Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Looking Up

Round 4 - LBU - Fall 2032
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Kayla Knowles, Brian Johnson, Kenny Coners, Orlando Centowski, and Tosha Go are 18 (Cammie Samuels is 19)

Kenny couldn't believe that he was finally in college! It wasn't all that exciting yet, but he knew things would change soon. He and Brian had already come up with a name for their band, Mellow Metal, and were even trying to get the local campus pub to let them come and play. It would only be music as they didn't have a singer, but it was a way to get their name out there. Kenny thought it would be cool to be involved in a traveling band.....but for Brian, it was much, much more.......

Brian began chasing girls the day that they got to LBU. He said he needed to get his first kiss outta the way, what kind of rockstar had never even kissed a girl? He planned on being famous and never ending up living back in a place like Englewood. Sure, his mom no longer lived there, but that was his home for most of his life, and he didn't plan to ever go back. He met some poor girl on the student quad. She had no idea that she was just a test run for Brian.......
She was cute, in that geeky way that girls are sometimes. He thought she said something about being an art major, but he couldn't be sure. He liked talking about himself much more than listening about her......she was impressed with his rock aspirations, thought it would be cool to date a musician......
After lots of talking and meaningless promises, Brian kissed his first girl. He couldn't pay a girl to kiss him in high school, but his added height and added swagger were enough to finally impress the ladies......and he planned to impress as many as he could while he was there!
They finally convinced the pub to allow them to play even though they didn't have a singer yet. The instumental music was a hit with the crowd and they felt that they were on their way.....They still needed a singer, but Kenny was sure they would find somebody before long.
Kayla was still painting pieces for the art gallery she planned to open up. Her parents had a trust for her that she could get once she turned 25 and she planned to get her gallery with it. In the mean time she would just paint as much as she could and have them on reserve until that time. She was excited to be at school but she really wanted to get her own place. LBU rules were that freshmen had to live in the freshman dorm for at least 1 year before moving on to another dorm or private housing. Kayla was trying to sweet talk her parents into paying the first semester's rent on her housing until she found a job on campus.....she didn't mind living with Brian and Kenny, but Tosha got on her nerves with her bubbly, happy disposition. Nobody was that happy all the time!
She had also gotten really into poetry and talked Kenny into driving into the city with her so that she could perform at Oscar's. Kenny played his guitar softly in the background while Kayla told the world her inner most thoughts displayed through rhyme.......she always felt great after leaving the stage. Kenny was really sweet to help her out......in fact, Kenny was just really sweet......
It seemed that all the girls in Teder Hall thought Kenny was sweet. Tosha made it a point to join him at the chess table every morning just to have an excuse to make conversation with him. Yes, Kenny was definitely sweet.....and cute.......and all the girls wondered who would make the first move on him......
What they didn't count on was Kenny making a move on someone else! Cammie Samuels had seen Kenny during orientation and had asked around about him. She was a sophmore and made sure to walk past the freshman dorm on the days she heard that Kenny had class. He, of course, noticed her and began a very nice friendship that Cammie hoped to turn into something more.
Tosha heard about Kenny and Cammie and made it her mission to get in shape before the spring so that she would be a little more appealing to him. She didn't know Cammie, but she knew she would probably be trouble......she didn't trust her beyond what she could see......and she didn't think Kenny should either.
Even Orlando had found someone to hang out with in the form of his dorm mate, Sam Bauer. Orlando was now openly gay and proud of it, but Sam was still in the closet. Orlando hoped that he would be able to help him accept who he was.......he would have to if he wanted them to work!
Yep, there was nothing like being in college with your best friend......Kenny knew that these were going to be the best four years of his life!

Kenny Coners - 3.0
Brian Johnson - 3.3
Kayla Knowles - 3.3
Tosha Go - 3.3
Orlando Centowski - 4.0

* Title comes from this song by Paramore.

* I have the harder grades hack in my game which is the reason why Orlando was the only sim to get a 4.0. He was the only with the want to do a term paper which is neccessary to get a grade above a "B". They all kept doing research all the time but Kenny never rolled the want to skill and so his bar never reached the top.

Oh Tosha, I know you're disappointed by Kenny's rejection of you......but Orlando is a guaranteed disappointment! You've got the wrong parts hunny!

* All the girls love Kenny which is probably killing Brian! But he only has one bolt with Tosha and no chemistry at all with Kayla......he and Miss Cammie have 2 bolts though so she wins!

* I can't remember Brian's girl's name which is why it is left out, but we will see more of her.....I forget where I downloaded her from but she's too cute!


  1. Hmmm, I have a harder grades hack in my game but it doesn't seem to affect college grades, just school. Where is yours from?

    I can't blame all the girls for loving Kenny - what a cutie he is! Cammie's lucky, isn't she?

  2. LOL! Those boys. I can't wait to see if they get a singer for their band. Who knows, if they're any good maybe they could go on tour with Aerial Bionic.

    Kenny and Brian are both cuties-they look a bit alike with their facial structure. I agree Brian's girl is very unique looking. I didn't think geeky at all-maybe because I saw so much of her bra.

  3. I use the college controller to cut the semester from 72 to 48 hours when sims go to their first lecture. With time enough for only two lectures, if they don't do any additional work on their own, they won't pass. On top of that, it shortens the time requirement for university game play, which tends to grate on my nerve after a while.

  4. Carla - after much searching, I finally found my harder grades hack:

    It's by ancienthighway and I have the one that requires a term paper in order to receive higher than a "B" for the semester. Even if they fill their bar completely, if they don't do a term paper the highest GPA they will get is a 3.3 for the semester

    Apple Valley - LOL @ the bra comment! She's a trendy geek I guess haha. That's how she was described on the site I got her from! Brian and Kenny would love to be the opening act for Aerial Bionic!

    Lepifera - I only play one semester at a time and make sure that I play regular households inbetween because you're right, uni can be very boring sometimes!

  5. I agree that Kenny and Brian are both very cute! I can't wait to see who they find to sing in their band.


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