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Round 5 - Fall 2035
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Kevin and Kinsley Knowles are 29, Ryan is 3, Ricki is 2 (Keisha Knowles is 47)

I've never lived my days like this
I wake up in the morning, she greets me with a kiss
The Lord has gifted me with such happiness
Said it feels like heaven, ooohhhh heaven
I got heaven right here on Earth....

Ryan and Ricki were the best kids that anyone could ask for........well, they were sometimes! In those few quite hours when they would play together with no problems, Kinsley couldn't love them anymore........

Kinsley had not given up her dream of designing her own clothing line and maybe even owning a boutique one day. She just put it on the side to take care of Ryan and Ricki. Now that they were a bit older, she had a little time during the day to work on her patterns.
It was never really a LOT of time as they were in the process of potty training Ricki, but it was more than she had before. Kevin was a full doctor now and so they could  afford for her to stay home with the kids and work on her designs.
Kevin would take over caring for the kids when he got home and give Kinsley a break. He couldn't imagine running after these two all day long! But by the time he came in from the hospital, they were pretty tired and not much trouble at all.
Kinsley enjoyed it very much when Kevin got home. She always made sure to have a nice bubble bath to relax. It helped keep her calm during the day when she's running after also gave her something to look forward to!
Ricki had begun demanding so much more attention now that she was 2. It was like she didn't want to grow up! While she was fully capable of walking, she was constantly wanting to be held and carried.
Kinsley knew it wasn't good to give in to her all the time, but Ricki was just so cute that Kinsley hated to see her cry. Between her and Kevin and both sets of grandparents, Ricki was going to be spoiled beyond all reason!
Kevin's mother Keisha stopped by on a regular basis now. It took Kinsley a while to get use to the way Kevin's parents did things. They came from money and had no problem spending it on extravagent things. Kinsley wasn't very use to that but she quickly found out that his parents weren't going to change. They paid for both Ryan and Ricki's nurseries!
The kids actually seemed to get along a little better when Keisha was there. It was probably because she doted so much on both of them. Ryan was becoming a very good big brother to Ricki.
There was no doubt about it, Keisha was a really great grandmother.......or nanna as she was teaching the kids to call her!
The days when Keisha was over, Kinsley got even more work done on her designs. Keisha completely took over care of the kids, including giving them both their bottles.
Giving them bottles was not as easy as it sounded. While most of the time Ryan was a wonderful big brother, there were times when he wasn't very nice to his little sister!
But Keisha was there to smooth over things and get it all back under control. Kinsley knew that most people didn't care for their mother-in-laws but she loved hers to pieces!
 And Kevin still came in and took over caring for the kids when he got home. He never knew he would love being a dad so much. He was really enjoying these years before they became teens and every thing changed. He didn't know what he was going to do when he became the "lame" guy that they didn't want to be seen with!
He had a job he loved, a gorgeous wife, and two of the cutest kids in LaQuest Beach. What more could a guy ask for?

* Ryan and Ricki are just too cute together! They really do get along for the most part. I don't know where those little fights come from, they're both nice sims. Guess it's just some early sibling rivalry lol

* Keisha is super nanna! She had lots of wants for the kids while I had her selectable so I just let her take care of them while Kinsley worked at the sewing table.

* I really want Kinsley to open up a clothing store one day. It was something that I envisioned for her when she was a teen that just kind of got lost in the storm that is Ryan and Ricki :)

* I'm trying to take a family portrait of all my families to hang in their homes. I had some before I had to redo LaQuest so I'm in the process of taking some new ones. Here is this family's:
I love Kevin in his doctor's clothes :)


  1. Kinsley's lucky she has a mother in law that's so willing to help her. Maybe the two of them can set something up a couple time of week that will allow Kinsley to work on her designs.

  2. Aww, so cute and I love how the family is so thankful of the blessings that they have. Kinsley looks different then she did as a teen-did her skintone change?

  3. I love Ryan looking in the wrong direction, just like a real toddler!

    What an awesome grandmother Keisha is! I love when Sims take a real interest in their grandkids.

    I'll cross my fingers and hope Kinsley can eventually get that clothing store. It shouldn't take her too long with a doctor husband!

  4. I hope Kinsley can open her clothing store soon! Hopefully Kevin will do well in his career and they can save up some extra money.

    Ryan and Ricki are so cute! And it's great that Keisha is such a good grandmother!

  5. Heredon - that's a good idea. Keisha doesn't work so it wouldn't be a problem for her to come over a couple times a week to help out with the kids.

    Apple - I've had the same defaults in place the entire time I've had this blog so I don't know what it may be......Maybe you're confusing Kayla with Kinsley? I really should have thought out all these K names ahead of time lol

    Carla - He refused to cooperate lol. I just chalked it up to him being a toddler and snapped it anyway. She'll probably end up taking out a loan to open up the store. I'm trying to wait until she builds up a gold badge in sewing

    Shana - I really love Ryan and Ricki, as you'll be able to tell once you see how many updates they made their way into lol

  6. Aww their family photo is darling, they look so bright and happy. I hope that Keisha will be by to helpout, seemed to make a big difference.

    Love the photo of Ryan trying to take his sisters bottle! I wonder how they'll get along when they are older.

  7. Maisie - Ryan is usually pretty sweet to his sister, maybe he was just really hungry lol. They're only a year apart so it should be interesting to see how their relationship develops.

  8. I haven't heard that song in so long and fit really well, while reading the update.

    Ryan and Ricki are adorable. My toddlers never fight, maybe it is because I micromanage them so much.

    Love the family photo. Kevin in his doctors outfit was a nice touch.

  9. Oasis - I love that song! It came on Pandora as I was playing this lot and I was like yep that's the song :).....Kevin is pretty cute in his doctor's outfit huh?


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