Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Round 1 - Summer 2023
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Christian Brown is 26, Alana Brown is 26

Another morning. That was how she was beginning to feel. That every day was just another day. A count down until the baby would be born. Alana loved Christian. But she didn't know who he was becoming. Christian had dreams of becoming the first official mayor of LaQuest Beach. Alana supported her husband at first. But then he started with the rules. She loves to cook, always has. It was one of the things Christian loved about her. So she though he would be excited when she proposed taking out a loan so she could buy this cute little restaurant by the shore. But Christian wouldn't go for it. Said the wife of a mayor didn't need to be running some small time diner. That she needed to be home taking care of the kids. Kids? It would become his next demand. So now she's pregnant. And she will love her child......she always wanted kids........but not to become a picture perfect family.

Christian didn't understand Alana. He knew she wanted to own her own restaurant. But now wasn't the time do it. They were about to become first time parents. They should be concentrating on that. But she was moody and unhappy......maybe it was hormones. There would be plenty of time for her to own a restaurant once their child was older and he was mayor. One dream at a time. And his wouldn't take extra money or taking out large loans on something that might not work out. She was a great cook......but there were lots of seafood restaurants around LaQuest Beach. What would make hers special? He didn't think he was being unreasonable.....not at all.......he just wanted to do what was best for their family and for the people of LaQuest Beach.......
A housewife.......that's not what her plan was.....and Christian knew it......she liked to work and be out with people......not scrubbing a stupid shower.......but this is what he wanted......what she did for her husband.....but once the baby was here, would he sacrifice for her? Would she be able to open her restaurant? She loved Christian........she just hoped he loved her in return.....
Because love is the reason she married him......and she didn't care if she was married to Christian Brown, Mayor of LaQuest Beach.........she just wanted to be married to Christian Brown, the real one.......not the overly ambitious man he had become..........

*It's super short because stupid FRAPS wasn't on when I was playing and so I didn't take any of the pics I thought I did. And because Alana is prego, I couldn't just relive their days all over again......but I think this just about covers what would have been shown in their update......their little bundle of joy is due in Spring of 2024.
*I also stopped sharpening my pics.....I did it with my Pleasantview hood because my graphics sucked.......but it seems so unnecessary with my new laptop because I can play with everything on high......and I like the softer look of the pics......
*Title came from the Linkin Park song "Numb"


  1. Bummer about FRAPS! What a pain! The pics you do have are nice though.

    Sounds like Alana might need to sit down with Christian and really explain what she wants and needs. Neither of them seem very happy right now, do they?

  2. Ugh, I hate when I think FRAPS is on, but it isn't. :( I had to retake all of the pictures for Nathan and Terri's last update because that happened to me.

    But I think even these few pictures do a great job of capturing the situation in this house. I feel bad for Alana. I hope she can follow her dreams and not just support her husband's!

  3. Yea, FRAPS got me! Now I make it a point to check everytime before I load up the game even though it's suppose to start up automatically! These two aren't very lovey dovey at I imagine he's too focused on his political career right now......

  4. I use Gadwin PrintScreen and it's automatically on every time. It's in my system tray, actually. So it's ready whenever my computer is on.

    I've got a feeling this couple is in for a rocky road. Becoming the Mayor and leading people is hard work. She's gonna need to speak up for herself if she ever wants to make her own dreams come true, otherwise he'll be too busy to think about it.

  5. FRAPS is suppose to be on all the time, but for some reason it wasn't that time.....I check b4 I go in game now lol

  6. Ugh sucks on Fraps! I use that one too, and have had that happen a time or two.

    I think Alana would be great in a little diner. I hope her and Christian can come to agreements on their dreams so neither of them are stifled.

  7. You did a good job of capturing the feelings on this lot despite the lack of pictures. I feel bad for Alana being pigeon holed into being a housewife. It's always the sims that want to be mayor's that are complete type-a a**holes isn't it?

  8. LP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *runs around the house screaming like a crazy fangurl!*

    Ok, now that I'm back. LOL I can't stand these pic capturers. You know I lost two houses for my fall rotation because of gadwin. So I feel your pain. Nice update though.


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