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Sooner or Later

Round 4 - Spring 2034
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Kenny Coners, Brian Johnson, Kayla Knowles, Tippy Dean, Slade Wallis, Adam Broaden, Mindi Mason, and Casey Addler are 19; Cammie Samuels is 20

 It seemed that everyone was all in love and crap. So Tippy decided that she was going to see what all the fuss was about. She saw Caleb Addler in the library and was instantly attracted to she asked him out......What? Was she suppose to wait on him to notice her and ask her? Men were helpless in that regard and Tippy didn't like to waste time!

 Most guys that she met that were all buff like him were idiots. But Casey actually had intelligent things to say. And he was really sweet. Normally she would think a guy was crazy if he tried to slow dance with her in the middle of a restaurant with no music.....but with him, it was just cute.......
 He said he was "kind of" involved with someone else, but as Tippy has told Kayla countless times, if there was no ring, then he was fair game!
 They really didn't have the money to take a big spring break and Kayla's parents were dragging her on a family vacation for the summer, so they just decided to hang out in LaQuest Beach. Pirate's Beach was the big hang out for high schoolers during springbreak. Kayla just wanted to get off campus for a while!
 Tippy was determined to get a tan. She burned very easily and Kayla warned her that it wasn't a good idea, but of course Tippy didn't listen.....
 Kayla had been thinking alot about Adam.........She was really beginning to like him and they hadn't made things official. She'd never really been concerned about having a "boyfriend" before, but with him, she wanted the title. She didn't even really know how to bring it up with him.....maybe she would ask Tippy for some advice......
 She hated when she got into these deep contemplative moods. So she stripped down to her swimsuit and jumped in the water......
 No tan! Tippy was just incapable of achieving one! It was either be pale or be lobster red with a sunburn......Life was so not fair sometimes!
 Kayla decided to get a nose ring while she was there. Her mom would freak when she saw her, but she already had tattoos......what's one little piercing? She planned to be an artist, so it's not like she would be stuck in some office somewhere!
 She convinced Tippy to get into the photobooth with her to take some silly pictures.....all in all, they had a pretty good time......
 Kenny and Brian wanted to take a springbreak trip, but Slade wasn't having it. They really needed to be working on their music! He hoped they were as serious as he was. This wasn't just a hobby to him.....
 He had been on the phone for weeks trying to find someone who could help them figure out the best plan of action in pursuing their music. He had finally decided on Jacob Ellison. He used to play in a rock band and had made lots of money doing it. He no longer played, but he gave advice to up coming artists who he thought had talent. So they had to prove to him that they did. He and his wife were moving to Camden Park and he was going to open up a club. This could be the break they needed!
 It wasn't that Brian and Kenny didn't care about Mellow Metal. They started the band! It was just that they both had other things on their mind. Brian was tired of fighting his attraction to Mindi. And even though he knew it was going to lead to problems, he was going to do it. A man could only take so much! Kenny had not really wanted to see Cammie since Taesha's visit. It was like all the feelings he had for her that he had suppressed came roaring back to the surface when he saw her. So where did that leave Cammie?
 This was going to complicate his relationship with Mindi. He knew it, and she knew it as well. But they were young adults with raging hormones........
 And sometimes raging hormones overcome one's better judgement........

 Brian knew exactly what this meant......he knew Mindi wasn't the type of girl to sleep he guessed he had a girlfriend now......wonderful.....
 Kenny invited Cammie over. As he looked into her eyes, he knew that she wasn't the girl for him. He knew that he couldn't lead her on, but he didn't want to hurt her. So what was he suppose to do? He was accustomed to being the good guy all the time, he didn't know how to be bad!
 Slade was just glad that he wasn't having any women problems! But he did need to find him a little woohoo......what's the good of being in a band if it doesn't get you laid?

* Title comes from this song by Fastball - I used to love them! The Way was one of my favorite songs :)

* Casey is the guy that Tessa is having her little affair with. Of all the guys on campus, this is who Tippy takes an interest in!

* I was honestly just very lazy and didn't feel like sending them on springbreak lol....but to make up for it, I let them have a day at the beach......what's the good of living by the water if you don't utilize it?

* So there wasn't much about the boys this time. Let me explain why. I did something I don't like to do: quit without saving. There was a lightning storm in game and the big fountain outside their dorm caught on fire! It's a freaking fountain! The fire spread all over outside because of course it stopped raining right after the fountain lit up. The fire alarm didn't go off and I had to have one of them call the fire dept. The firemen couldn't reach all the areas that were on fire and so the whole dorm was going to go up in stupid!

* Brian is a horrible romance sim and as such when the semester ended I just changed his aspiration to pleasure.....I mean he didn't have the regular romance wants and was all into Mindi! Kenny hasn't had a Cammie related want since Taesha showed up. So I see that as him realizing that he isn't over his crush on her.

* Jacob Ellison is the husband of Lorelai Ellison, the new principal of the elementary school. He really is opening a club in Camden Park and I plan for him to help Mellow Metal with their music career. I'll go more into detail in their update next round.

* Completely forgot to write down their GPAs....I'll post them later, no one is failing at this point, they are really a studious group!


  1. Aw, I'm glad you changed Brian's aspiration. Some Sims just aren't very good at being Romance Sims!

    It was great to see the girls having fun at the beach. Heh, and I guess Tippi's having fun in a few other places as well. I do wonder what Tessa would think of Casey hooking up with Tippi. She's married so it would be hypocritical of her to be bothered but jealousy is a funny thing!

  2. Lol, the last line of Slad's cracked me up!

    Oh, Tippy. I think her name suits her well, she's a fun character though, I always enjoy reading about her.

    And oh, those boys. They have some girl conflicts, that's for sure! Hopefully they'll work it out!

  3. Sorry, I meant to say Slade. Oops :P

  4. Carla - Yea, he just wasn't living up to it! I don't think Tessa is going to really be thinking about Casey once she finds out what Elvin has been doing behind her back......or she might go on a rampage as revenge, who knows!

    Tessa - Yea, I changed Brian's aspiration from Romance to Pleasure and I changed Slade's from popularity to Romance. I think it fits him better than Brian :)........Tippy is really tons of fun to play!


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