Friday, July 30, 2010

Playing God

Round 5 - Summer 2035
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Derick Pace is 42, Charity Jones is 27

You don't have to believe me
But the way I, way I see it
Next time you point finger I may have to bend it back
Or break it, break it off
Next time you point a finger, I'll point you to a mirror
Derrick Pace was pissed. He didn't know what was going on with Tessa's husband, but he knew something wasn't right! He couldn't remember everything, but he did remember stopping by her house and getting into an argument with her and her freak of a husband. Next thing he knew, he woke up at his club with his staff telling him that he had been clucking like a chicken! Something wasn't right with that guy.........

He was still producing his own counterfit money and it was going along well. He was at the head of his own ring and knew that he was sitting on easy street. His club was also turning a decent profit now and he would be where he wanted to be in just a few short years........
Charity was still living with him and he supposed that was going ok too. He thought she may be getting a little TOO serious about their little situation, but he would address it when it became a problem. Just because they were living together it didn't make them a couple......
But she was there and she was convenient so he didn't want to rock the boat with her just yet. Not while she still was of some use to him that is.....and he really did want some kids one day. Who said he had to be married to their mother?
But Charity wasn't stupid and she knew that Derrick's way of life was going to get him into some trouble sooner or later. She had decided to go back to school and finish up getting her degree in creative writing. Derrick of course wouldn't help her pay for her classes so she had gotten job to pay tuition. She didn't know why she was still with him......maybe she just hoped that he would eventually change, that he would grow up. This was real life, not a scene from a Scar Face movie!
Her parents really wanted her to just come back home to Crystal Bay with them, but she wouldn't hear of it. She knew that things had a chance of not working out with Derrick, but she liked LaQuest Beach. And she was working on getting her degree, so if something did happen she could simply take care of herself.
She had run into Kinsley Knowles one day while she was out shopping down in the warehouse district and they had struck up a friendship. Kinsley was married with 2 cute kids and Charity envied her. They would get together once a week just to catch up. It was Charity's week to pick the location and she chose Lucky's Card Shack. She knew that Kinsley didn't like coming onto this side of town, but Charity didn't want to have to pay a taxi to take her across the bridge to the warehouse district. They both sucked at poker and ended up leaving once this sleaze named Matt started hitting on Charity........
Charity didn't really mind cutting their time together short, she was anxious to work on some of her assignments. Derrick thought she was so stupid and gullible and just so much in love with him. What he didn't know is that they were renting this house from Keisha Knowles, wife of Tanner Knowles who was a detective on the vice squad of LaQuest. All it would take was one phone call and Derrick's whole world would come crashing down!
Derrick had to hire a new dancer for his club since "Lexxie" had quit. Apparently her and her husband had moved to Fort LaQuest and she was afraid she would run into him.......which was a valid fear as Matthew Picaso was one of Derrick's best customers! He wondered how he would feel if he knew his wife had been swinging from that very same pole only a few months ago.......
ZaZu had become pretty popular and Derrick had customers from all over LaQuest Beach, not just from Englewood anymore. They were mostly male as women didn't really care to see Meadow do her little dance...
Meadow was extremely sexy and he knew he was lucky to have found her. He made sure not to get a married dancer this time!
He was still getting alot of college kids coming around, which he didn't really mind. Sure, he was 42 years old and some people may find that a bit old to be chasing after college girls, but as far as Derrick was concerned, a beautiful woman was a beautiful woman. He simply needed to make sure she was of age!
They always found him appealing, he guessed it was the bad boy vibes he gave off. Whatever it was, he was happy he had it. Things were finally going his way and nothing was going to knock him off of this high.............

* Derrick has the same attitude about Charity that Tessa had about him, which I find to be hilariously ironic. He never really rolls any specific wants for her and when he does they're all kiss and woohoo wants! She on the other hand really like him......

* So Matt was showing up at all this little sleazy places that are on the otherside of the hood, a long way away from his pregnant wife! Of all the people to show up, he just kept popping up. And he tipped the stripper way too many times for my comfort lol

* Derrick is at the top of the criminal career and is a criminal mastermind. I have Squinge's prisoner hacks in my game and I'm thinking of building a small prison, you know just in case Derrick isn't careful with all his counterfit money making :)


  1. Derrick really seems to be on a high feeling, I wonder how long itll last, and if he gets caught down the line.

    Funny that Matt is showing up at the sleazy joints, such a schmuck.

    I'm glad Charity is taking care of herself, I think she could do better than Derrick.

  2. Well, Matthew's wife does know her husband very well if she knew that they might run into each other at the club. Wouldn't that be a scene.

  3. I was thinking the same thing! Imagine the fireworks had Matthew come across Jessica or "Lexxie" dancing around the pole!

    Derrick should watch himself around Charity! She's much smarter than he gives her credit for, I think. And good on her, I say!

  4. Heh, Derrick and Matthew, they would probably make pretty good buddies, their heads sure seem to be the same place! Charity should stick it to him! I mean seriously, he's a sleaze in the worst way!


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