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Round 7 - February 2039
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DeJuan Foster is 51, Donna is 54, Taesha is 22, Gordon Nott is 22, Lyria is 1 (Charday Martin is 51)

Back off, I'll take you on
Headstrong to take on anyone
I know that you are wrong
And this is not where you belong

DeJuan had always been a sucker for a pretty face, and Lyria's was one of the prettiest he had ever seen. He was a grandfather! Sure, he had been spending time with Ricki and Ryan, but they weren't his blood relatives. He couldn't believe he was a grandpa.........and he was loving every minute of it!

Gordon had began courses for his master's in pyschology. He wanted to wait, but Taesha felt it was better for him to do it now. Once he was able to begin practicing, he would make more money and they could maybe move out on their own.

She had even considered getting her master's in education. She didn't want to stop at simply being an elementary school teacher. She would one day also like to maybe teach a few college courses and maybe even become the education minister for LaQuest Beach!

Donna had had just about enough of the two bookworms!
"Why don't you two go out? When's the last time you two went on a date?" she asked.
"Before we had Lyria. Donna, Gordon has a lot of work to do and I'm looking into maybe taking master's courses myself. We don't have the time right now," Taesha said.
"Well make time. Honey, you and Gordon have done a great job with Lyria. But you're also a couple. You have to work to make sure your relationship stays on good footing."
"I don't know........"

"Maybe Donna's right. We haven't been out together in over a year now. It's not normal and it can't possibly be healthy. Actually I've been reading up on couple's counseling and I've found that......."
"Stop! No psycho babble! If it'll make you happy let's do it. Please, just don't try analyzing us," Taesha said laughing.
"Hey, what am I learning it for it I can't use it?"

They decided to do something neither of them had ever done before: bowl. Taesha was really into games when she was a teenager, but it was more video games than games that required physical strength........

Gordon was a very competitive and wasn't happy when he realized that bowling was a bit more challenging than he envisioned it to be. Why the heck was it so hard to knock down ten freaking pins!

"Gordon, it's suppose to be fun! You just need to calm down. Relax. Is it really all that important that you beat me at this?" Taesha asked laughing.
"No........But I don't like not doing things well. I don't like it at all."
"This from the guy who wants to be a psychologist. If you were your patient, what would you say to you?"
'To relax and have fun," he said laughing.
"See how smart I am? Now let's bowl!"

So he relaxed and didn't concentrate so hard with his next shot..........

And he made a strike! Taesha was always able to calm him down. It was one of the many reasons that he loved her as much as he did.

They were going to be ok. Taesha knew that they may have rushed things by having Lyria so early, but they really and truly were going to be ok.

She really had to remember to thank Donna the next day for suggesting they go out. It had been so long since they really had the time to spend with each other. She didn't realize how much she missed it because she had been so busy taking care of Lyria.

But she didn't regret the time she had dedicated to Lyria. Her daughter was worth that and so much more. Taesha was determined to be a better mother than her own had been. As far as she was concerned, it wouldn't take much to beat Charday Martin.......

They made a cute picture, her little family. Maybe she and Gordon would eventually give Lyria a little brother or sister. At that moment, she felt the possiblities were endless........

She didn't get to ride her high for very long. Charday popped up again the next day.
"What are you doing here, Charday?" Taesha asked.
"Now is that any way to talk to your mama?"
"That's the most loose interpretation of that word that I've ever heard. You have birth to me. That's about it," Taesha said.
"Daddy dearest been filling your head with hate for me I see."
"He didn't have to. You weren't around, I pretty much filled in the blanks myself," Taesha said.

"Can I get a little damn credit? I left because I wasn't going to be a good mother. No one appreciates that though," Charday said.
"You bailed. You didn't even try! I'm your daughter and you just ran out on me!"
"I wasn't ready for all that! You just had a baby, you should know what it feels like!"
"Yea, I was scared when I found out about Lyria. But I always knew I was going to keep her. You see, my love for my daughter filled my heart up so much, there wasn't room for the fear. You're a selfish woman who ran at the hint of some responsibilty. So no, you don't get any credit," Taesha said.
"When do I get to see my grand baby?"
"Never," Taesha said walking away. "Now leave, and do me a favor. For once, do something for me. Don't come back."

She had been harsh, she knew that. But it was no more than she deserved. Taesha had always felt responsible for her mother leaving her dad. She had felt guilty! It was something no child should be made to feel. Especially not by their own mother..........

Donna had heard the exchange between Taesha and Charday. Her first instinct was to run outside and beat Charday's butt. But DeJuan had convinced her that this was something Taesha had to do. She just hoped that she would be ok........

"Good morning," Taesha said.
"Good morning. I see Charday stopped by. You ok?" Donna asked.
"Yea, I guess."

"She had the audacity to ask when she could see Lyria! As if she cares about my daughter. She didn't even care about her own!"
"I want to take a bat to your mom, but she's not worth it. So don't let her get you upset," Donna said.
"I just wish she would just come out and say what it is she wants. Because she didn't just pop back up for no reason," Taesha said.
"I know, baby. But whatever it is, we'll handle it. We're a family."

Gordon couldn't believe Taesha's mom had shown back up. He hated that it was upsetting her so much. But he didn't know if he agreed that Charday should never get a chance to meet her grandmother. Maybe he was just overly sensitive because he had lost his own parents and knew that Lyria would never get to meet them. Maybe he should at least talk with Taesha about it......

After working on it on and off, DeJuan had finally restored the old car that had been sitting in their yard forever. Now Taesha and Gordon would have something to drive to work instead of carpooling all the time.

"What you got planned for today?" DeJuan asked.
"I finally finished the car. You want to go for a ride?"
"Really? You want me to go with you? Yea, that'd be cool!" Gordon said.

Gordon couldn't believe DeJuan asked him to go somewhere with him. Things had gotten better between the two men once Gordon had moved in, but there was still a strain there. He hoped this was a sign that things were going to get better. He didn't like being on his bad side!

DeJuan drove them down to Coach's, a sports bar in the warehouse district. He figured they could have a few drinks and maybe get in a game of poker or two.

"I'm kinda surprised that you asked me to come with you, Mr. Foster," Gordon said.
"Why is that? And please, call me DeJuan."
"Well.........I mean, you sorta act like you hate me," he said.

"I don't hate you, boy. I was mad at first, sure. Let's see how you act if some guy knocks up Lyria. It's just that I promised myself after Charday left that I would make sure Taesha had the life she deserved. I felt that I failed at that when she got pregnant. But you're an okay guy, Gordon Nott. I'll still break your legs if you hurt her, though. Let's hit the poker table," DeJuan said.

It wasn't exactly an ideal bonding moment, but Gordon would take it. He also realized that if he were to try to talk to Taesha about letting her mother in her life, not only would he face Taesha's wrath, but also that of her father........

And Gordon Nott was many things, but stupid was definitely not one of them!!!!

* I really like this family. They were a bit boring to play when it was just Donna and DeJuan, but now it's great!

* Oh Charday.......She's such a trouble maker! We haven't seen the last of her.....we might even learn what her real reason is for showing back up after all this time..........hint, hint :)

* Lyria is going to be SO spoiled! Someone is constantly holding her or playing with her or reading to her! It's insane! The funny thing is that she only has 1 nice point so I can definitely see her acting like a spoiled little brat as she gets older :)

* I've somehow screwed up my main hood. For whatever reason, after I play a house and try to go back out to the neighborhood view, the game crashes. It doesn't crash with any of the subhoods. I got a tip from modthesims that it may be a disproportion between the road on the lot and the road in the hood. I placed a few new houses over in Talum where Donna stays so I'm checking all of those lots to see if one of those is the trouble maker. At the most, I'll just create another subhood with the same map and move all the sims from the mainhood to there. that way I wouldn't have to worry about family ties and all that crap.


  1. Aww, Lyria is going to be spoiled, I can't wait to see how you protray her when she's older. Charday...I hate to admit it, but I want her to stay a long while longer. I think there's more to her than what she has allowed others including DeJuan to see and maybe she's trying to let it out...or I could be trying to see the good in her :)

  2. Ha, I like DeJuan's little talk with Gordon at the end. Don't do anything to make DeJuan break your legs, Gordon! ;)

    Charday definitely stirs up drama when she's around! But I wonder what her real reason for showing up is.

  3. Oh, I had that same crashing problem once. But it fixed itself, as far as I can remember, so I can't offer you any advice. :\ I hope you can sort it out though.

    Anyway, Gordon and Taesha really have made the sweetest little family for Lyria. I can understand why Gordon would be willing to consider letting Charday meet Lyria but then, he doesn't know her! It's probably a decision that needs to rest mostly of Taesha's shoulders.

  4. Apple Valley - There is definitely more to Charday than meets the eye. And don't worry, she's not going anywhere anytime soon :)

    Shana - I think Gordon is smart enough to tread lightly where DeJuan is concerened lol. Charday's real reason for visiting will be revealed soon

    Carla - I hope mine fixes itself as well because its very annoying! Gordon's going to step back and let Taesha make the decision. He really doesn't know Charday that well and so isn't really in a position to make the call.

  5. I'm glad that Taesha and Gordon finally got out on a date, they obviously really needed it!
    Gordon and DeJuan's attempt at bonding was pretty funny. At least they are trying though.
    Can't wait to see the drama Charday is going to cause!
    Great update! :)


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