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The Freshmen

Round 5 - Fall 2034 - LBU
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Kenny Coners, Brian Johnson, Slade Wallis, Kayla Knowles, Tippy Dean, Mindi Mason, and Adam Broaden are 20; Taesha Foster and Gordon Nott are 18, Cammie Samuels is 21

* It's a wee bit long this time :)

 Taesha Foster spent her first few hours as a freshman at LBU listening to her step-brother talk to her about the do's and don'ts of campus. Even Kenny is like, "What are you talking about man?"

Kenny still hadn't called Taesha as much as he did before. She thought he would do better after she came for her campus visit, but he was acting just as aloof as ever. So she decided to simply take the hint. She never pegged him for one of those guys who went off to college and forgot about his friends, but she guessed she was wrong.......
 "You do realize that I plan to start dating now don't you?" Taesha asked Brian.
"Oh, yea I do. But you do realize that I'll pummel any guy that I see with his grubby paws on you."
"You're such a neanderthal," Taesha said.
"Yea but you love me."
She had to stay in Teder Hall during her freshman year and Taesha decided to try and make some friends. The people were a little strange though.......
"That outfit is a little girlish isn't it?" randon dormie girl says.
"Well I am a girl."
"Not anymore. We're women now!"
 Obviously dormie girl equates college and being a woman with woohooing with some random guy on the disgusting couch in the lounge......
 In the mist of all the weirdness, at least Taesha had her friend Gordon Nott. They had been friends in high school and she was really glad to have a familiar face around.....
 The fact that Gordon had gotten even cuter over the summer had absolutely nothing to do with least that's what Taesha told herself!
 Over at the Knowles/Dean house, Tippy was getting ready for yet another date with Casey. She had grown quite fond of him over time and she knew he was practically in love with could he not be?
 Sure, sometimes she was sure that his muscles out weighed his brain, but when she looked into those piercing blue eyes, it really didn't even matter...
 Kayla had been going out with Adam for a while and Tippy had yet to grill him about his intentions towards her friend.....what better way to do that than a double date out to dinner?
 "So what's going on, Adam? Are you just screwing around with my friend or what?" Tippy asked.
"Tippy" Kayla exclaimed.
"Hey, I just want to know. You don't need him if he isn't serious."
"I don't think that's really your business now is it?" Adam asked.
"It damn sure is my business! She's my friend and if you hurt her, I'll cut your balls off and play hacky sack with them. You get me?" Tippy asked.
"Oh, gosh," Kayla sighed.
"Tippy calm down," Casey said.
"Yea I am calm. Just making polite conversation."
 Part of the graduation requirement for art majors was to build a portfolio of at least 10 pictures from different genres. Kayla chose Tippy to model for one of her pics because she was sure her pale skin and green eyes would make for a gorgeous picture.
 They decided to order up a pizza and invite everyone over for a party. It was Taesha's first semester on campus and Kayla wanted to introduce her to everyone.
 Taesha had other things on her mind in the form of Gordon Nott. She couldn't believe it when he leaned in and stole a kiss as they were standing outside. From the look on his face, Kenny couldn't believe it either!
 Casey couldn't believe how he had lucked out with Tippy. She was beautiful AND she loved sports! He hadn't seen Tessa for months and he really had no desire to see her. Anyway, if Tippy found out, there's no telling what she would do to him!
 Kayla decided to finally ask Adam about being an official couple and he turned her down! In front of everyone! She would never have asked him in front of everyone if she had known he was going to turn her down! He said he thought they were just having fun and just couldn't see it turning into something serious.
 She ran off to her room to hide. She had never been so embarrassed in all her life.....and she really thought Adam cared about her. She didn't know what she was going to do......
 Tippy knew just what to do! She kicked everyone out and fixed some dinner for herself and Kayla. She also ran out and got just what she thought Kayla needed to calm down.......
 "He was getting kinda fat anyway. Guess the freshman 15 are finally catching up with him," Kayla said laughing after she took her first puff.
"Freshman 15? What's that?" Tippy asked.
"There's a myth that college freshmen gain 15 pounds from eating so much junk food."
"God, I'm glad that's not true. My body is perfection!" Tippy exclaimed.
"You're insane, you know that? Thanks for doing this."
"Hey what are friends for?"
 One box of black hair dye and some crafty hair cutting later, Kayla Knowles felt like a new person and didn't give a flying fig about Adam Broaden......his loss!
 The guys had finally saved up enough money to rent a small house on campus and they planned to throw a party and rock out for their guests as soon as they had the dough to do it.
 "Did you see that little boy putting the moves on Taesha?" Brian asked.
"Yea, so what? She's in college now, Brian. And she's beautiful. Guys are going to hit on her," Kenny said.
"Let's see if you're this cool when Imani and Imara go off to college."
"I'm not saying that you shouldn't be concerned. I'm simply saying that you can't stop guys from trying."
"I can break a few legs and then they'll all get the message," Brian said.
"Yea, but I think they would put you in jail for that!"
 Now that Brian and Mindi were a couple, Brian had gotten a whole lot softer. It was kinda weird to see the guy who only talked about getting laid, being all soft and mushy around his girlfriend......Kenny wished he had it that easy.
 Despite witnessing Taesha kissing that goofy boy from her dorm, Kenny had not changed his mind about Cammie. She just wasn't the girl for him and he didn't want to waste her time. As far as Taesha was concerned, that was a closed chapter. Sure, she was only Brian's step-sister, but if Brian ever wanted to date one of his sisters (if they weren't so young, that is), he didn't think he would like it at all. In fact, he knew he wouldn't. So he would afford him the same respect he would expect of him......which didn't help his situation with to just get it over with Kenny!
 She took it about as well as he expected her to. Lots of crying and screaming about how she didn't even see it coming. That was laughable as they barely talked to each other now. She would appreciate his honesty one day......too bad today wasn't that day!
 After Cammie left, he called over the one person in the world who could understand how he was feeling right now......Kayla.
"Wow, what did you do to your hair?" he asked.
"I take that to mean that you don't like it?" Kayla said laughing.
"Oh no, I like it. I'm just surprised. It's a drastic change."
"Yea, well I needed a change. Sorry about Cammie. But you guys seemed to be kinda drifting apart for a while."
"Yea......and this stupid crush I had on Taesha didn't really help," he said.
"I can't believe you had a crush on Taesha!"
 "Hey, you had a crush on that weird Alvin Futa boy in high school," Kenny said.
"Man, I forgot about him. I wonder what he's doing now?"
"Probably somewhere finding a cure for something.....he seems like that type," he said.
"Guess I should have stuck to the weird boys huh? Because the cute normal boys don't seem to like me," Kayla said.
 "Hey, don't talk like that. Adam is a jerk. And it's his loss. You're a great girl with a lot of talent. And one day, when you're rich and famous and your paintings are worth thousands, you can look him up and laugh in his face." Kenny said.
 "Thanks for being such a good friend," she said.
"No problem," he said as he tried not to enjoy her warm embrace too much........what was wrong with him?!

* Title comes from this song by the Verve Pipe

* These kids are crazy! I was just as shocked as Kayla when Adam turned down the go steady interaction! Jerk! Getting the milk and didn't want to buy the cow! I do like her kick ass make-over that came out of it.

* Kenny just refused to roll up any wants for Cammie. It's like he just completely stopped liking her all together. And right after he broke up with her, he started rolling wants for Kayla....I was like whaaat? He's so confused, poor boy.

* Taesha and her friend Gordon have 2 bolts so I'm interested in see what becomes of the two of them.

* Tippy is just too much.....writing her is a joy :)......Her and Casey have settled into a nice little pattern and I can see her staying with him for a while.......more on his relationship with Tessa in the next up date.

* Just a hilarious side note: The guy getting it on with random dormie girl is also the guy that Tosha Go has fallen in love with......I'm waiting for her to catch them in the act!

Kenny - 2.9 (He's skirting the line isn't he?!)
Brian - 3.0
Slade - 3.1
Tippy - 3.0
Kayla - 3.7
Taesha - 3.0
Gordon - 3.0


  1. Lol, wow! Talk about drama! I'm kind of sad that Kenny didn't make a move on Taesha or anything, but I'm glad to see that she's happy with Gordon (who does look a lot cuter!)

    If Kayla and Kenny get together that would be sweet too though, and then Brian won't have to break his legs or anything :P

    Brian and Mindi are really cute together, and Tippy is always a hilarious aspect to your writing!

  2. I love it when a townie I've got in my game makes an appearance in someone else's hood. It was fun seeing Gordon!

    Is that Gordon's original hair then? He's been in my hood so long and he's had at least 3 different hairstyles over that time. I can't even remember what he looked like originally!

    I love Tippy's idea of polite conversation - playing hacky sack with someone's balls! Adam better watch out now!

    Kenny's GPA is the same as Troy's GPA was and he somehow managed to graduate! It's the lowest GPA any of my Sims have earned while still finishing though, so it was definitely borderline!

  3. Wow, a lot sure can happen in college. Brian and Mindi make a sweet couple.

    And I love Taesha and Brian's conversation at the table. "neanderthal" funny.

    If Tippy doesn't scare men away (hacky sack with balls) then I don't think much else will scare them away!

  4. Tessa - Brian is just a really confused guy! And I think his confusion is effecting his grades as well! Tippy really is very hilarious! And Gordon does look better in his young adult years :)

    Carla - That is Gordon's original hairstyle. The only thing I changed about him was his clothes because they always grow up into the most awkward outfits! Yes, I think Tippy has a hit out on Adam now. I don't envy him! Kenny has 3 semesters left to try to pull it up. Hopefully once he solves his girl issues, things will be better school wise.

    Maisie - I can't believe I used to think uni was boring! I think it helps to only play one semester at a time. Now I'm always curious to see how situations that I left to go play other households will turn out and I look forward to going back to uni :).....Haha, I think Tippy is scary, but she also pulls you in at the same time so it's hard to decide what to do where she's concerned lol

  5. Wow, there was a lot of going ons this round. I kind of thought that Taesha and Kenny would hook up, but I guess his friendship with her brother is more important to him-which is admirable.

    I too adore Tippy's polite conversation, at least Casey knows what will happen to him if he screws up.

  6. Whoa, Adam had better watch out now! And Casey had better hope Tippy doesn't find out about him and Tessa, she might be tempted to play hacky sack with his body parts, lol. ;)

  7. I love the drama. But I'm the drama queen, aren't I? LOL I hate it when you have a sim ask the other to go steady and they turn them down. You're like WTF? And when everything is going great between the two.


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