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Round 5 - Winter 2035
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Keisha and Tanner Knowles are 47, Kali Knowles is 8 (Kevin and Kinsley Knowles are 29, Ryan is 3, Ricki is 2, Kayla is 21, Tabitha Coners is 45, Terrence is 44, Imani is 8)

Where's your gavel? Your jury?
What's my offense this time?
You're not a judge but if you're going to judge me
Then sentence me to another life....

It was the very beginning of winter and Tanner was trying to find new ways to relax. There was a counterfit ring going on around LaQuest and his vice squad duties had doubled. To say he was stressed was an understatement! So he had taken up bug collecting. Keisha couldn't understand it and refused to take part in it, but he and Kali had developed a bond over their bug hunting expeditions.

Of course, there were a few dangers involved with you accidentially disturbed a nest of bees that you didn't even know was there!

Tanner was finally getting respect down at the precinct. When he first began, no one could understand why he would want to even be a police officer when he was rich. But wasn't being a cop suppose to be about a want to protect and serve? And wouldn't the fact that he wasn't doing it for the money make him a much better cop? No one saw it that way at first, but he had slowly proven himself to be a pretty damn good cop.

Keisha took Kali down to the pet store to pick out a new collar for their dog, Mugz. While they were there, Kali ran into a really pretty man. She knew boys didn't like to be called pretty, but he was! She had never seen a man like him before. He had the weirdest stuff on his face.......but it was so pretty.......

Keisha ran into the father of the boy her daughter was dating. Terrence Coners worked as an architect for the city, and he and his family lived out in Camden Park. They did not get off to a good start!
"I'm sure your son is nice. I never said he wasn't. I just don't want him shacking up with my daughter! What if she gets pregnant?" Keisha said.
"I really think you're making too much of this! Young adults live together all the time. It's a pretty common occurence," he said.
"That doesn't mean I have to accept it!"
"You can't really stop them, now can you? What will you do? Cut your daughter off?"
"You leave my daughter to me! I don't need your two cents," Keisha said.
"You do what you want. I'll be there for my son and support him. You know, like parents are suppose to," Terrence said walking off.

"Wait! Look, we got off to a really bad start. Why don't you and your wife come over to our house for dinner and we can try this again," Keisha said.
"I don't know if we should come onto your territory. If you're like this off of it, I hate to see what you're like on it!"
"I deserved that. I really put my foot in my mouth. I'm having a tough time letting Kayla go. She's just so headstrong! But I guess she gets that from me," Keisha said.
"I didn't want to be the one to point out the obvious.......but I suppose it wouldn't hurt to try to have a more civil conversation. I'll have to check with Tabitha, but I'm sure we can make it to dinner."
"Great, I look forward to it."
Keisha found Tabitha Coners a whole lot easier to talk to.
"I was a bit shocked myself when I heard about them moving in together. It does seem quite sudden. They've only been going out for a few months," Tabitha said.
"A few months? Kayla never tells me anything! I only recently heard about their relationship. It's why I was so upset about it," Keisha said.
"I can imagine you were! Well they've been together for a while now. Honestly, the only reason I knew about it was because Terrence told me. Kenny is my step-son and he doesn't quite confide in me like he does his father."
"Well Kayla is my daughter and she doesn't confide in me at all! We've always had a bit of a strained relationship. I just worry about her," Keisha said.
"I'm sure you do! I would go insane if Terrence was a police officer! I can't imagine the stories you've heard. I worry about the safety of my girls all the time and I only hear what the media tells us!"
"Tanner tries not to bring his work home with him. I suppose I'm just an over-protective mother. But this is going to happen, isn't it?" Keisha asked.
"They're adults. We can't really stop them. And Kenny really is a very sweet guy. Terrence did a wonderful job with him."
"I suppose I don't have a choice then, huh?"
Tanner and Terrence got along like old friends right from the start. They both couldn't understand why their wives were being so uptight, but they knew better than to call them on it! They made plans to maybe get together and go fishing once the fish started biting again.

Kali and Imani Coners were becoming good friends and they hoped their siblings didn't mess up everything! They liked playing together and they wanted their families to get along.

"Is it so wrong for me to want Kayla to have a ring on her finger before she lives with a man?" Keisha asked over breakfast the next morning.
"No, but you have to realize that maybe Kayla has different plans. You have to let her make her own decisions, make her own mistakes. You have to let go, Keisha," Tanner said.
"I know I do. I better get dressed. The kids will be here soon."
Kevin and his family arrived at around the same time as Kayla.
"Well if it isn't the golden child."
"Well if it isn't the prodigal daughter," Kevin said laughing.
"You joke, but that's how I feel sometimes."
"You know how mom can be. I don't know why you even let it bother you because you always end up doing whatever you want to do anyway."
"I just don't get her. You know she desperately wants me to be like you," Kayla said.
"No, I think she just wants you to do what she wants you to do. The only reason she's okay with the decisions I made is because they went right along with what she wanted for me. But I made my own decisions. I'm a doctor because I want to be. And you have to do what's best for you."
Tanner really hated when there was tension in his house. Home was suppose to be a comfortable place to be away from the rest of the world! At least his grandchildren were drama least, they were right now! If they grew up to be  like their dad, then they would be just fine.
Kayla supposed all of her family weren't bad. She loved her neice and nephew and was glad whenever she got a chance to see them. She loved her brother and her sister and her dad......she loved her mom too, she just wished she would stay off her case!
Kayla has told Kinsley countless times that she can't believe she married into this family. Kayla didn't have a choice, but Kinsley did! And really, was her brother really worth all this drama?
"He totally is," Kinsley said laughing.

* I think Keisha has finally just accepted Kayla's decision. By the end of this play session, she had a want to be friends with Kenny. I'm sure that has nothing to do with the 2 bolts she has with him!

* Kayla and her mother still had conversations with the crossed arms and frowned up faces, but they weren't negative convos so maybe they'll be ok :)

* Tanner rolled the "You're feeling creative, take up a new hobby or open a business" ROS for this round. He's too busy to open up his own business and I've never had someone complete a bug collection before so hopefully he will be my first :)
* I'm continuing the creation of family photos for everyone and here is this family's:

This was THE worst photoshoot I've ever done! I've since downloaded the freezer clock because no one would cooperate with me! I couldn't stop them from having conversations, people kept disappearing, it was chaos! This was the best pic I could get without pulling my hair out!


This isn't really an outtake, but I think the toddlers are so cute when they play with pets! The animals always look like they're in pain though lol


  1. Terrence Coners...where did you get that hair? I love it. K, let me get back to rest of the update :D

  2. I'm really glad Keisha is at least moving towards accepting Kayla's decision to live with Kenny. She's a big girl who can make up her own mind and her mother is just going to have to deal.

    I rarely take a portrait without Freezer Clock these days! I can handle two Sims without using it but once you add extra Sims in, it gets insane.

  3. I am convinced that Freezer Clock was invent so that I could take decent family photos. I can't even remember what I did before... and I have only had it in my game for one round.

    I, second Rome_Raven... Where did you get Terrence's hair? I haven't seen that one before.

    Don't you just love strained parent-child relationship. They make for such interesting story options.

  4. Rome_Raven - I accidentially ran across Terrence's hair one day :). It can be found here:

    Carla - I'm so glad you suggested that clock! It has made things so much easier! Keisha really needs to just take a step back and let Kayla live her life. She's going to do it anyway lol.

    Oasis Valley - It is so much easier now to take my pics, I love the freezer clock! See my comment to Rome Raven for the site with the hair. Strained relationships make very good story lines :)

  5. Oh, I love Terrence's hair! Thanks for that link! :)

    I'm glad Keisha is finally moving toward accepting Kenny and Kayla's decision. She can't hover over Kayla forever and try to run her life, it will only make things worse between her and her daughter.

  6. Sometimes its hard for parents to let go of guiding their children in certain ways. It doesn't always work so well. Hopefully Keisha will learn that necessary lesson much faster.


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