Monday, May 24, 2010

Happy Birthday to Ya!

Round 4 - Fall  2033

 Amanda Gray was tired of being pregnant! It wasn't the great experience she thought it was going to be. She was moody and hot and tired all the time. And having a baby already in the house just was NOT helping the situation! An alien baby at that!

 As the labor pains began, she thought to herself how much better being pregnant was than giving hurt like hell!
 Come on now Corbin, really. Didn't you just go through this? I mean you shouldn't be this shocked, should you?
 It wasn't long before they were looking into the eyes of Alexander "Alex" Gray. Such a cutie! He has brown hair like mommy and daddy and daddy's brown eyes.
 Kinsley was trying to remember what kind of bubble blower she was smoking when she decided to become pregnant again so soon after having Ryan......she must have been high to willingly go through this again! She was getting on birth control ASAP!
 In the end, it was all worth it. Little Ricki Nacole Knowles had her father's brown hair and her mother's baby blue eyes. She was just perfect!
Kevin was already gun shopping! No boys were even going to look at little Ricki.......he was already planning ahead!
 Kayden Carr is 4 this fall! He finally grew into his dad's chin and is one of the cutest boys in LaQuest Beach!

* I am so glad Kayden grew into that chin. It wasn't looking very good for him but he pulled it off! He is very unique looking and is going to be quite handsome when he grows up.

* Kinsley and Kevin aren't having any more babies for a while! Ryan will just be turning one in the winter and they already have another! No more babies until Ryan is in school! And I don't care what they have to say about it!!!!

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  1. Heh, Kayden's looking good! I've said it before but I've never had a Sim look worse after aging to child, so I try not to worry too much if they look a little odd as toddlers. Big eyes and prominent chins are usually features they need to grow into a little.

    I can't wait to see Ricki and Alex when they grow up! It'll be interesting to see if Alex looks anything like my Julia. Corbin has two daughters in my game but Julia is the one who looks like him.


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