Monday, May 3, 2010

Do You Feel Me?

Round 3 - Summer 2032
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Christian and Alana Brown are 35, Christa is 6 (Kip and Kimber Henderson are 38, Caleb is 11)

It happened 3 years ago. Three years. It still shouldn't hurt, but it does. Losing a child would always hurt, Alana supposed. Christian seemed relieved at the news. Thought they should wait to have another baby after he finished running for mayor. After he won. He was still selfish after all this time.........

But it was a new day, a new year. Alana had opened her own restaurant despite Christian feeling like it wasn't the "proper" job for the wife of the mayor. She wasn't going to sit around and play housewife while he was out working and Christa was in school. She had wanted her own restaurant for quite a while and was not going to completely give up that dream just because Christian had turned into an egotistical moron.
He actually had a chopper come pick him up whenever he had business to attend to in Camden Park. Sure it was the more rural area of LaQuest Beach, but people drove there every day. It was just another "look at me, I'm mayor" move that Christian had made. It was irritating, and Alana had no idea who this man was or what had happened to her husband. He had good ideas, no doubt about that. He planned to reinstate taxes (they hadn't been collected in quite a while) and use the money to build an elementary and high school as well as a prison. The citizens wouldn't be happy about the 15% property taxes, but in the end they would be happy that their kids had their own schools to go to.
Another thing that bothered Alana was how Christian treated Christa. He wanted her to be the best at everything, so much so that he didn't let her enjoy being a child. Her summer vacation was spent on countless hours of piano lessons. Christa loved music, but she wasn't very fond of the piano. Christian would know that if he took the time to actually TALK to their daughter sometimes.
 He even had her doing extra assignments that he had gotten from her teachers. It was insane! Christa was a child and it was summertime. Alana remembered her summer vacations with her family. They went to the beach or on vacation or even just sat around the house. But her parents never made her do homework during the summer. It was just cruel!
Her restaurant had become her safe haven. It was time away from Christian's antics. Fish and Chips was steadily becoming a favorite among patrons and Alana couldn't have been happier. She didn't know where her marriage with Christian was headed, but at least if it ended she had income to take care of her and Christa.
It wasn't very big, but that didn't matter to Alana. It had a more cosy feel. She had hired an excellent host and server and things were going well. She hoped to be able to have Christa work in the restaurant one day as well. When she got older of course.......
Most people opted to sit outside on clear days. Why wouldn't they, with such a beautiful view of the docks! It was one of the things that drew Alana to this location. Christian still hadn't even seen his wife's hurt, but she kept it to she did everything else.
Kimber Henderson had become a good friend of Alana's and the family came by for visits regularly. Caleb and Christa got along pretty well, despite him being 6 years older than her. Alana knew that Caleb wouldn't want to play with Alana much once he hit his teen years but that was ok. Christa was a bright and funny girl and would definitely make other friends.
Kip and Christian bumped heads on many issues, and most nights they would get into heated arguments about it. Christian didn't like anyone questioning what he was doing for the city. He didn't want any advisors, wanted to simply do what he thought was best. It was one of the reasons Alana felt that he would lose his position if someone else ever decided to run.
Alana and Kimber were the peace makers, and they could always put an end to the bickering. Christian would simply smile and tell Kip that he was entitled to his own didn't mean that Christian had to listen to him. Alana decided that maybe she and Kimber should just meet for drinks, without their husbands!
Once Kimber, Kip and Caleb left, Christian sent Christa up to her room and told Alana they needed to talk. She was prepared for another round of how her restaurant wasn't the right job for her and how she was needed here. What she didn't expect him to say was, "I think we should try to have another baby."

* Title comes from this song by Anthony Hamilton

* I never did a fast forward for the Browns, but Alana did have a miscarriage before I restarted my hood. She's had a baby want every since and even now that I've reset them, she still has it. Christian didn't roll one until the very end of their last day and I locked it! Hopefully there will be another little Brown next round. (wait, that rhymed! lol) And hopefully Christian will take his head outta his butt!

* Christian will be taking taxes this next round and Terrence Coners will be heading up the building of LaQuest Beach Elementary and East High School as well as a prison that I plan on using later. Hopefully there will be enough tax money with the 15% property taxes plus the money from all the kiddies I'm shipping off to university next round.

* I don't really have anyone that I can see becoming a teacher right now so I will be creating some new people to move into the city as teachers. I figure I'll only need one for each school and one warden for the prison so that's 3 new sims. I probably won't introduce them until round 5 though. Round 4 will be more of the construction of the buildings, then I can open them in Round 5.


  1. Hmm... odd... I just don't understand Christian... intriguing though!

  2. Right now you probably only need one teacher for each school, so it won't be too much to just add some to your hood. My schools lasted on one teacher for quite a long time!

    I really felt for poor Alana here. I hope Christian suggesting they have another baby is a sign that he's starting to see what's important and will turn back into the man Alana married.

  3. Running a business isn't fit for a mayor's wife?! Christian has become an "egotistical moron!"

  4. Hmm, I don't know about the sudden change of heart with a baby, I see this as a political move.

  5. Tessa - Christian is a mystery!

    Carla - Yea I figured that once teacher per school would be enough. I'm rethinking the whole prison thing though......I have another idea on how to work that. It's hard to tell what Christian's motives are because he's so unwilling to share his plans.....

    Francesca - I think Christian wants Alana home in the he's more of a sexist egotistical moron :)

    Apple Valley - Oh, am I that transparent? :)

  6. Christian seems like the life of a politician has taken over him! I didn't expect him to want a baby at the end though!

  7. I hope it's not just a political move that made Christian want a baby!


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