Monday, May 3, 2010

Happy Birthday To Ya!

Round 4 - Fall 2032

Javion Carr is 1 this fall and is a little cutie! He doesn't look like big brother Kayden and for that I am very happy! (Excuse the wonky picture size and the action in the queue, apparently I missed this one in editing!)

Caleb Henderson is a very handsome 12 year old boy! He looks alot like his dad, but his mom's freckles kinda over take his, love those freckles!
Lots of college kids beginning this round as well. Kayla Knowles is now 18 and is starting her freshman year at LaQuest Beach University this semester. She has decided to major in Art and hopes to one day have her own gallery.
Brian Johnson is also 18 and is looking forward to expressing some freedom during his college years! He is majoring in Literature and wants to be a big musician one day. He and buddy Kenny Coners have began a band, Mellow Metal, and hope to soon have some paying gigs.
18 year old Kenny Coners is excited about being at LBU with his best friend. He is also majoring in Literature and hopes that their band had what it takes to make it to the top......of course they still need a lead singer.......
Joining the trio is a grown up Tosha Go. Her bubbly personality may be a bit much for the group to take, but they are glad to have her aboard! She is majoring in biology and hopes to maybe become an oceanographer one day.......or maybe a teacher, she hasn't decided yet!
Orlando Centowski is also in the freshman dorm this year. He has officially come out of the closet and is ready to mingle! He is majoring in physics and wants to one day be an engineer.

* I decided to add a few former townies to the mix for the college kids. I don't know what I will do with them once they graduate, but it should be interesting!

* I love how Kayla turned out........I get a brooding artist vibe from her and now she looks how I see her :)

* Brian is also too cute! He's going to be breaking hearts all over LBU!

* They are all living together in the freshman dorm, but I'm sure they will break out more after this first year.


  1. Gosh, those kids are gorgeous! Interesting with the townie mix!

  2. You could always turn the townies into playable NPCs - if they don't end up with any of your Sims, just have them live their lives in the background. I have several families like that.

    Caleb is going to have the girls lined up around the block! What a cutie he is!

    Looks like Javion has a similar chin to his brother but everything else looks different - he's quite adorable!

  3. Tessa - I tried to age any townie kids that my playables develop friendships with so their kids aren't friends with the same people!

    Carla - Kayden and Javion both have Joe's chin. I think Javion has his mouth as well and that's why it doesn't look as weird. Kayden got Ariel's little mouth on that big chin haha. Caleb really is a cutie, that is still my favorite skin!


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