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For A Pessimist. I'm Pretty Optimistic

Round 5 - Spring 2035
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Kip and Kimber Henderson are 42, Caleb is 14 (Christian Brown is 38, Joe Carr is 39, Lorelai Ellison is 29)

Kip Henderson was excited about his first day as principal of East High School. He still couldn't believe Christian had asked him to do it. They were never very close, even though their wives were the best of friends. He wanted to go in and get everything ready for the opening the next day. It seemed that their luck was finally turning around......

Kimber had finally finished writing her first novel and was waiting to hear from her publisher. From the Heavens had the potential to be a best seller. At least that's what her publisher thought anyway. She would settle for a few hundred. It was her first novel after all........
She had her own copy proudly displayed on it's own table in their living room. It was the story of a young woman who received information on an impending invasion from outerspace and her journey in getting people to believe her. Kimber had never really been big on sci-fi, but this is what came out of her when she sat down to write.....
She checked her email and found out that her book was actually doing well! Her first royalty check was for $2020! They were still trying to recover financially from when Kip lost his job and this money would help get them back on their feet! She would have to find time to celebrate with Kip and Caleb later, the first city council meeting was being held today.
Christian Brown, Joe Carr, Lorelai Ellison, Kip, and herself all convened in the conference room in the new office of finance. While the men carried on about who should have won the football game, Lorelai explained to Kimber how tough it was to move to a new city. She left all of her friends behind and would have to start over. Kimber made a mental note to have Lorelai and her husband over for dinner one night.
Joe Carr, soon to be chief of staff at LaQuest Beach Memorial Hospital, kicked off the meeting.
"I'm glad that we have the new schools that Lorelai and Kip are over and this nice new Financial Office. I can't help noticing the new hospital had yet to be completed," he said.
"We have the money, but to finish it now would deplete our funds. We really should wait until after the next tax season," Christian said.
"I'm ready to hire Kevin Knowles on as a doctor. Where will we tend to patients while wer're waiting? This isn't something that can be put aside."
"I think he's right. The political approach would be to finish the hospital. The people will appreciate it. What else are you planning to do with the money?" Kip asked.
"I just thought it would be better to wait in case an emergency comes up," Christian said.
"Sick citizens will be an emergency," Joe said.
"Fine, I'll contact Terrence Coners and have him begin work on the hospital again. Are there any other pressing matters?" Christian asked.
"It's not pressing, but I think it's something to be considered. There seems to be a big baby boom in LaQuest Beach right now," Kip said.
"Tell me about it, my sister-in-law is pregnant right now," Joe said.
"East High School is large enough to house the extra kids that will be coming along, but the elementary school is not," Kip continued.
"He's right. It's small and quaint right now, but we will need to expand on it if we hope to meet the needs of a growing population," Lorelai said.
"This is something that has been recognized. I myself have a set of twin boys that will be attending the elementary school. We will expand before it becomes an issue, but at the moment, the school is fine the way it is. Although I think we need more options for music. My daughter is learning to play the piano and I would like her to be able to play at school as well," Christian said.
"She seems to enjoy the instruments we have, but I welcome improvement ideas," Lorelai said.
"Is there any other business that needs attention?" Christian asked.
No one said anything and so they ended the meeting.
"Thank you guys for coming out. We won't need to meet again until after tax season. I'll expect a report from each of you at that time. Have a wonderful evening."
Caleb had met Ginger Newson when he was out shopping with his mother. She seemed like a cool girl and they would be going to school together so he decided to invite her over. She never really got a chance to get away from home since she had to take care of her little brothers and sisters. Everyone knew about her family's situation. Caleb liked being an only child and couldn't imagine living in a house with 5 other people!
Kimber came home to find Ginger in her house. She felt sorry for the girl, as did most people in LaQuest. Maybe it would be good for Caleb to be friends with long as they were ONLY friends......Kimber was too young to be a grandmother! Maybe it was time for Kip to have that talk with Caleb.......

* Title comes from this song by Paramore. It has nothing to do with this update, but I like the title :)

* How much is a best selling novel worth?! I thought for sure the $2020 would achieve the "best selling novel" want for her but it didn't! She has like 8 creative skill points......maybe her next novel will do better, they could use the money!

* I like my new finance office and the meeting went well.......I use the meeting controllers from simlogical but for some reason when I ended the meeting, all of their needs dropped way down! I don't know what caused it but I had to use the sim blender to raise them again!

* I'm excited about Kip being the high school prinicipal. I think it's going to work out pretty well for him :)

* For those of you following my twitter, you know that my hood went caput. I saved all the characters and cleaned up my downloads folder. I only kept clothes, hair, and hacks so I'll have to redownload other stuff. I have one more update saved, after then, it may be a while as I have to once again rebuild LaQuest. I downloaded a lot that had an out of date replacement mailbox and it just made my hood FUBAR. Everyone lost their memories, aspirations, skills, hobby points, everything! But I'll be back up hopefully by the end of the week with Celeste's and Tessa's updates


  1. Huggles, I'm sorry your hood exploded. Do you have any backups from before using the downloaded lot? Also, if you need anything-let me know.

    I'm not sure how much a bestselling novel is worth, my sims generally fulfill the want by simply publishing a novel. Also, I think the needs drop so that the sims will leave the lot after the meeting.

  2. I think Kip will make a good principal, and I adore Kimber, she's so pretty with all her freckles.

    There is definitely a boom of babies, especially with all those alien encounters. ;)

    Sorry about your hood getting bjorked. :( sucks. I'm glad you have your character files though, cause that would have been really dreadful.

  3. I hope the rebuilding of the hood goes smoothly. What a disaster!

    Zelda has written multiple bestsellers and she makes over $3000 every time. She has full creativity.

  4. Apple Valley - thanks, I need lots of hugs right now :(.....I have the character files so I can continue on....after I rebuild the whole freaking hood! Peragama, Vasadori, and Camden Park too!

    Maisie - Yes it would have been horrible! The only abductions that will take place now will happen by accident or ROS. I don't want TOO many aliens running around lol

    Carla - $3000? Well I guess her book wasn't a best seller then! Oh well, on to the next one :)


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