Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Round 4 Summary

Lots of interesting things this time:

Births: Conner Gray, Ryan Knowles, Alexander Gray, Ricki Knowles, Aiden and Hayden Brown

Marriages: Tessa Gunner and Elvin de Muse, Marshal White and Shamella Reeves

New Residents: Charity Jones, Elvin de Muse,

* Construction of the elementary school and tax office has been completed. I've decided to only collect taxes once every 2 rounds or once every 4 years. That way they will actually have time to make money in between tax collections. So the tax office won't be used this upcoming round to collect taxes, but they will hold a meeting there.

* I will have 2 new residents moving to Camden Park next round:

Lorelai Ellison will begin working as the first principal/teacher of LaQuest Beach Elementary. Her new teaching position is not the only reason she has decided to move to Camden Park with her husband........there is much more to her than meets the eye.....
 Jacob Ellison quit touring with his band, Blooming Plumbobs, after he married Lorelai. She didn't ask him to do it, he just wanted to be able to spend more time with her. Music has never left his blood and he currently helps new bands get their start. He has also opened a club in Camden Park called The Hub. He has shown an interest in working with Mellow Metal.
* I've also decided to start using ROS for Round 5. I'll post the ROS in the summary for the previous round. So here are the Round 5 ROS:

     * You're feeling creative, take up a new hobby or open a business
     * You win the "What I love about LaQuest Beach" essay contest - win 1 tax free year
     * Go on a vacation

Nothing too exciting, although I have no idea what hobby I'm going to let this person start......no clue! I think the vacation is much needed for the person that got it.

*EDIT - I've also decided to add the Picasos from the family bin this round. I didn't realize that the stripper in Derick Pace's club was Jessica Picaso! So I want to add them in and figure out how such a wholesome looking woman became a married exotic dancer!


  1. I have occasionally rolled for a hobby, when I roll that ROS and have no clue what I want them to do! I think that's how Collette ended up becoming a card shark!

    Baby boom in LaQuest Beach this round!

  2. Carla - I'm thinking of maybe letting them start a bug collection and be my first sim to collect them all.....I still haven't decided. And yes, there was quite a baby boom! Hopefully it will be a bit more quiet this round :)

  3. I'm really interested in finding out what made Jessica become an exotic dancer, lol! Usually it's her husband that seems to get into a lot of shady escapades in everyone else's hoods. ;)

  4. Look at all those babies! That's going to be fun as they age up.

    Bug collection could be fun, I've been meaning to have my nature sims do it, but never remember.

    The new couple look very cute, and that's funny with Jessica being a stripper. She's not quite like that in my hood! haha

  5. Shana - Don't discount him being a cad just yet!

    Maisie - There were a lot of babies this round! But my hood is still so new so it's not a big deal for an explosion in the population....right now that is! I never use the bug collection aspect so this might be a chance to do so. Haha, I think Jessica is the victim in almost everyone's hood :)


Thanks so much for reading and commenting! Awesomeness :)