Monday, May 3, 2010

Round 3 Summary

If feels good to have gotten through a round! My game is running pretty smoothly now and I am so happy about it! Lots of interesting things happened this round:

Marriage: Corbin Gray and Amanda Gray (Carlson)

Births: Javion Carr

New Residents: Celeste Sky (Andromeda Orionious), Starema Orionious

Pregnancies: Kinsley Knowles (due Winter 2032), Corbin Gray (due Winter 2032)

* I plan to restart collecting taxes this up coming round.
* I don't know exactly how I plan to proceed with Celeste and her mother, Starema. I don't want to just have all my sims getting abducted all at once so I may wait to get someone else abducted.....unless it just happens that it! I have higher risks of getting abducted installed so who knows what will happen, especially with my slew of uni students.....can't keep an eye on the all the time lol

* So I've snuck and sped through Corbin's pregnancy......the kid is totally awesome! But you guys will have to wait until the Winter to see him.......:)


  1. Tease! I can't wait to see Corbin's baby (and Kinsley's for that matter).

  2. I'm glad your game is running well, after your major re-build!
    I thought it was sweet of Celeste to try to warn Amanda about Corbin's abduction. By the way, I was reading that post on the phone and couldn't comment, but I don't know why, the different Corbins really come across as different characters to me. I like your geeky Corbin!

  3. Carla - Haha a little suspense is good for you :)......I'm going to post pics of my pollination techs, the baby looks just like one of them (skin and eyes wise)

    Francesca - They really are very different. It's just weird to read about hers, knowing mine is knocked up by aliens :).......I think if all bloggers took on the same character he/she would always be totally different.....that's the beauty of the sims, your imagination is the only limit


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