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Hanging By A Moment

Round 4 - Fall 2023 - LBU
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Kayla Knowles, Tippy Dean, Kenny Coners, Brian Johnson, Slade Willis, Orlando Centowski, Sam Bauer, Tosha Go, Adam Broaden, and Mindi Mason are all 19, (Taesha Foster is 17)

When the rest of her dorm mates moved out of Teder Hall, Tosha Go had no idea what she was going to do. But then she met John Doe and she knew that she would be sticking with Teder Hall! Oh, she would be the oldest one in the freshman hall, but she didn't care. She had finally found what everyone else had, love...........

 Kayla had convinced her parents to help her rent a small house on campus. She could think of no one she would rather live with than Tippy Dean!
 Tippy was the palest, coolest girl that Kayla had met in her short year at LBU. She did what she wanted, whenever she wanted, and didn't care who had a problem with it. She could be a bit overbearing at times, but that was Tippy!
 Kayla felt that she was a good ying to her yang. She was still pretty shy, but between Tippy and Adam, things were definitely getting better. It felt good to have her own place, to be able to come and go as she pleased.......she really felt like she was in college now.
 There was only one club on campus and Kayla had yet to go. She had been there a whole year and still hadn't been. This was, of course, unacceptable as far as Tippy was concerned, so they decided to go out one night.
 She was glad to be out on her own, but she really missed Kenny and the rest of the guys so she decided to invite them out as well. They had kind of all gone their separate ways, but Kayla didn't want to lose any of her friendships with them.
 Tippy had developed a bit of a crush on Brian. Kayla tried to tell her that Brian was involved with someone, but Tippy didn't care. As far as she was concerned, if he didn't have a ring, he was fair game!
 The next time Kayla looked over, Tippy was on the floor dancing very provocatively with Brian. She didn't know who she needed to warn more, Tippy or Brian. Tippy wasn't very stable when it came to guys. She was in love one moment, and hated the guy the next. Brian didn't stand a chance!
 Kayla decided to talk to Tippy about it the next day.
"What exactly are you doing with Brian?"
"What do you mean? He's hot. I mean he's drummer in a band type hot," Tippy said.
"Yea, I get that you think he's hot. But what are you doing? You know this never lasts for long."
"What, do you have a crush on him or something?" Tippy asked.
"No! I'm seeing Adam and you know it. I just don't want things to get weird with you two since we all hang out together. Just trying to keep the peace in the group," Kayla said.
"Well, don't worry. Brian is a big boy, I think he can handle himself."
"Just don't mess it up Tippy, that's all I ask. I'm meeting  Adam for some dessert at the diner so I gotta run."
"Have fun," Tippy said.
 Kayla had been seeing Adam for a while, but they weren't officially a couple. It was just nice hanging out with him and kissing him. They hadn't really gone any further than that and Kayla was in no hurry. It wasn't that she didn't like him.......he just made her so nervous, gave her butterflies.
 She had never met anyone quite like him. And she was sure that she would probably never meet anyone that made her feel the way he did. So she was just going to enjoy these moments with him and let the chips fall where they would.
 They decided to have everyone over for a get together at their house. Orlando and Sam came which made Kayla happy. They couldn't make it to the club and Kayla hadn't seen them since she moved out. She had really missed them!
 Tippy of course cornered Brian as soon as he got there. Kayla was positive that this wouldn't turn out well at all.....but you couldn't tell either of them anything......she just hoped it didn't screw up the group dynamic!
 Orlando and Sam were doing great and Orlando had never been happier. Kayla was a little concerned about him in high school. He was locked in the closet and was so afraid to come out. But now that he had, he seemed to be so much happier. He had even convinced Sam to come out as well.
 Brian went in to kiss Tippy and she turned on the cold water. Kayla knew it was going to happen, she just didn't know it would be this soon.
"Ugh, no way, I don't want to kiss you!" she yelled.
"Are you serious Tippy? You've been all over me all damn night! Now when I try to give you some play, you do this? Kiss my ass Tippy Dean," Brian said as he left.
"Hey, don't get upset with me because you misread signals!" Tippy said to his retreating back.
 The party ended shortly after that and Kayla picked up her paint brush. She would apologize to Brian for Tippy because she knew that Tippy would never do it. Hopefully this would pass without too many hard feelings......
 Screw Tippy Dean! Brian wanted to have t-shirts made! Who needed her? Was she hot? Yes. But so was Mindi. And Mindi was a hell of a lot more easy going. She never really gave him any problems other than insisting upon knowing where he was every second of the just couldn't win with them!
 Mindi truly was a cool ass girl. There weren't many girls that he liked to hang out with. Hell, besides Kayla and his step-sister Taesha, there weren't any! So he would make sure Mindi stayed around. He was trying to keep his hands off her as much as he could. He knew that if they slept together, she would be glued to his hip......he needed a distraction from her soft skin and soft lips.....good thing Taesha was visiting campus and he would be showing her around.....because who knew what he would do with anything to distract him!
 She was still beautiful.....
"Taesha Foster, just look at you!" Kenny said.
"You don't look too bad yourself, Mr. Coners. It's been quite a while huh?"
"Yea, I've been really busy," he said.
"Too busy to pick up the phone and call a friend? I thought you would have at least come by this summer when Brian came home."
 "Yea, I've been a pretty bad friend huh?"
"It's ok, Brian told me you have a pretty serious girlfriend now," Taesha said.
"Oh, yea, Cammie. Yea, we're pretty serious I guess."
"I knew you would come up here and have girls all over you."
"Well, they're not all over me.........." Kenny said.
"Haha, I can still make you's why you're so cute. I've really missed you," she said.
 He had forgotten how good she smelled. And it was just her, Taesha wasn't the type of girl to wear perfume. Why the hell did he still feel this way about her? And what the hell was he going to do when she came to school next year?
"I've missed you too Tae. I gotta get ready for class. Enjoy your trip around campus," he said.
"Thanks. Hey Kenny?"
"What's up?"
"Try to call more, ok?"
"You got it, Tae," he said.
Heaven help him..........

* Title comes from this song by Lifehouse

*Tippy is insane! She kept heart farting all over Brian and flirting with him, but as soon as he tried to flirt with her, she flipped out! Poor Brian!

* Kenny still has his crush on Taesha. I'm looking forward to this little love triangle when she comes to school Fall 2034. Kenny's gonna have a decision to make!

Kenny Coners 3.1
Kayla Knowles 3.4 (Dean's List)
Brian Johnson 3.2


  1. At first, I thought Tippy was glowing! But then I realise it was the path behind her. But wow, she is definitely quite the character, as you promised!

    Looking forward to the love triangle!

  2. Wow, Tippy, but then again it's not like Brian is looking for something serious-he just wants a lot of play, right?

  3. Carla - Haha Tippy is quite pale! She's so funny to watch, definitely a character!

    Apple Valley- Brian isn't looking for anything serious at all, but I think Tippy striked a blow to his massive ego lol


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