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Live Your Life

Round 4 - LBU- Spring 2033
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Kayla Knowles, Brian Johnson, Kenny Coners, Orlando Centowski, Sam Bauer, Tosha Go, Mindi Mason, and Slade Willis are all 18, Cammie Samuels is 19

 Kayla really admired Orlando and Sam's relationship. Sam seemed like a good guy and the two couldn't keep their hands off of each other. They had all been talking about what they were going to do next year. It was a rule that freshman had to stay in Teder Hall but they would all be sophmores next year. They had all gotten pretty close during their time together. Sam and Orlando planned to move into one of the upper level dorms. Kayla had became friends with Tippy Dean, another art major, and they were going to get a rental house on campus. Brian and Kenny were going to do the same if they could save up the money for it. Neither guy wanted to bother his parents about it. Kayla had no idea what Tosha planned to do.....She was a bit......spacey at times!

 After months of searching for a singer, Mellow Metal had come across Slade Willis. Not only did he have a kick ass name, he had the perfect voice. Kenny and Brian were estatic to find him and he planned to move into a rental with them in the fall. With his added money they knew they would definitely be able to afford it.
 Mellow Metal had their first gig as a group at Commencement Park. It started raining shortly after they took the stage, but a few stragglers hung around. Kayla thought they did a pretty good job considering!
 The best thing about Slade is that he sang like there were millions of people watching everytime he opened his mouth. He was a very passionate guy. Kayla thought his passion was great, but he just wasn't her type.......seemed that no one was her type!
 Brian was convinced that they were going to be the next big thing. How could they not be? It was raining and they still had chicks out in the audience swaying to their music. He just knew that they were destined for a very charmed life.......
 Kenny had always wanted to be in a band and was just happy to be able to play music with his best friend. He didn't know if this was going to be a career move for them or not, but he was just going to enjoy the ride while he could......
 Kenny may have all the girls in the dorm panting after him, but Brian was gaining his own little fan club. Once some girls from the crowd rushed the stage, Kayla could see Brian's head increase to about double the size!
 It was shortly after their little concert that a cute guy named Adam Broaden made a play for Kayla. She really liked Adam. And she was really lonely. But she had no idea how to really go about it. Sure, she'd seen Brian and Kenny with their little girlfriends, but Kayla didn't know how to be like THEM......she knew paint and easels.......and she had a feeling that Adam would grow tired of her hot and cold act pretty fast..........
 He was gorgeous! And she had never seen eyes quite his color before. It was silly to push him away......but that's what she did.....guess she really was that weird art girl......with almost no social skills......totally not fair....
 Tosha wasn't fairing any better than Kayla with the opposite sex. She was shamelessly throwing herself at Kenny. While he was too nice a guy to tell her so, Kayla knew that Kenny was in no way interested in Tosha. Everyone knew that he was getting pretty serious about Cammie Samuels. Well, everyone but Tosha it appeared.......
 Kenny had even made it official with Cammie. He wanted her to meet his dad and step-mom and had invited them up one weekend. Cammie was a bit nervous but Kenny assured her that they would be really nice. Especially his step-mom. Over the years, he and Tabitha had gotten very close and Kenny trusted her opinion.
 It began raining as soon as they got there. Kenny couldn't remember a spring when it had ever rained this much. He stood outside going on and on about how wonderful Cammie was.
"Son, I'm sure she's great. Now how about we go inside and meet her, hmmm?" Terrence said.
 So they went inside and they both loved Kenny knew they would. Tabitha was planning a family trip to the mountains and even suggested that Cammie come along. Kenny thought it was a great idea and planned to talk her into it.
 "So you took the plunge huh?" Brian said shaking his head.
"What's so bad about falling for someone?"
"Dude, this band is going to be huge! They'll be plenty of girls. And you're going to regret tying yourself down to only one girl if we ever get a chance to go out on the road," Brian said.
"Don't you think you're rushing things just a bit? And what about you and Mindi?"
"Mindi? She's a nice girl and all but I'm not really looking to become serious with anyone. I mean why would I want to do that? We're 18!"
"Geez, I'm not about to marry Cammie. At least not right now. It's just nice to have someone to care about," Kenny said.
"Yea well, you can have that. I gotta roll, I'm late for my date with Mindi."
"She's going to get ya eventually," Kenny said.
"Yea, well don't bet on it!"
 It wasn't that he didn't like Mindi Mason. She was cute and smart and funny. But there were other equally cute, smart, funny girls on campus. And it felt like they had just gotten there. Brian was excited about he and Kenny and Slade sharing a place and he didn't want some girl snooping around all the time.......he wanted to remain free!
 But he could feel her getting serious. And he wasn't a total asshole. So their friendship would never go beyond that. Oh he was aching to have his first woohoo........but he didn't want strings attached to it when he did.......and Mindi Mason just SCREAMED "strings attached."
 After watching all the happy couples, Kayla sucked it up and called Adam. Because after all, you only have one life......and she planned to live it!

* Title comes from this song by T.I. featuring Rihanna

* I'll be sad to break these kids up but it's hard to keep up with the six of them running around! I haven't introduced Kayla's friend Tippy Dean, but she's a character!

* I have plans for Mellow Metal, although my plans aren't as flamboyant as Brian's are! I plan on them sticking together and working in music after college. And how cool is Slade Willis? He's just a dormie the game created but I loved his name! And his PDH is music & was fate!


  1. I don't think someone named Tippy Dean could be anything but a character! LOL.

    Slade Willis is a great name for a singer in a band! I thought he might have been a townie you created yourself or changed the name of.

    Oh Brian...I think Kenny might be right. Mindi's going to get you eventually! She might be the woman to make him settle down.

    Adam is too cute. He's got the same haircut as my Adam!

  2. Carla - Haha, I have no idea how I came up with Tippy Dean! I just looked at her and was like this fits her lol.....The game sometimes comes up with some pretty cool names, Slade Willis being one of them! I have the replacement names in but even with them the names can be pretty cheesy.....guess I lucked out this time! I'm trying to use hair that has just been sitting in my game....I mean if I have to go through pages and pages of it, might as well use it!

  3. Mindi is a cutie, very retro rock. Yay for Kayla stepping outside of her comfort zone.

  4. Slade Willis is the essence of cool when it comes to naming, definitely seems fated for him to be a rocker.

    Glad Kayla called Adam back and is going out of her comfort zone.

    I'm with Brian, no need to be so committed, Kenny, not yet, 18 is pretty young.


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