Sunday, April 3, 2011

Looking Up

Round 7 - September 2038
Brian Johnson, Slade Willis, and Kenny Coners are 24 (Jacob Ellison is 39, Kayla Knowles is 24, Meadow Thayer is 18)

Honestly, Can you believe
We crossed the world while it's asleep?
I'd never trade it in 'cause I've always wanted this
And it's not a dream anymore, no, oh, oh oh
It's not a dream anymore, it's worth fighting for

"I have some very exciting news for you guys," Jacob Ellison said.
"You said that over the phone. I want to know what this news is!' Slade said.
"Come on. I want to tell all of you at the same time. It's something that is going to change your lives..........."

"Ok, so you know that most people don't really vacation on Twikki Island too often now," Jacob said.
"Why would they? We have plenty of beaches right here at home. Not much else Twikki Island can offer," Kenny said.
"What if they could offer Mellow Metal?" Jacob asked.
"What's this about Jake?" Slade asked.

"I have gotten a deal with Twikki Island and Three Lakes Mountain to have you guys tour both vacation spots for a year!" Jake said.
"What?! You're shitting me!" Slade exclaimed.
"I shit you not! They're willing to pay $70,000 for the year. You would spend 6 months on Twikki Island, come home for a month, then head off for Three Lakes for 5 months," Jake said.
"That is unbelievable!" Brian said.
"Are you guys interested?" Jake said.
"Hell yea!" all three guys said.

"Great. So that's $10,000 for me as your manager, and $20,000 for each of you. They're also covering travel expenses and hotel accomodations. I won't be going with you guys though. I'm not leaving my family for 6 months. Lorelai would kill me. But I'll be in touch through phone and computer," Jake said.
"When do we leave?" Brian asked.
"I've booked a flight for you tomorrow. I figured you guys weren't going to turn this down," he said laughing.

"You're damn right we wouldn't turn this down! A free vacation? While still getting to play music? We're no fools," Slade said.
"This is so unbelievable. Our first seems like yesterday we were playing on campus for free!" Kenny said.
"Yea, it's definitely a move in the right direction. You guys are on your way," Jake said.

As the guys went over the details, Kenny thought about all the things he could do with $20,000. And there was really only one thing he really, truly wanted to do.........

"Are you sure about this? Because I mean if it's about us being gone for six months......." Brian began.
"No, it's not that at all. I was going to do this anyway. You know that. I was just waiting until I was in a position to do it. This is just a sign that this is the route I'm suppose to take," Kenny said.
"You know I'm behind you, man. I always have been and always will be," Brian said.
"Thanks, man."

Slade decided to plant some seeds with Meadow before he left for Twikki Island. He knew that she wouldn't forget about him in the six months he was gone, hell he was Slade Willis. But it didn't hurt to give the young girl something to miss. She could brag to her friends that he had taken her out. That would keep her attention until he could come back in February.....

"Wow, a tour! People all over the world are going to be singing your songs!" Meadow said.
"Yea, we're pretty excited. We always dreamed of doing something like this, even in the beginnings of Mellow Metal. All the hard work is paying off now," Slade said.
"It's really great. Maybe I could come to the island during spring break and catch a show," Meadow said.
"Ah doll, we won't be there then. We'll have moved on to the next leg of the tour," he said.

"So I won't see you again for a year?" Meadow said pouting.
"Baby, no way! I get a break in February before heading out to Three Lakes. I will definitely be making time for you," Slade said stroking her jaw.
"Maybe we could even spend Valentine's Day together!" Meadow said.
"Yea, maybe," Slade said knowing there wasn't a chance in hell that he would be spending Valentine's Day with her or any other woman. That was definitely not his style.........

Even though winter had hit LaQuest Beach early, he took her to the Botanical Gardens. She had always spoke of how much she loved it there. And he could not think of a more appropriate place.......
"I know it's cold out here. And I know that I'm about to go away for six months on this tour. But know that I will think of you every second that I am away from you. I think of you all the time. Never have I felt this way about anyone else. I love you Kayla Knowles and I want you to be my wife," Kenny said.

As she put the ring on and examined it from all angles, Kenny became self conscious about it's size. He had ran out that day to find the biggest one he could afford with the small advance they had gotten from Jake. What if she didn't like it?

"Oh, of course I'll marry you! I love you so much Kenny!" Kayla said.
And he was the happiest man in the world.......

"You have six months to plan a wedding," Kenny said.
"Six months! What the heck are you talking about?" Kayla exclaimed.
"I want to marry you when we come back for our break in February before we head out to Three Lakes in March," he said.
"You want to spend the first five months of our marriage apart?" Kayla asked.

"Of course not!. We get married in February. I head to Three Lakes in March and you finish out the school year. In May you won't have to work at the school and you can join me in Three Lakes," Kenny said.
"You've worked it all out huh?" Kayla said laughing.
"Haha, yes I have," he said.
"Well then. I only have one question for you," Kayla said.

"Are you ready for my mother to become your mother?"
"Oh Kayla, why did you have to remind me of that?" Kenny asked laughing.

Slade cornered Brian the next morning as they were waiting on the shuttle to take them to the airport.
"He's getting married? We get our first tour, getting flown to an island filled with beautiful women, and he gets engaged? What the hell is wrong with him?" Slade asked.
"Dude, the guy is in love," Brian said laughing.

"I don't see you running off getting engaged," Slade said.
"Yea well I'm not in love. You can't be all that surprised. This has been a long time coming. Besides, Kayla is a cool chick, I'm happy for them. You should be too," he said.
"I'm as happy for him as I could be anyone throwing away a bachelor's paradise," Slade said laughing.
"I can't wait until the high and mighty Slade Willis falls in love."
"Yea? Well that's going to be a mighty long wait my friend!"

Soon the shuttle arrived and the three were headed out to begin their journey together...................

They had been put up in one of the nicest hotels on the island. Slade could definitely get used  to this first class treatment!

They decided to explore a little of the island before they had to head in for sound check before their first concert. Kenny had to admit that while LaQuest had nice beaches, they really didn't compare to the castaway feel to Twikki Island.

Brian could only resist the call of the clear water for so long before he was stripping down to his board shorts and jumping in. The water was both warm and cool at the same time and he was so thankful that they had this great opportunity. They really owed so much to Jake.......

Slade and Kenny built a sand castle while they waited for Brian to finish his swim. Life was really amazing sometimes. Kenny couldn't wait to walk down the aisle and marry Kayla so she could enjoy his success as well. He couldn't ask for more..........

Slade didn't understand Kenny's rush to be tied down to one woman, but he wasn't going to worry about it. He was going to enjoy himself a few island women, go to Kenny's wedding and hit on any single relatives he had, and head out to Three Lakes to get him a mountain woman. There were way too many women in the world for him to settle with just one........

The venue where they would be throwing their concerts was pretty nice. Jake had even began distributing their Mellow Metal posters. They really were on their way to greatness.......

And if the money the island kids were throwing at them was any indication, they were also going to be fairly well off as well!

And rich and famous were two adjectives Slade did not mind being attached to his name!

* I know it's long but I just couldn't do a natural break. Plus, we're already going to see so much more of them before the round is over :)

* It's a small tour but I think it's pretty fitting for them just starting out. At least it is in sim world lol. The next time we hear from the guys will be during Kayla's update which is coming up.

* I'm excited about Kayla and Kenny's wedding. I hope to do a fairly big thing with a very rockstar theme :). I figured it was the perfect time for them to get hitched since they both wanted to and now could afford to do so.

* I love Slade's character :). I have a feeling that he and Meadow are going to do a number on each other lol.

* Mellow Metal will also be doing a concert with Apple Valley's Aerial Bionic during their break in February. So Kenny's life is about to become very hectic lol.

* I built this lot because I couldn't find an outdoor concert lot that I liked. Again, not the best but it served my purposes :)


  1. Aw, I'm so happy for Kenny and Kayla! I love that Kenny had already figured out a plan for them to be together while he's on tour. A rockstar theme sounds cool. I can't wait to see it! Your weddings with your Taylor Legacy were what inspired me to start doing big weddings in Sullivan.

    "I can't wait until the high and mighty Slade Willis falls in love."

    Oh, me either, Brian! That's going to be very interesting indeed!

  2. I wish I could go on tour with them, that;s amazing the advance they got and the accomadations as well. I am perhaps a bit more excited to see them with Aerial Bionic and perhaps even more excited to see the wedding :)

  3. Carla - Your weddings are always awesome so I'm glad I could inspire you! This wedding will be much like those in my Taylor legacy. Since Kayla's parents are so well off, it should be no problem to throw a big wedding. I won't be making a video like I did with the others though....just a regular post. I can't wait to see if and when and with who Slade falls in love. He's such a confirmed bachelor that it should be interesting to see who makes him settle down.....

    Apple Vally - I'm excited to have them open for Aerial Bionic. I plan to shoot it at Jacob's club so I'll have more control on the set up. It should be lots of fun :). I'm so excited for this wedding, I haven't done a big one in so long!

    Thanks for reading guys!


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