Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Don't Change

Round 5 - Fall 2035
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Donna Foster is 51, DeJuan is 48 (Ryan Knowles is 3, Ricki is 2, Kevin is 29)

I'll love you when your hair turns gray
I'll still love you if you gain a little weight
The way I feel for you will always be the same
Just as long as your love don't change

Donna was suffering from empty nest syndrome. It was bad enough when Brian went off to college, but now that Taesha was gone too, Donna found herself missing having them around. Brian had already decided that he and his bandmates were going to rent an apartment together after graduation and Taesha still had two more years to go. She didn't know what she was suppose to do with herself now......

DeJuan hated seeing her so sad. They couldn't really afford to adopt a child and they definitely weren't able to have one of their own, but he did have an idea on something that would cheer her up......

He took her to get a dog! They picked out a boxer whom she named Gyzer. He didn't understand the name, but it was just good to see her smiling again. Hhe missed Taesha too, but it was nice to have the house to themselves as far as he was concerned. But he had to make sure that Donna was happy with the way things were too.

He was pretty sure Gyzer would be just the thing that Donna needed. He just hoped the poor little guy could take all the love she was going to give him!

Kinsley brought the kids over pretty often and that also helped with Donna's whole empty nest issues. DeJuan was convinced that Ryan and Ricki were going to be the most spoiled kids in LaQuest Beach!

But he never said that too loudly, lest he be called a hypocrite! He missed the days when Taesha was this small, when she would snuggle against him like Ricki did. He was a sucker for a cute little girl, it was one of the reasons he and Taesha were so close. Who wouldn't be close to the man who she had wrapped around her little finger?

Yes, Ricki and Ryan were the apple of everyone's eye! They came up in most conversations between the adults, and no one seemed to mind it. Kevin and DeJuan went from discussing pool or football to talking about how hard it was getting Ricki to walk when everyone insisted upon carrying her all the time.

Donna already loved Gyzer and she vowed to teach him all kinds of tricks and take him for a walk every day that she had off. She still kind of wished that she and DeJuan had been able to have a child together, but she was happy with their family the way it was.

She really had no reason at all to complain.........

DeJuan was pretty happy to have Gyzer too. He actually talked Donna into getting a larger dog as opposed to the ankle bitter she initially wanted. He just couldn't see himself walking around with a chihuahua!

* I hate playing empty nesters and when Donna rolled the want for a pet I was like why not? Now she can take trips to the park with Gyzer and DeJuan!

* Ryan and Ricki made their way into quite a few updates this round, so prepare to see them a few more times :)


  1. LOL, you won't catch me complaining about more Ricki and Ryan! They're such sweet little kids.

    It was a nice idea for DeJuan and Donna to get a dog. It'll be something for her to focus her attention on, apart from how much she misses her kids.

  2. I was happy to see Ryan and Ricki's names at the top of the post! they are uber adorable, and lol on the adults discussing them/walking, they really do take the spotlight.

    The dog is cute, I usually give my empty nesters pets too.

  3. Carla - I didn't realize how connected the Knowles family is to everyone else! Dogs are just like kids so I figured it would be the next best thing to her having another kid since she can't.

    Maisie - They'll be in a few more updates :).....I really didn't realize how connected the Knowles are.


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