Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Happy Birthday To Ya!

Round 4 - Winter 2032

Her husband was pregnant.......pregnant! Amanda knew that Celeste had something to do with Corbin getting abducted........she just knew it! And she planned to get answers......because how in the world were they suppose to explain having a baby when Amanda hadn't even been pregnant?

They would soon need an answer to that question. Corbin went into labor on one particularly cold morning and Amanda had to prepare herself for a home birth. Corbin had been confined to the house during his pregnancy so no one knew what was going on......and she planned for it to stay that way.........after all, how weird could the baby look? Celeste looked pretty normal and Amanda was sure her kind had something to do with this..............
She wasn't prepared for what she saw, had no idea how they were going to manage this.........
Conner Gray came bursting into their lives on a crisp winter morning and Amanda was sure that he had just changed their lives forever. He seemed to have Corbin's brown hair, but that was the only trait that it seemed that he got from his father. His skin was a pale green that seemed to turn a human shade around his eyes. His eyes..........how could they explain those away? They were almost the same as those of snakes......he was a beautiful baby in his own way......and Amanda had always wanted kids......
Why did life have throw such curve balls all the time?!
 It was also birthing time at the Knowles' house. While Kinsley was screaming with pain, Kevin was patiently waiting on his child to get here. How long did labor last again?
 He didn't have to wait long. Soon he was looking into the blue eyes of little Ryan Knowles. He had his mom's eyes and his dad's brown hair.

* Conner totally steals the show doesn't he? Just an FYI, that particular skin that he has comes with fangs! He's going to be the coolest kid in LaQuest when he gets older. I aged him just outta curiousity and he's going to be a very handsome little alien :)

* Geez, what happened to my girls? The last few births have been boys! (Kayden, Javion, Conner, and Ryan). While I'm glad they're around to maintain the family names, it would be nice to get a few girls too!

* I was suprised Ryan got Kinsley's eyes. I was sure that Kevin's brown ones would be more dominant........but I'm happy they weren't because I adore the blue eyes :)


  1. Welcome Conner and Ryan!

    Fangs! Oh my gosh, I really can't wait to see how Conner turns out now!

  2. Welcome Conner and Ryan!

    I didn't have the nerve to blog my poor Teach when he was preggers. It is just so weird. But you did a great job with it and it was fun to read.

  3. Carla - I think Conner is going to be a new favorite of mine! He's too cute!

    Francesca - Thanks, I figured since I was blogging my little alien invasion, I should blog the pregnancies too :)

  4. Welcome to Conner and Ryan! I can't wait to see what Conner looks like when he's older!

  5. Oh man, Conner Gray is totally freaking adorable! I only have one of my own as a newborn that I've liked as much as him! Can.not.wait to see him age up!!

    Ryan has gorgeous eyes. I could use a few boys in my hood, I'll send you the pink fairy dust in exchange for your blue. :)

  6. Maisie - I would gladly trade! I was worried that the founding last names would be in trouble but it looks like I'm safe! Connor IS freaking adorable and he just gets more and more adorable as he grows up lol

  7. That's great that your founding names are continuing on. I have a few that will be extinct at the end of this generation, and a few that are in threat of it if they don't whip a boy out.


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