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Everything To Me

Round 5 - Summer 2035
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Corbin and Amanda Gray are 38, Connor is 2, Alex is 1

I can't repay you for all that you've done
Always come first and second to none
The love that you give me is equal to ten
my peace, my joy
you are my, my strength

Connor had become the best of friends with his younger brother Alex. Amanda had been worried that it would be a little weird for Connor since Alex looked more like her and Corbin. But it didn't seem to bother him and he was perfectly content with their little family.

"When's the last time we took a vacation?" Corbin asked her one morning.
"Never really. The last time I took a vacation was when I met you. Then we got married and had Connor and then I had Alex and we just haven't had the time."
"I think we're over due for one then aren't we?" he asked.
"Yes we are, but we can't afford a vacation. And we don't have anyone to watch the kids. I don't think we should have a nanny coming over here, what with Connor and all........" Amanda said.
"Mandy, he's two years old. How long do you think we can keep him a secret? He'll have to go to school....."
"I was thinking we could home school him."
"He'll feel singled out and weird. We have to give him a chance at a regular life."
"I know, I just don't want him to get hurt," Amanda said.
"We're watching out for him and so are Starema and Celeste. You need a break and so do I. I've taken care of everything, you just be ready to go in the morning," Corbin said.
"Whatever you say. I gotta get to work."
"Have a great day babe."
They definitely needed a break. Alex was just learning how to use the potty and though he was doing pretty well, he still had a ways to go. It was tough having two toddlers in the house, but Corbin wouldn't change his life for anything.
Starema had brought back a special milk for Connor because apparently regular milk wasn't good for his growing system. The first time he began to glow, Corbin and Amanda freaked out! But Starema explained it was a simple side effect of the milk. Simple side effect? Their son was glowing! But Connor did seem to learn things alot faster than he had before he drank his new milk. Just another day in the life of raising a young alien!
Once he put the boys down for their naps, he would go out into the yard and practice his tai chi. He really missed Takezimu Village, missed his family there. He hoped that they would be in a good financial place by the time the boys grew up so that they could see the other side of their heritage. Celeste had talked with them about taking Connor to Titusanera so that he could see his home planet. Amanda was a bit apprehensive about it, but Corbin understood how important of a trip it was. There were things about Connor that they just didn't know and couldn't explain. He would want answers as he got older, answers they couldn't provide.
The first thing Amanda did every night when she came home was scoop Connor and Alex up into hugs. She missed them when she was at work and wished that she could just stay at home with them all the time. But they needed both her and Corbin's income.
They left bright and early the next morning. The nanny seemed to be okay with the skin disease story they fed her about Connor. Amanda was still worried, but she was also excited to see what Corbin had planned for them.
After about an hours drive, they pulled up to Cafe Petite in Camden Park. Amanda had always wanted to visit the more rural side of LaQuest Beach but she had never had the time.
"Oh Corbin, this is a wonderful surprise!" she said.
"This is only the beginning. We're going to spend the whole day here in Camden Park and I've booked us a room at the Camden Park Bed & Breakfast. We won't head back to LaQuest until in the morning!"
"But what about the boys?"
"The nanny knows this is going to be an overnight trip. I know it's not Takezimu Village, but just because we couldn't take a big vacation like that doesn't mean we couldn't take one at all," Corbin said.
"I love you, you know that?"
"I certainly hope so!" he said laughing.
"You really should give Celeste a break. Maybe make peace with her?" Corbin said after they were seated.
"How can you say that after what happened? You were the one abducted!"
"And I have gotten over it. I'm just happy to have Connor in our lives."
"I am's just, she knew this was going to happen and didn't say anything!" Amanda said.
"She didn't exactly know, Mandy. She knew that it was going to happen to someone, she didn't know who. And she's been going through her own hell. Imagine finding out that you're an alien and your family gave you up to try to save a planet. I really think you should talk to her. Have you even met her husband?"
"I didn't know she was married! When did that happen?" Amanda asked.
"She met him and married him while she was on her trip. His name is Satitu and he seems to be very nice," Corbin said.
"Does he look like her?"
"Yep, exactly the same facial features. Just think about it ok?"
"I'll think about it, but I'm not making any promises."
"That's all I ask," Corbin said.
Their next stop was to the Botanical Gardens. Amanda had a secret love of plants and Corbin had been encouraging her to start her own garden. He hoped that this would inspire her to finally begin work on one.
As the sun began to set, they sat on one of the decks and had some mint tea. Amanda had to admit that it really was beautiful here. Maybe they should think about getting a house out here, away from the city. It wasn't that she was ashamed of Connor, she just didn't know how people were going to react to him. And she just couldn't stand to see him get hurt.
"Well at least I don't have to cook today," Amanda said laughing.
"I hope you enjoyed today. I know it isn't much......"
"Don't be ridiculous! This has been the best mini-vacation I've ever had," she said smiling.
"Well it's not over yet........."
The Camden Park Bed & Breakfast was a beautiful 4 story hotel that only held 3 suites. Each suite took up an entire floor and it was made with couples in mind. There was also a very nice restaurant located on the first floor, although Corbin had no intentions of eating there that night.....he had other things on his mind.......
Corbin checked in while Amanda took in all the beautiful, old country surroundings. It was one of the nicest hotels she had ever been in. Which made her wonder just how much they would be spending on this one night..........
All of her worrying left once they reached their room and Corbin took her out onto their balcony. Yes, Camden Park was a beautiful place and Amanda was really considering a move there. But those thoughts could wait until later. She had the world's most thoughtful and wonderful husband and she wanted to concentrate on him...........
Amanda was exhausted after the long day they had and those few hours that they spent out on the balcony. Corbin let her sleep while he got in a few minutes of tai chi. He really was the luckiest guy in the world.....
They woke up right at dawn and dreaded having to leave their little fantasy world. While they missed the boys, they had also enjoyed themselves. But the real world wasn't going anywhere......
Amanda felt refreshed and relaxed and couldn't wait to get home to her boys. She didn't know what she had done to deserve Corbin Gray, but she was so glad she had him. All those years of searching for the right guy had certainly paid off in the end and her boys meant the world to her.

* Amanda rolled the "Go on vacation" ROS for this round. They still don't have alot of money and I didn't want them to take out a loan for a vacation. It just doesn't seem like something they would do. So I decided they would just spend a little time in the country instead.

* I love that bed and breakfast lot! The suites are gorgeous and all use that country themed stuff from maxis. It's really cute.

* So the nanny will stay the entire night, (I have the community time hack installed so they really didn't return home until the next day) but she never went to sleep! So by the time Corbin and Amanda came back, the nanny was passed out! The kids were ok though and she didn't burn the house down so I guess that's something lol

* I want these two to have another baby (a girl) but right now neither one of them has a baby want......although I can't blame them with two toddlers running around! Hopefully they will want another after Connor grows into a child


  1. Aw, that was so sweet of Corbin to arrange a romantic mini-vacation. The cafe and bed and breakfast are beautiful!

    If Corbin has made peace with his abduction, I think maybe it's time for Amanda to make peace with it too. I hope she can move past this and forgive Celeste. :(

    lol at the nanny being passed out when they got home!

  2. That bed and breakfast is beautiful! Corbin's so sweet to set up a nice little vacation like that - Amanda's a lucky girl.

    I hope she can move past the abduction thing and make peace with Celeste. Without the abduction, they wouldn't have Connor, so it wasn't all bad. Connor and Alex are adorable, by the way!

    I still haven't checked out the community lot time hack. You make it sound very tempting though!

  3. Shana - I love that lot! I think I got it from SimsCrossing.....It's just a really nice lot. I think Amanda will eventually forgive Celeste, she doesn't really have a choice! After all, what do they know about raising an alien?!

    Carla - I really love the community time hack! I've always hated playing days twice since time doesn't pass at home while the sims are away. This makes it so much more realistic. If they stay on a comunity lot until 6 and they had to be at work at 5, then they miss a day of work! And when you load the home lot up, it shows them away like they're at work, but you can still play with any other sims left at the house. It works much like time passes on a vacation lot.


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