Thursday, July 1, 2010

The best man I can be.....

Round 5 - Winter 2034
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Marshal White is 39, Shamella is 36, Joe Carr is 39

 They were talking about make-up......again. Marshal loved being married to Shamella, but these girly conversations were killing him. It's like she got worse with it once they were married! He needed some testosterone in his life and fast!

He decided to call his brother-in-law over and have a guys day out. Joe was able to slip away, which wasn't easy as Ariel got very upset when he tried to leave her home with Kayden and Javion by herself. It wasn't as bad now that Kayden was older.
"How about we go shoot some hoops?" Marshal asked.
"You know I'm not all that good with sports......"
"C'mon man, I've been listening to Mella go on and on about all this chick stuff.......she's all sensitive these days. One quick game?" Marshal asked.
Fine. One game, then we're doing something else."
Basketball didn't turn out quite how Marshal expected......not very good at sports his butt! Joe beat him twice! Kayden would never hear of this, he thought his Uncle Marshal was the best at all sports. And to be beat by was embarrassing! Apparently Joe was just as surprised by his wins!
Joe decided that they would bowl next. Marshal had already decided that if Joe beat him at bowling too, then it was all over. His dip into the feminine would be irreversible!
Joe was blathering on about a sculpture he saw recently, but Marshal wasn't listening......he had to get in his zone and concentrate on getting a strike..........

And once again, all was right with the universe. Joe took a bit of the competition out of it by cheering Marshal on, but at least he was winning. And he went on to win three games and went back home with his head held high!
"Enjoy your day away from me?" Shamella said laughing.
"I wasn't trying to get away from you babe! I just needed a little guy time that's all. How was your day without me?" he asked.
"Hmmmmmm.....pretty good. You know that competition I entered about writing what LaQuest Beach means to me? Well I won!"
"Fantastic! So what did you win?"
"We get a tax break next year! We don't have to pay taxes!" Shamella said.
"Are you serious? Man, that's really going to come in handy!" he exclaimed.
"Yea, especially since I'm pregnant."
"Are you serious?" he asked.
"As a heart attack.....I guess that's why I've been feeling so weird lately. Maybe I won't drive you so crazy now that I know why."
"You weren't driving me crazy....."
"Liar," she said laughing.
"Well maybe a little........I can't wait to see my kid!"
"Do you think I'll get as big as a summo wrestler? I'm already eating more! Will you still love me when I'm fat?" she asked after they had dinner.
That sounded like a trap to Marshal, so he answered the best way he knew how.....
"I will always love you, no matter how either of us changes physically. You're the mother of my child, my wife, my best friend."
"Awwww, you're so sweet!"
Yep, the natural order of the world had returned..........

* Title comes from this song by Tyrese, RL, Ginuwine, and Case

* Marshal has the sports PDH but Joe was kicking his butt! He didn't seem very happy about this fact :)

* Baby White will make their appearance Fall 2035......maybe Marshal will get a son.....First he was living with Ariel, then Shamella moved in and he was living with two women! He'll probably die if they have a girl haha....I just see him as this "manly" sim :)

* Shamella was my first ROS: You win the "What I love about LaQuest Beach" essay contest - win 1 tax free year

* I don't really play in my warehouse district much, but I love how the buildings look.....more sims will be headed there now!

Just for kicks and giggles:

While Celeste is getting wooed on Peragama by Satitu, Starema is in the bowling alley restaurant getting wooed by some young townie! Cradle robber! She's more than 100 years his senior!


  1. Oh, I can't wait to see their baby too! I hope they have a girl. :p ROFL She can be a tom boy for her daddy.

  2. LOL @ Starema!

    Maybe they're have a boy...and a girl :)

  3. Ha, Starema's a cougar! LOL!

    I'm excited to see their baby. I want them to have a girl. I bet she'd just have Marshal wrapped around her little finger.

  4. lol on Starema!

    Yeah for a little baby. I could totally see a little girl melting him, but also having a good time with a son too. Can't underestimate the power of a little princess to melt even the manliest man's heart. The guy time was great, especially the blabbering about sculptures in the background.

  5. lol at Starema!

    Aw, I can't wait to see their baby!

  6. Riverdale - It will be just his luck that they will have a girl!

    Apple Valley - Don't curse me like that! I guess it wouldn't be so bad since they don't have any kids at all......

    Carla - Starema is definitely a cougar! Seems everyone wants a girl for Marshal! Haha now I can't wait to see what they end up having :)

    Shana - I was so surprised at Starema.....guess Celeste isn't the only one who needs love!


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