Sunday, June 13, 2010

Mistaken Identity

Round 4 - Spring 2034 - Mini Update
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Location: Elven realm: Vasadori

 "Pai o cyrn shia o eisi caesi, Elvin de Muse?"
"Yes, Austra, I know why I'm here. I figured someone would be pretty pissed about what went on with Tessa," Elvin said.
"I do not understand why you would risk using magic outside of this realm," Austra said.
"Am I the only one to ever use magic outside of Vasadori? I don't think so."

 "No you are not. But you are the only one to cast a love spell on a human to trap them into marriage. Why, Elvin? What is so special about this girl that you would risk it all?" Austra asked.
"I've hardly "risked it all" as you have put it. There are many reason why I chose Tessa. Above all else, I love her."
"You most certainly have risked it all. The elders are not happy. Do you think you would be here if they were? I want to help, but I cannot go back to them and say that you simply fell in love. That is not going to be acceptable. I need a better reason than that," Austra said.
 "Do you think I give a damn about the elders? Where were they when Vasadori was destroyed in that point-less war? When my parents were murdered?" Elvin shouted.
"It was unfortunate, what happened to your parents. Your mother knew the rules, knew that a light elf was  not to consort with a dark elf."
"Unfortunate? Together my parents brought light and dark elves to a place where they could coexist. They ruled over Vasadori in its greatest time of peace. And they were murdered for it. I love Tessa and I wanted to be with her. I don't care what the elders have to say about it!"
 "What of the girl? Do you care what she thinks?" Austra asked.
"What do you mean?" Elvin asked unconcerned.
"You forced her into this marriage. You took away her choice. Would she be with you without the use of that magic? I think not!"
"What if there was another reason that I chose Tessa?" Elvin asked.
 "I think Tessa is the one from the prophesy."
"How can you know that? Why her, why now?" Austra asked.
"The prophesy speaks of a woman, a human woman, who will bear the child that will restore Vasadori back to its former glory."
"I know the prophesy, Elvin. I want to know why you think you have found her."
"She's just like my mother. Her heart is one of the purest I've ever looked into, but her judgement, the wildness in her won't allow her to reach her full potential. People thought my mother was crazy when she fell in love with my father. It was just another bad decision on her part. But in the end, it was the best thing she could have done. I think Tessa is the one," Elvin said.
"But you chose her. She did not choose you."
"She did. She pursued me, which is what brought her to my attention in the first place."
 "Even if it is true, you had no right to abuse your power. You are a prince, you should be above such trivial use of your powers," Austra said.
"How is it trivial if she gives birth to the child that saves our people?"
"You tricked her! Even if she gets pregnant and gives birth, how will you explain that her child will have to leave the Earthly realm and come here to be trained? If you truly believe that she is to be the mother of our next king or queen, you have to tell her the truth. If she is in fact the chosen one, she will fulfill her destiny," Austra said.
"How can I tell her that? You don't know Tessa, she will leave," Elvin said.
"Then maybe she is not who you thought she was."
 "I am not mistaken. Tessa is the one. And I shall prove it," Elvin said walking away.
"Kyr jhes sai o, Elvin de muse. Thys o shor baer air," Austra said.
Good luck indeed. He would really need it when he told Tessa the truth, if she even believed him. He knew the elders would not approve of his use of magic. But if he could save his home, he would do whatever it took. And he really did love Tessa. He had never met another woman who reminded him so much of his mother............He wasn't mistaken, now he just had to help Tessa fulfill her destiny........

* I hope this makes sense. I actually created a sub-hood called Vasadori, but right now Austra Ghilhen is the only resident. Where am I going with this? Hmmmmm, it's hard to say lol. When Elvin tells Tessa what he did, she can react two ways. She could kick his ass and leave him or agree to give birth to the next king or queen of Vasadori. Who knows how Tessa will take the news.

* I have a few ideas of how I want to play this story out, but nothing is set in stone yet. Their next update will be winter of 2034 so you won't have to wait long to find out how she reacts. Btw, Austra is kind of the messenger for the elders of the elves.

* Vasadori is in shambles and has been for a while. I haven't created any residents yet because I'm not sure how much I'm going to include it in the story. I have alot of huts downloaded and if I do create residents, they will live in a small village and everyone will have the witch powers. If Tessa does have a baby, the child will live in LaQuest with them until he or she turns 12, then they will travel to Vasadori to learn the correct way to use their powers and learn about their elvish history. I hope this makes sense and isn't too weird lol......aliens and elves, I hope it's not too much :)


  1. I wonder how sincere Elvin really is about being in love with Tessa. He seems mostly concerned about knocking her up and the fact that she is like his mother. Hmmm...interesting!

  2. Awww, thanks for the clarification. I agree with Austra-if Tessa is the one, then he wouldn't have to trick her into marriage.

  3. I too have to agree with Austra, if Tessa was the one, he wouldn't have to use magic to trick her into marriage, and he wouldn't have to fear her running away once she hears the whole story!

  4. Carla - I don't think Elvin is as good a guy as he thinks he is. His reasons conflict and I don't think even he can separate them out!

    Apple Valley - No problem :).....I want everything to make sense!

    Tanja - Yes, Elvin didn't give Tessa the chance to prove that she is who he thinks she is. I think he may have a little doubt himself about it..............

  5. I love that little glimpse of Vasadori that we get in this. And Austra's dress is beautiful!

    But I agree with the others, if Tessa is really who Elvin believes she is, he should have let her choose him and prove her potential on her own. He shouldn't have to resort to magic to influence her. Maybe he's just seeing only what he wants to see?


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