Monday, June 28, 2010

Happy Birthday to Ya!

Round 5 - Fall 2034

 Taesha Foster is 18 and is a freshman at LaQuest Beach University. She has decided to major in mathematics and wants to maybe design video games one day. Or maybe teach, she hasn't decided yet.
 Little Ricki Knowles is 1 this fall and looks like she might take after Kevin more than Kinsley. It's hard to tell at this point....
 And Alex Gray is looking quite a bit like his dad Corbin. He is also 1 this fall. Hopefully he and big brother Conner will get along well :)

* I think Ricki is going to look like Kevin and Ryan looks like Kinsley. I hate those dark rings around her eyes, but that happens sometimes.

* I think Alex is going to look alot like Corbin. I don't really see much of Amanda in him. Maybe she will show more in him when he gets older. I wish I had pics of them when they were kids......I may do that in body shop just for comparison purposes.....


  1. Taesha is a very beautiful girl. I'm sure she'll be breaking her share of hearts during her stay at uni. Happy birthday guys!

  2. Taesha looks gorgeous! Ricki is adorable too, and so is Alex!

  3. Goodness, is this the most good looking birthday post ever?! LOL, I think it might be! Taesha is a stunning girl and Ricki and Alex are both adorable.

    Corbin has some strong genes but I'll say that my Julia looked a lot like Corbin until she was a teen. Now that she's older I can see more of Pamela in her.

  4. Alex definitely looks like Corbin! I've popped some of my adults down in age, and just exited the lot without saving after taking some screen shots.

    Taesha is gorgeous as is Ricki! Beauty all around.

  5. Riverdale - Oh yes, I can see trouble coming for the boys of LBU :)......She was the offspring of DeJuan Foster and a CAS that I deleted after I got her......she has turned out to be quite pretty!

    Tessa - thanks! I lucked out this time :)

    Carla - Yes he does have strong genes. I think Connor is still going to look alot like him even those he is an alien. He facial structure is very similar. Hopefully Amanda will see some of herself in Alex when he gets older like Pamela did.

    Maisie - I'm really interested in seeing what Amanda would look like when she was younger :).....


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