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Shattered, Part I

Round 5 - Winter 2034
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Tessa de Muse is 38, Elvin is 42

This is also a tad bit long.......but hopefully some questions will be answered :)

 It was winter. And he was running out of time. He knew Lorelai was not joking about telling Tessa. He also knew that it wouldn't be wise to piss her off. So he had to tell Tessa the truth....had to tell her the real reason she had agreed to marry him.........

 "Have a wonderful day at work, love," he said.
"Thanks. I really need to find a new job."
"We need to have a little talk when you get home," he said.
"It's not anything serious is it?"
"Yes, yes it is serious.....but I don't want you to worry about it. You'll be late for work. See you later," he said.
 She tried to keep her face straight until she got into the carpool. He knew. He had somehow found out about her affair with Casey. God, she was such an awful person. But she had stopped seeing him. And she was even thinking that it might be nice to have a kid with Elvin. They were both hot and their kid would have to be hot too.....she just hoped they didn't inherit his ears.....that's if he even wanted to stay married to her.....what if he wanted to talk about getting a divorce?
 What the hell could he say to her? He supposed the best course of action was to start with the fact that he was an elf.......yea, that would go over really well. He might as well tell her he was a vampire or a werewolf! He'd have to show her......have to use some magic in front of her.....hell, he had already broken the rules, why not?
 He missed his parents. Missed running around the halls of their castle in Vasadori. And he could have all that back, if he could convince Tessa to stay with him. He truly loved her. He really did. And he felt that she really loved him too. Because she could have left once the spell wore off. Could have had it annulled.....and that little fact gave him hope.......
 "You know how you have always wondered about where I come from and I told you that I was from a place far away and that you had never heard of it?" Elvin asked.
"Sure. I figure you must be from Europe or somewhere like that, right?"
"Not quite........I'm an elf Tessa. And I come from another realm of Earth called Vasadori," he said.
 "You've had me on pins and needles all day and THIS is what you wanted to talk about? We've got to get you into a mental facility," Tessa said.
"I'm not crazy Tessa. I am an elf. You've complained about my ears from the very beginning. You've always thought they were odd."
"Yes, but that doesn't mean you're an ELF. I mean, come on Elvin. You expect me to buy this crap?"
"That's not all," he said.
"What else is there? You're gonna tell me there are aliens running around too?"
 "You remember how quickly we got married? How you were over come with so much love for me?" he asked.
"Yea, it was the spur of the moment, so what?"
"Not quite......I cast some magic on you.....it's why we had to get married right away, before it wore off," he said.
And just like that, she started to believe him. She still remembered feeling like she was waking up from a dream shortly after their wedding......still....
"This is just too crazy to believe, Elvin."
 "I had a feeling that you would feel that way.........."

 Tessa couldn't believe her eyes. A set of clothes, a set of FLOATING clothes was hovered over her toilet cleaning it......she had married an elf.....a lying, deceitful, jerk of an elf.....it would have been almost funny if she wasn't so pissed off!
 "Are you out of your mind? You lied to me! You forced me to marry you! Why would you do that, Elvin?"
"Because I love you."
"Go sell that pile of shit to someone who believes it. I want to know why. Why me?" she said.
"Because I think you're the one an ancient prophesy speaks of."
"Prophesy? What the hell are you talking about?"
"My home is called Vasadori and it was destroyed in a war between light and dark elves. My parents were killed as a result of the war. There are still elves in Vasadori, but it is not the same. A prophesy speaks of a human woman who will bear the child that will restore Vasadori. I think that woman is you."
 "Let me get this straight. Not only did you trick me into falling for you. You also expect me to let you knock me up with some half breed human/elf spawn? Have you completely lost it?"
"If you would just calm down....." he began.
"Calm down? I've been walking around feeling like a horrible person because I didn't feel the same way about you. I was convincing myself that I'm just this horrible flake who has no direction, no purpose in life. And I find out that it wasn't me. It was you!" she yelled.
 "You can't tell me that you don't have feelings for me, Tessa. That you don't love me. When you started feeling differently, you could have left. Why didn't you?" he asked.
"Because this was just one more time that I had messed up. It was just one more time that I had made a bad decision. But I was going to make the most of it. Because I THOUGHT you deserved better."
"You care for me Tessa. Admit it," he said.
"Fuck off, Elvin."
 "If you can look me in my eyes and tell me that you don't care for me, that you never did, I will leave here right now and never bother you again. I will give you a divorce and you can forget you ever knew me," Elvin said.
"Fine. I............" she hesitated.
 "You know you care for me, Tessa. I know I was wrong, but my intentions were good. I never meant to hurt you. I love you. I always will," he said.
"I can't do this........" Tessa said as she ran outside.
 And she ran right into Derrick Pace.
"I don't need this shit today, Derrick. How did you even find out where I live?" Tessa asked.
"Now Tessa. I'm disappointed. You underestimate me. Not wise," he said.
"Today really isn't the day for this. I have alot going on."
"Oh yes, I heard you tied the knot. Are you screwing around on him as well?" he asked.
"I wasn't screwing around on you because we weren't together! Get over it all ready!"
"Don't think you can talk to me any kind of way, human mattress," he said nastily
 Elvin chose this moment to come to her rescue.
"Don't you dare talk to my wife that way!"
"So you're the husband. You might want to watch your mouth. Tessa can tell you about how I don't take too kindly to being disrespected," Derrick said.
"You don't scare me. It would be wise for you to leave," Elvin said.
 "Hmmmmm.....you seem a little tougher than that Brandon loser I had to beat down. But it won't take much to take you down. You seem like the all bark and no bite type. A chicken, if you will," Derrick said.
"Did you say chicken?" Elvin asked as he threw his head back laughing.

 Derrick was clucking like a chicken! Tessa didn't think things could get any worse.......she and Elvin got Derrick a cab and shoved him in it. Tessa didn't know where he was staying, so she told the driver to take him to his club. Elvin left for work shortly after that.........
 As she was making her way back into the house, her cell phone began to ring......
"No Casey, now isn't a good time. Oh? She sounds nice. Good luck with that. No I'm not mad. I hope you guys are happy together."
Perfect damn end to a truly messed up day.........
 What the hell was she suppose to do? Their whole life together was a lie. Their wedding day was a lie.......and she didn't even know which of her feelings for him were real.....well everything except for the anger that is.........
 He never came to bed.....she thought he might try to sneak in.....she planned to kick his ass on the floor.....but he just slept on the couch......how noble of him.........
 He could feel the anger radiating off of her in waves. He didn't know what he expected......maybe that it all hadn't been the magic....that she actually did care for him...........
 "This is insane," she said.
"I know," he said quietly.
"I just need some time. Away from you. I need to figure out what's real, what's not."
"I understand. I'll be gone by the time you get off of work."
 Of course she had to call Tabitha. She would probably think Tessa was crazy. But she really needed her sister right now.....she needed a little.......sanity
 "Do you know how insane this sounds? I mean really? He's an elf? And he put magic on you to make you marry him?"
"I know it sounds crazy, Tab. But I saw him turn Derrick into a chicken with my own eyes!" Tessa said.
"With feathers and a beak?"
"No, but he was clucking and scratching. What am I suppose to do Tabitha? I should feel relieved. I have a way out of the marriage. So why doesn't that make me happy?"
" I still find this all very hard to believe. I mean geez, an elf? I guess what you have to do now is decide if you love him and if you can trust him. How do you know he's not just using you to have this king baby?" Tabitha said.
"I don't even know where he is. I came home and he was gone with no note or anything."
"I think you need to take this time to decide if you want to stick this out or not. Here's your chance to go back to the carefree Tessa."
 Did she want to do that? Did she want to go back to a life without a purpose? She didn't know, she just didn't know............
Back in Vasadori

 He forgot how peaceful it was here. No cars driving by, no noise. Just at one with nature......only one thing missing..........
 He didn't know if Tessa would forgive him, but he would give her the space that she asked for. If she was truly who he thought she was, he would be holding her again in no time.....if not......well he didn't know how he was going to get along without her........

* Title comes from this song by O.A.R

* Sorry it's so long, but there was just so much to say in ths first part before her final decision. Hopefully it all made sense.

* Derrick walked by all on his own, so I just ran with it. Tessa just had a really crappy day between Elvin, Derrick, and then Casey! Poor girl........

* Tessa will tell Elvin whether she wants a divorce in the second part, which is scheduled for Spring 2035.....just an FYI, her secondary is family and she actually does want a baby right now......

* Did anyone else enjoy seeing Derrick clucking? I never could think of a reason to use that particular spell until it came to me as I was playing......I lol'd so much as I watched :)

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  1. lol! I loved the part with Derrick clucking! ;)

    I'm glad she finally knows the truth, so she can make her own decisions and not just be influenced by the magic. I loled at the line "You're gonna tell me there are aliens running around too?" Ha! :D

  2. Wow! She had a lot to deal with. At least Elvin gets to be back home for a bit. Can't wait to see the outcome.

  3. Derrick clucking was hilarious!

    Can't wait for Part 2! I wonder what Tessa's decision will be. Elvin has been extremely deceitful but maybe Tessa's want for a baby will win out. She's already 38 so you know...tick tock!

  4. Wow, at least Tessa was able to face the fact that she did care for him. True he wasn't being honest, neither was she, so maybe things will work out.

  5. The clucking was classic! I totally loved it!

    She sure did have a bad day, man. I do hope she makes up with Elvin and has a baby... Heres hoping! :D


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