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Crazy for this girl

Round 5 - Fall 2034
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Lorelai Ellison is 29, Jacob is 35 (Kenny Coners, Brian Johnson, and Slade Wallis are 20)

 Jacob Ellison was ready to begin this new part of his life. Things would be better this time.....he hoped. He was opening his club and Lorelai was going to be teaching and things would finally be least he hoped that was what happened.....with Lorelai, you just never knew.......

 He invited the members of a group called Mellow Metal over to discuss their future. They were a pretty popular college band who dreamed of making it big. He didn't know if they had what it took, but he wanted to help out as much as he could. He would never forget the first manager that he and the Blooming Plumbobs had.
 "So what does music mean to you guys? Why is it that you decided to become a band?" Jacob asked.
"We have all always had a profound love of music. Me and Brian have been messing around with music since we were kids. And Slade has been singing for years," Kenny said.
"So you and Brian have know each other a while. How did you get in the mix, Slade?" Jacob asked.
"They decided to start a band when they started at LBU and did a search for a singer. I tried out and they liked me and we've been rocking together every since."
 "These guys are like my brothers now. We didn't just pick Slade because of his voice. Sure, we picked him because he had a voice that fit what we were trying to build, but also because we could see ourselves hanging out with him," Kenny said.
"That's good because as a band, you'll see these guys more than anyone else."
 "I think our personalities are similar enough not to cause problems, but different enough that we can call each other out on our crap. It's a good dynamic for us," Brian said.
"Well I like you guys. I think you all have a lot of talent and I would like to help you out. I want to start by having some practices with you, you know, smooth some of the rough edges. And then when I think you're ready, I would like for you guys to come play in my club. You won't be getting rockstar pay, but it's a good way to get your name out there. How does this sound?" Jacob asked.
"Sounds like you got a deal," Slade said.
 While Jacob was handling his business with Mellow Metal, Lorelai was in her private room handling some business of her own.
"I'm getting real sick and tired of being zapped around all the time. You don't know where I was or who I was with," Elvin said.
"Who were you with?" Lorelai asked.
"I was alone, but that's not the point."
"You're right, it's not the point. It's irrelevant to why you are here. Have you told Tessa of your deceit yet?" she asked.
"I knew Austra was going to sic a lap dog on me. Didn't know it would be you."
"I wouldn't have to waste my time talking to some mixed breed mutt if you hadn't broken the rules," Lorelai said.
 "Is that any way for a pretty little elf to talk? If I'm not mistaken, aren't you married to a human as well?"
"Yes, Jacob is human. He also knows what I am and knew before we got married. I didn't have to cast magic. Although I can see why you would have to resort to such means. And don't let this face fool you. We both know I am the more powerful one between us," she said smiling.
 "Put that thing away Lorelai, I know yours is bigger," Elvin said.
"I don't have time to match wits with a half-wit. You're unprepared. I simply want to give you a warning. You are to tell Tessa what you did to her and what you are. You are to do it soon. If I have to summon you back here, I can promise you it will not be pleasant. And make no mistake, I will tell her of your deceit."
 "No one would be happier than I if she was who you say she is. But you know the rules. We do not infringe upon the rights of others. I suppose it's that dark elf blood in you that makes you shun our rules. But they are in place for a reason. And you would be wise to remember that. You have until the end of winter before I step in. And you do not want me to step in, Elvin de Muse."
 "What if she refuses? Decides that she will not bear my child?" he asked.
"Then she is not the one whom you seek. Kaer si thys tia mol!" (get thee from my sight)
 "So how was your meeting with the boys," she asked Jacob a little later.
"It went pretty well. They seem to have their heads on straight. I'm going to let them play at the club."
"That's great! I bet they're excited," she said.
"Yea, they are. So how did things go with Elvin? Do I need to kick his ass?"
"Sweetheart, I wish it was as simple as allowing you to kick his ass," Lorelai said laughing.
"I can't believe he would do that. Did you ever think of using magic on me?"
"Didn't have to. You were all over me before the thought could even form," she said.
"Yea, you are pretty hot. Kinda hard not to be all over you! But I gotta head down to the club. It will probably be late before I get back in," Jacob said.
"Be careful babe."
"I always am."
 Jacob was proud of how his club had turned out. The Hub had really come together. And since it was currently the only club in Camden Park, he knew it would be very popular.
 He gave the bartending gig to Ariel Carr. He had met her while out shopping in LaQuest one day. She was a fan of the Blooming Plumbobs and had been looking for a new job. She had two sons and a husband that worked during the day, so this night job was perfect for her.
 He had an area downstairs for patrons to dance off the alcohol they may have gotten from Ariel.

 And he had a full service restaurant upstairs. He could have built his club in downtown LaQuest instead of out here in the sticks, but he figured he would go where a club was most needed. And Camden Park was growing more as the years went by. It would never meet the hustle and bustle of LaQuest, but it would be a nice area.
 Lorelai still couldn't believe Elvin. She knew that he wanted to find the one who could help restore Vasadori, they all did. But it should not come at the price of someone else's free will. She loved Jacob with all her heart, and she couldn't imagine life without him, but she would never use magic to get him to stay. She loved the fact that he truly loved her. He even stayed with her after she told him her secret. She didn't know if Tessa was the one or not, but she did know that no one deserved to be treated the way Elvin had treated her. And he had the balls to say he loved her!
 Classes were starting at the new elementary school the next day and Lorelai had gotten lots of calls from concerned parents. Tabitha Coners was one of those parents and even stopped by since she lived in the neighborhood. Lorelai assured her that things would go smoothly and that her daughters would get a wonderful education under her care. Things were going fine......
 Until Tabitha started asking Lorelai about Jacob and the Blooming Plumbobs!
"No you may not see his Grammy Awards! Do you have any more questions concerning your daughters, Mrs. Coners?" Lorelai asked.
" can't blame a girl for trying!" Tabitha said.
 Jacob would have to get use to the late hours again. Once he left the band, he had spent the majority of his time with Lorelai. It would take some time to be ok with not getting home until after 2 in the morning.
 He decided to make himself some eggs and bacon when he got up late the next morning. He had slept in and Lorelai had already headed off to the school by the time he got up. He had no idea what he was going to do with himself all day while she was gone.....he needed to make some friends fast!
 But until then, he could always work in his studio and write a couple of songs. Music never got old and it would always be his favorite past time.
 Lorelai ran some errands once she was done with school and it was after dark when she got home. After a little afternoon delight, she and Jacob snuggled up on the bed.
"How was your first day?" he asked.
"It was pretty good. I don't think I've been around that many kids before. But I really love it and they are all so cute!"
"I'm glad. It was pretty boring around here today without you," he said.
"Awww, missed me huh? I've been thinking.......I think I want a baby," she said.
"Great, let's go again," he said laughing.
"I'm serious, Jay. I really want a baby."
"If we had a child, would the baby be like......well you? Would they be an elf?"
"Not a full elf, no. They may or may not elf powers. It's really hard to tell. Why? Would that bother you?" she asked.
"Why would it bother me? I love you and I would love our child. Just curious if I would be out numbered," he said laughing.
"I love you," Lorelai whispered.
"Love you too babe."
 After Jacob left for the club, Lorelai went into her room to research the prophesy more. Her threats to Elvin were not idle and she would tell Tessa if he didn't. But if he was right about her, Lorelai wanted to know. Because Tessa would also need to know that as well........

* Title comes from this song by Evan and Jaron

* I love Lorelai! In my head she's such a bad ass elf! I figured Elvin would need an extra push to do the right thing by Lorelai is here to make sure he does!

* I haven't decided how much I'm going to do with Mellow Metal, but Jacob is my hand in the middle of that situation. I thought it was hilarious when Tabitha and Lorelai were talking and that little trophy icon popped up. I figure Tabitha is a fan of Jacob's music lol

* The Hub is a a madeover version of the downtown lot by the same name. I never added a downtown so I don't have access to those lots but I found this one up for download.

* Lorelai wants a baby, but I think she needs to give the kids at LaQuest Beach Elementary a little of her attention before she gets knocked up and is out on maternity leave!


  1. Ha, I love Lorelai telling Elvin off for what he did. Better watch out and do what she says, Elvin! ;)

    The Hub looks great. And so funny that Tabitha wanted to see Jacob's awards, lol!

  2. LOL! I love Lorelai as well, she is a bad elf. A perfect blend of assertiveness and sympathy. Their elf/human child would be rather interesting, I would love to see that-but I agree, she might need to wait a bit before having one...hmm, do elves have faster recovery periods than humans? Maybe she won't need maternity leave at all.

  3. Lorelai is so pretty, although Jacob isn't doing that bad for himself either :P

    Lol at Tabitha wanting to see the awards, that was pretty funny. And way to stick it to Elvin Lorelai!

  4. Yes, Loralei should work a bit before she goes on maternity leave.

    I loved the little grammy award! How fitting for their conversation with Jacob being in the music career. I like what you have going on with these two and the side stories, with the music, and Elvin.

  5. Oooh, when you said Lorelai had a secret, I wasn't expecting this. I love her, she really is a bad ass. Elvin better watch out!

  6. Shana - Haha, yes Lorelai is a force to be reckoned with!

    Apple Valley - I didn't even think of that! It would make sense that the process would be different for may have given me an idea!

    Tessa - I think their kids are going to be beyond gorgeous! Tabitha surprised me lol. She doesn't strike me as the groupie type, but she's changed quite a bit since she's been married!

    Maisie - I try to keep the neighborhood as intertwined as I can without causing too much confusion. I like when they are involved in other sims' lives :)

    Carla - I'm glad I could surprise you! Yea, she's got Elvin's number for sure!


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