Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I'm So in Love

Round 2 - Spring 2025
Sim State University/LBCC

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Kevin Knowles and Kinsley Johnson are 18

It was spring break and Kevin had never been this excited! He and Kinsley were going away together. He had been patiently waiting and was happy with his make out sessions with Kinsley.....but he figured it was high time they take things farther. After all, he was postive that he was going to marry her. So there really was no good reason not to do it. And he couldn't wait! He had booked a room in the nicest hotel in Twikki Island that he could find. He wanted their first time together to be as special as possible.

The Polynesia was by far the nicest hotel on the island. And the weather seemed to be working in Kevin's favor! With the torturous rain that was falling, what else could they do but check into their hut and have a little alone time? The site seeing would just have to wait till the rain let up!
Kevin checked in with a smile on his face and a bounce in his step! He didn't want to rush her, didn't want her to feel like he was pouncing on her......but he had waited on this moment for a while.....dreamed about it every night after they had those hour long make out sessions. He could only take so much, he was only a man for sim's sake!
He wanted to start slow. Kiss her a little then maybe order some room service. But it seemed that Kinsley was more excited than he was!
"Are you hungry? It was a bit of a long flight after all. Maybe we should get some room service?" he asked.
"Ummmm.....I'm really not hungry at all. Actually what I want is right here in this very room.......always has been," she said.
It seemed crazy. He only met her a short two years ago, and yet she was now the most important person in his life. He hated that they were in different schools. Wanted her to be closer by so that he could see her every day. But it didn't matter, that's how life was sometimes. But he had her here, now, in his arms.......where she should always be........
They spent that first night locked away in their hut. Not entirely by their own designs, the weather didn't let up until the wee hours of the morning. The next day Kinsley took in the fire dancer, marveling at how the fire didn't seem to scare him. Maybe it was the deep meditation that he did before he began his dance. She didn't know, but she knew that she would never have even had this opportunity had it not been for Kevin. No way could she have afforded the plane ticket, let alone their beautiful hut.......she hoped he knew how special this all was to her.........
Kevin decided to get in a little swimming in the crystal clear water. He wanted to propose to Kinsley. But how silly would his parents think it for him to get engaged at 18. They knew he cared for Kinsley, but he didn't think they would be that understanding. He would wait a few years, save up his own money and buy her ring. It had to come from him, not his parents. He knew that she was who he wanted to spend his life with.........
They stayed there until late into the night.......Kinsley was really mesmerized by that fire dancer! He couldn't wait to get her back to the hut! Ok, maybe he was a little too excited......but it was woohoo.....and it was so very good!
Kinsley was hungry so they decided to try out some of the local food. While she freshened up, Kevin decided to get an espresso to perk himself up. It had been a long day and he planned for it to be an even longer night. He was getting the hang of this whole thing......getting better control of himself.....but it was hard!!!
They decided to just hit one of the local stands for a quick meal.
"You don't know what this vacation has meant to me," Kinsley said.
"Babe you deserve this and so much more. I just hope I can provide it for you. You know once I graduate, my parents are in essence cutting me off right?"
"Why are they going to do that?"
"I mean they'll help me get started, but they want to ensure that I can make it on my own. That I'm capable of taking care of myself. And it will be a while before I'm an actual doctor," he said.
"Kevin, do you not know where I came from? I'm use to struggling and I will be there to help you. This money has never really mattered to me. I love you, broke or rich or whatever. We will be just fine," she said.
"That's why you're here with me. That's why you are so special."
The rest of the vacation went just as wonderfully as the beginning. They spent their last day playing pirate on the big ghost ship on the beach. This was the best spring break that Kevin had had in a long time......and it was all thanks to Kinsley.
And she felt exactly the same way........she really was on top of the world.....and nothing could knock her down....

* Title came from So In Love by Ginuwine

* These two are just so sugary sweet! I'm sorry for it, but it's just how they are! I was going to try to let them slowly go into their first time, but they are so much the horny teenagers! Soon as they hit the hut, the clothes came off!

* I love this lot, I got it from Blackorchid at MTS

*I decided to just let these two go on spring break and do a joint post for the Spring. I'll be separating the two out again for Fall 2025.

*And of course I forgot to write down the GPAs before I left for work this morning.....I'll post them later lol


  1. I was going to ask about the lot, it looks amazing! Thanks for linking it.

    These two are pretty darn sweet, I think he found a great girl, especially since she isn't in it for the money. Hopefully after sometime he will be making a decent wage as well. But she wouldn't mind struggling in the beginning as they make their way in the world.

  2. Kinsley and Kevin are too cute! I'm happy to see them so in love - I really hope it works out for them. :)

  3. Bring on the sugar...I love it! These two are just so perfect together. I'd hate to see them any other way.

    I think it's sweet that Kevin treated her to such a wonderful spring break vacation. Something she'll remember the rest of her life.


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