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Round 5 - Summer 2036
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Tabitha Coners is 45, Terrence is 44, Imani and Imara are 8 (Tessa de Muse is 39)

And I, I can let my life pass me by
Or I can get down and try
Work it all out this lifetime
Work it all out this time

Imara loved nature. She loved animals. She loved her ant farm. But none of these things got her any friends. The other kids thought she was weird, they thought her twin sister Imani was cooler than her......what was weird about loving ants?

She asked her aunt Tessa for some advice on making friends.
"What do you mean the kids don't like you? You're one of the coolest kids I know!" Tessa said.
"I don't think it's that they don't like me......I guess it's because I get nervous when I met knew people."
"You have no reason to be nervous! You're gorgeous, smart, and funny. Just be yourself. Your mom was always the shy one between us two. I never cared if people liked me and they always seemed to. Your mom cared too much and pushed people away. Don't worry so much about the other kids. When they get to know you, they'll love you," Tessa said.
"Thanks Aunt Tessa!"
"No problem kid," she said smiling.
Imara's mom loved when her Aunt Tessa came over now. Imara was sure that her mom was just happy to see her cousin Vanya because she usually fought with her aunt when she came over. Imara didn't understand why her mom was so obsessed with Vanya. She just laid there and drooled.......Who wants to see that?
But now they Tessa and Tabitha got along wonderfully. It seemed that having Vanya had calmed Tess down quite a bit. Tabitha didn't know how long this mature Tessa would be around but she planned to enjoy her while she could!
Oh they still had disagreements, mostly because Tessa wanted Tabitha to come back to the city.
"How can you not love the city! It's too quiet out here, I would go insane! And the girls will be in high school soon," Tessa said.
"I'm a stay at home mom Tess. If I need to drive into the city for a meeting once they start high school, then it's no big deal. I'm happy here, I love my house. Why don't you, Elvin, and Vanya move out here?" Tabitha said.
"Elvin would probably love it out here and I just got a job at a club here, but I just can't leave the city behind. I'm a city girl. And we live on the beach now. I guess we'll just have to make trips back and forth to see each other."
"Hey, it has worked so far. And you know we can't be around each other for too long without driving each other crazy," Tabitha said.
"Finally, something we can agree on!"
They all sat down for lunch and Tessa felt a pang of jealousy. Tabitha and her girls were so close and her and Terrence shared such an honest love. Tessa and Elvin were working through their issues, but Vanya was the center of their world at the moment. She felt like maybe they weren't doing as much as they could be to get their relationship back on track. They simply transferred their attention to their daughter. Things were so much simpler when Tessa was single and care free..........
Terrence silently prayed on his way home that Tessa would be gone by the time he got off work. It wasn't that he didn't love his sister-in-law. It was just that she was so unstable. Right now things were good and she wasn't bringing any drama into their lives. But he knew it was only a matter of time. The elf fiasco didn't happen that long ago. He still didn't believe that Tessa's husband was an elf. How insane would that be?!
Imara overheard her parents talking about her uncle Elvin. She thought it was so cool that he was an elf and wished that she could talk to him about it and ask him questions. But she knew her parents would freak. She spent her free time now collecting bugs. She wanted to collect one of every kind of bug that she could. It amazed her how many there were! Of course, her sister thought she was crazy......
Imani didn't understand her sister. Girls weren't suppose to like bugs! And she was always complaining that no one liked her, but Imara never talked to people. She would stand in the corner and just watch Imani talk and laugh and joke. She really needed to be more outgoing!
Tabitha had told Terrence about Imara's shyness and he was embarrassed to say he was glad about it. He knew it was selfish, but the twins were getting older. Soon there would be boys sniffing around and he would go bald with worry. If Imara was too shy to talk to them, then that would be one less worry for him. Imani was going to be a different story though..........
He loved his little ladies. He didn't know what he would do without them in his life and he also knew that no boy would ever be good enough for either of them. And he would have no problem telling them that when they started sniffing around his door!

He definitely loved his girls...........all three of them.

* I know I've been MIA but it's the beginning of the semester and it has been kind of hectic. Hopefully I will get some playing time in this weekend. These were the last of my uploaded pics.

* This is the last entry for this round, finally! It's taken a while to get through with all of the side stories I had going on but I tied them all up......Well for now that is :)

* Imani has 10 outgoing points and Imara only has one so she really is way more shy than her sister. Her OTH is nature while Imani's is fitness. It's amazing how different they are and they still get along!

* Tessa and Tabitha argue a lot less than they use to and I think it's because Tessa is a bit more calm after having Vanya. I'm trying to make sure that my families keep in touch with one another so I had Tessa bring Vanya over for a girls day with Tabitha and her daughters :)

And I am still of course doing family portraits and here is the Coners'

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  1. Aww, it's nice to see Tessa and Tabitha getting on...for once! I can't help but wonder if Imani and Imara might end up like Tessa and Tabitha when they're older. They're close now but their differences may become more important as they get older.

  2. Aww, I love the twins. They are going to be something else when they're older.

  3. Carla - I think that is very possible! They really both share the same personalities as Tabitha and Tessa so I can see them having a similar relationship as they get older.

    Apple Valley - The twins are definitely going to leave their mark on LaQuest!

  4. I really like the girls getting along. I hope Terrence is wrong, and it keeps this way. The twins are way adorable, Imara looks a lot like Tessa to me. This family is sweet, I can understand why Terrence would want to protect his family from drama with Tess though.


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