Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Life After You

Round 7 - October 2038
Elvin de Muse is 46, Tessa is 42, Vanya is 3, Arwen Vasan is 2 months

All that I'm after is a life full laughter
As long as I'm laughing with you
I'm thinkin' that all that still matters is love
ever after
After the life we've been through
'Cause I know there's no life after you

They barely spoke. He hated it. He loved her more than he thought he could possibly ever love another person. But he didn't know if he could love her enough to help her raise the child of his worst enemy. He didn't know if he was strong enough to do that.......

He was sick of all these stray dogs in the neighborhood! Their trashcan was being knocked over on a regular basis. It was pretty symbolic if you thought about it. No matter how many times he and Tessa get back on solid ground, something comes along to knock them back down again. Maybe they just weren't meant to be........

Tessa was heading back to work. She had been off since Arwen's birth, but she had to get back to the club before Jacob replaced her. Oh, she didn't think Elvin would hurt Arwen. She was more concerned with him neglecting her. She knew it was hard for him, knew that he didn't understand her decision to keep her. She didn't remember any of her past, but from what she had heard about herself, she was quite the screw up. And this was a chance for her to do something positive with her life. Because when she died, she wanted to be remembered for more than just sleeping around and having fun. She needed her life to have some meaning......

Elvin decided he would be a stay at home dad until Vanya started school. He wanted to be there to make sure she learned everything she needed to. He also needed to keep an eye out for any abilities she may have inherited from him. She would be no where near as powerful as Arwen, but there was a chance that she could at the very least manipulate the weather and other basic tenets. He didn't think they would begin to show up until she was a teen, but he didn't want to take the chance that he was wrong.

She was walking now, after he spent months working with her on it. It amazed him, seeing her learning all these new things. The look of wonder she got on her face when she figured out something was so beautiful to him. She was so innocent, so pure. He needed to see that, to know that it still existed. Even if it didn't exist for him anymore.

And he would protect that for her. Preserve her innocence for as long as he could. Because she deserved a life much better than the one he had created for himself.

He wondered what his parents would think of him. He knew they would have loved Tessa, she and his mother would have become fast friends. His father would have skinned him alive for using a love spell to get her to marry him. But he liked to think he would have understood. But because of Gurth Vasan, he would never know.........

Their nights now consisted of Elvin taking Vanya to the potty before putting her down for the night and Tessa changing Arwen's diaper because of Elvin's unwillingness to help out with her. Tessa tried not to be resentful, kept telling herself that this would pass, that he would eventually come around.......but she wasn't sure.......

It had been over a year since she lost her memory, but Tessa still wouldn't let Elvin get too close to her. He was her husband! She treated him like some stranger on the street! He knew he couldn't use a spell on her, knew she would kill him for it, but he didn't know what else to do. She trusted Gurth more than she trusted him!

The more distance he felt from Tessa, the more time he spent with Vanya. It was the only part of Tessa he could have right now.........

Tabitha called Tessa on a regular basis to check on her. She was still trying to convince Tessa to take Vanya and Arwen and just move in with her and Terrence. But Tessa wasn't going to do that. She loved her husband........or at least, she wanted to again. He just didn't understand that there wasn't a switch she could just flick on. It would take time and patience........

And Elvin knew it. It would take time. And time he had. Because he wasn't going anywhere. He loved Tessa, for better or worse. Eventually the worse had to get better, right?

* I love this song! I think it fits them, at least at this point in their lives.

* I completely forgot that with Tessa's amnesia came the change of her relationship with everyone she knows to 0. I felt horrible when I had Elvin try to flirt with her and she turned him down lol. But she has the want to fall in love with him (which I locked), so it's not that she feels nothing for him. She just needs time. They haven't really had the time to work on their relationship with all the Gurth drama going on.

*Elvin had no wants for Arwen, not surprisingly. His wants consisted of Vanya and generic romantic wants. I guess he's feeling a bit lonely :/

* I caught a beautiful shot of their beach house. So sad that they have so much drama in such a lovely home lol:

Since Vanya is a nature sim, she's going to love growing up here and playing on the beach all day :)

* I also took a little family portrait of them before Vanya turns 4 in the fall (Where did the time go?!). Of course Elvin is holding Vanya while Tessa holds Arwen. I'm still rooting for them to work out, I've got two directions to go in with them and I haven't decided which one I'm going to take yet.


  1. I'm rooting for them to work things out too! They both have some mistrust to work through in the relationship, but I hope that they can get through it and build a better connection.

  2. I'm hoping they can work things out as well. They've come through so much and I never would have imagined they'd be together even this long. It seems worth it to persevere.

    Elvin is such a cute daddy with Vanya. I am very curious to see what happens with this family and little Arwen.

  3. I hope they work it out as well, but there is a lot going against them-amnesia, evil elves, forced pregnancies...

  4. Shana - They definitely have alot of mistrust going on, more so on Tessa's part. Things are really confusing for her right now. She's having to relearn who she is as well as find a way to have both Elvin and Arwen in her life.

    Carla - They definitely have been through a lot! I think Elvin's desire to make it work is a bit stronger than Tessa's at this point. She no longer has her feelings invested really. Elvin adores his daughter, he constantly had wants for her. But he's a good guy deep down, I think he'll eventually not resent Arwen so much.

    Apple Valley - There is a lot going against the. Maybe one day they can live a normal existence lol

    Thanks for reading guys!


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