was she losing her mind? Because she had to be crazy to think that she should be married to ANYBODY. And now he was talking about kids........

 The vodka burned as it went down, but she barely felt it. She had really fucked up this time. Tabitha must be livid with her. She didn't blame her. It seemed that she was always getting into these situations, always running into these crazy guys. But Elvin wasn't crazy. It wasn't his fault that she had agreed to marry him and was now feeling a bit like a deer caught in headlights......she supposed the only thing she could do was make the best of it........
 She tried to stay away from home as much as possible. She had picked up extra nights at the club just to be away from him.....it was just too much! She needed time to become what he wanted. Good wife and mother just weren't on her resume.....but she would try......
 That was, until she met him......his name was Casey Addler and he was some college student slumming it on the bad side of town.....but he was sexy and Tessa wanted to feel like her old self.....if only for a few moments.....what would that hurt?
 She supposed it was pretty skanky, having sex with someone almost half her age in a dirty photobooth......but she needed this one last fling.....or maybe she needed to just face the fact that she had once again made a mistake........
 He was so cute when he asked if he could see her again........could he see her again? Did she want to keep this going? She didn't know, so she took his number and told him that she would call him.....time would tell if that was true or not.......
 Now she had to go home. To her husband. She had to sleep beside a man she had just cheated on, months after their wedding. What kind of person was she? Elvin deserved better.......she didn't know if she could give it to him.......
 He held her while she slept.......she wished that she could get back those feelings that made her want to marry him........they just disappeared.......how could feelings just disappear?
 He would kick her ass if he knew what she had done........and she would deserve it.......but she didn't plan to stop seeing Casey......she just couldn't......this was just who she was.......where was this version of herself when she accepted his proposal? Something was definitely not right.......

* Title comes from this song by Pink, I think it describes Tessa perfectly lol

* I didn't want to leave her story hanging until I played her next round. I figured her reaction would be pretty immediate after the love spell wore off.

*Tessa ACR'd with Casey all on her own, then looked a bit remorseful afterward. She has a much higher chemistry with him than she does with Elvin.....I plan on her finding out the truth about her husband.....can't let her agonize over this for too long.....but considering how much grief she has caused Tabitha, I figure she can squirm just a bit lol


  1. Wow, so she's going to find out Elvin's truth-yikes, that sound go over real well for Elvin...not!

  2. I can't wait to see Tessa's reaction when she finds out how Elvin got her to agree to marriage. I don't know whether to hate him for tricking her or to feel sorry for him because he was obviously quite smitten with her to try something like that.

    I didn't figure Tessa's attempts at being a good wife would last too long though. Seeing her with Casey didn't surprise me.

  3. Apple Valley - no, I don't think it's going to go over well at all. But I think Elvin is aware, don't underestimate him!

    Carla - It is pretty tough to decide how much of a bad guy he is.....but I think you'll lean more towards one side as the story unfolds.....that's all I'm saying! But yea, Tessa just isn't the wifey type of woman. It's just not who she is.


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