Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Just Like A Pill

Round 4 - Spring 2033
Last update/ Next update
Christian and Alana Brown are 36, Christa Brown is 7

 Business at Fish and Chips wasn't going as well as Alana thought it would. She was barely breaking even some nights and she was scared that Christian would make her sell it. He was a totally different guy these days though. He had paid $2500 for fertility treatments for her so that they would have a better chance of conceiving. She wanted to believe that he had just turned over a new leaf......but she just didn't trust it......

 She had even gotten him to lay off of Christa and Alana now helped her with her homework in the evenings. He was doing everything right. But she had no idea why he had made the sudden change.....Could their marriage have a chance now?
 It was tax time and Christian was having to collect this year's taxes in their home office. He planned to build himself a small office downtown and hire a tax specialist that will handle it for him. Tanner Knowles had some concerns about the crime in Englewood. There was a counterfit ring going on and he was concerned about the value of their simoleons if too much of the counterfit money was on the streets. Christian asked him to head a task force in charge of putting an end to it.
 Cobin Gray and his wife Amanda had mysteriously become the adoptive parents of a young boy suffering from a horrible skin condition. Christian didn't trust it and was concerned that there was more to the story than he was being told......
 He couldn't prove it, but he knew Celeste Sky had something to do with it. She had a "skin condition" as well. And weird things had been happening since she had arrived into town. Her and her mother, who seemed to have just dropped in from the sky. There was no record of her at all. He let her know under no uncertain terms that he was keeping an eye on her. No one was going to pull any funny business in LaQuest Beach. Not on his watch!
 Alana found out she was pregnant and just couldn't be happy about it......She didn't know what Christian was up to......but she would take Christa and the baby and leave him in a second if she had to.......she wanted what was best for her family.....even if that didn't include Christian.......

* Title comes from this song by Pink

* I plan to do a separate post with how much tax money was collected.

* Christian is all over the place. I locked the baby want, but that's the only family related want he has had in a while. So there may be some other reason for him wanting another little Brown running around.

* Fish and Chips is really struggling. It's actually costing more money to keep it after her pregnancy I may have to rethink the idea of her having it.

* Baby Brown will be here Winter 2033


  1. Maybe Christian wants a son to carry on the family name?

    As for Fish and Chips, are you using the Customer Limit Adjuster from SimWardrobe? If you're not, I would download it and raise the amount of customers you're allowing in. In my game, the default is three but all of my restaurants can handle more than 3 at a time. But it does take a while for restaurants to start turning a profit - once you're up in rankings, you can raise the cost of the food, which helps!

  2. Carla - I will be sure to download that asap! That would really help alot I think......Christian's been such a butt lately that I'm kinda hoping they're the family to break my baby girl dry spell lol. I have about 3 sims pregnant right now and I hope to get at least one girl!

  3. I'm curious about him as well, thank goodness she's willing to leave on the drop of a dime though.

  4. I'm wondering what will happen with these two, and where all the changes came from. Hopefully it will all work out for the best.

    That's too bad about Fish n Chips, I hope the download Carla suggested will help, cause who doesn't love Fish n Chips!?! I'd dine there if I was pixely. ;)

    I'm not sure the ranking, but in the very beginning, I always teleport in family (parents/siblings), they always seem to like eating their first, and I figure in real life family likes to be supportive.


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