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Round 5 - Spring 2036
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Christian and Alana Brown are 39, Christa is 10, Aidan and Hayden are 2

So for a while now, I've kept in mind
Cuz what they say is true
That you are of the essence, down to the very last second
And I'm so glad, that I've grown, to respect you.
Time waits for nothing,
And everything is going to take it's time.......

Alana was waaay past tired and the day was just beginning! It was hell running after two toddler boys and trying to come up with new recipes for her restaurant. She loved being a mother more than anything, but it was beginning to wear her down.......

Aidan and Hayden weren't really bad children. They were typical toddlers and together they made quite a job for Alana. But whenever she caught them hugging one another or doing something else equally cute, she felt guilty for even having negative thoughts. They were her cute chubby cheeked little boys, and she loved them.
She was really worried about Christa. She seemed to be very unhappy and Alana couldn't reach her. She knew that she probably felt the tension between her and Christian. Things were better than they were before she had the twins, but there was still a strain there. And she didn't understand why or how to overcome it.....
Christian knew he was a jerk. For so long he had become consumed with his campaigning to become mayor and then trying to be a great one. He neglected Alana and was too hard on both her and Christa. Christa. She barely spoke to him these days. He knew he had messed up and wasted a lot of time. She was almost a teenager now. But he wasn't prepared to lose his family......
He knew that Alana was bone tired by the time he got home from work. He tried to take the pressure off her a bit by helping out with the boys so she could wind down a little. He loved spending time with his sons. He was going to be a better father and husband. He was going to get them back on track........
Alana appreciated Christian helping out. It was more than he had been willing to do before now. He had even stopped giving her crap about her restaurant. That surprised her more than him helping out. He was so sure that owning a restaurant was beneath her position as wife of a mayor. He was such a snob and he wasn't before. She just didn't know what happened to him.

But she didn't have time to question his behavior anymore. She had two little boys who demanded her attention and they didn't really leave much time for deep, provoking thoughts.....

She could barely catch the occassional nap when she put the boys down! But she loved the days when they both slept long enough that she could.......

Christian surprised her one evening with a night out to Macaroni's Fine Italian Restaurant downtown. He figured she deserved a meal she hadn't cooked for herself. He figured she deserved more than the selfish bastard he had become. He figured it was time for a change.........
"I've been an ass," he said.
"You'll get no arguments from this corner," she said laughing.
"I'm really sorry, Lanie."
"Now that's a name I haven't heard in quite a while. What's brought about this change?"
"Christa. I looked up one day and my little girl was avoiding me. You were avoiding me," he said.
"You aren't exactly a fun person to be around anymore, Christian."
"I know. And I'm sorry. I want to fix things. Do you think it's too late?"
"If you mean with Christa, then I would say no. You're still her father and she loves you. You just have to show her that things are going to be different."
"And what about you, Lanie? Can I fix things with you?"
"I don't know.....can we go inside?"
"I know that one dinner isn't going to make up for the past few years, but I had to start somewhere. I want us to be happy, like we used to be......"
"You mean before you started this quest to become mayor?" Alana asked.
"Yes, before that. I just wanted so badly to prove to myself that I could do it. I got caught up I suppose. But that's all done. I want to start fixing things. We have to start somewhere. So are you with me?" he asked.
"I'm willing to try......"
Christian was not going to let his marriage fall apart. He never failed befoe and this would not be the first time..........he couldn't lose his family.........

* This all came about from both he and Alana having fears of falling out of love with one another. I figured Christian was finally seeing that he was pushing them all away and Alana was just growing tired of waiting for Christian to change. I figured she was also feeling like a single parent since he was never around.

* Christa really has been pretty anti-social the last few times I've played them. I guess she feels the tension between her parents and its affecting her.

* I'm never hiring another nanny! They suck big time. This one let both boys pee their pants and then she refused to change them! And for some reason, she peed her own pants when Alana and Christian got back! I don't know if my nannies are glitched or what, but that was it! I really wish I could have the watch kids hack in with the visitor controller so I could just ask friends to come over and do it!

* How cute are Aidan and Hayden? And I took this pic just because Hayden is so darn cute:

I mean c'mon! They are going to be such heartbreakers :)


  1. Oh, is that why the Watch Kids hack doesn't work for me? I'd love to use that but VC is indispensable to me so I'll have to do without.

    Anyway, I was really pleased to see Christian taking some steps to mend his relationship with his family. At least he recognised what a jerk he's been. That has to be a good sign.

  2. Aww... I'm glad Christian decided to fight for his family.

    Those two toddlers are absolutely adorable!

  3. The toddlers are super cute, I can imagine Alana messing up their names when they are naughty and older.

    I absolutely LOVED the end of this one... Serious melt me in a puddle. A man fighting for his family is serious hot. :) I hope it all works out for them, seems it should since they both want it.

  4. Carla - Yep it won't work with the visitor controller. I've seen forums where they say it will if you load one before the other but I've tried both and it never works! But I'm like you, I have to have the visitor controller! You have to pick your battles lol. I'm hoping Chrisitian is finally coming around.

    Galloway - Aren't they just adorable?!

    Maisie - I can see Alana doing that too :). Christian can be so wishy washy so time will tell if this new attitude sticks.


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