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Rockstar - Part I

Round 7 - March 2039 - Mellow Metal Update
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Kenny Coners, Brian Johnson, and Slade Willis are 24 (Kayla Coners is 24, Meadow Thayer is 18)

Cause we all just wanna be big rockstars, and live in hilltop houses, drivin' 15 cars
The girls come easy and the drugs come cheap, we'll all stay skinny cuz we just won't eat
And we'll hang out in the coolest bars, in the VIP with the movie stars
Every good gold digger's gonna wind up there, every Playboy Bunny with her bleach blonde hair
And well, hey, hey I wanna be a rockstar
Hey, hey, I wanna be a rockstar

"I can't believe you're leaving tomorrow! This really sucks, it seems like we got married yesterday," Kayla said.
"I know, I know. But June will be here before you know it. And we'll be together again. It'll be the honeymoon we haven't taken," he said.

"And we'll talk on the phone every day, we'll even video chat so you can see my sexy face," Kenny said laughing.
"Sexy face, huh? I know, it's just not the same as having you here. But I guess I have to get use to this huh?"
"Not really. Despite what Slade thinks, we're not all that popular yet," Kenny said laughing.
"So no constant touring?"
"Nah. Actually, Jake wants us in the studio after we finish with Three Lakes, so I imagine it being a while before we do this again," Kenny said.
"Is it wrong for me to be glad about that?" Kayla asked laughing.
"Not at all babe. Not at all."

The guys were heading out to Three Lakes the next day and Brian and Slade came over to talk about their show.
"Wait till you see this house, man. Slade has lost his mind!" Brian said.
"I can't believe he did it! It's insane," Kenny said.

They were referring to the $150,000 home Slade had purchased during their break. He invited Brian to come and stay with him so he would not have to pay rent in their apartment alone, but it was totally Slade's house. Brian and Kenny tried to talk their friend out of taking out such a large loan, but Slade wouldn't hear of it.

"You know that this is insane right? Do you have any idea how long it's going to take you to pay off this home? Why did you have to get such a big house?" Kenny asked.
"We're on this again? Look, I'm not like you and Brian. I'm not starting a family or getting married. So what am I saving up for? This house is what I've always wanted. And I can have it now. Our band is going to be very successful, so why not splurge a little?" Slade said.

"You feel like that today, but what if you change your mind?" Brian asked.
"I won't! Look, I know it's hard for you two to accept, but I'm not nor will I ever be looking to fall in love! It's not for me. Is it selfish? Maybe. But isn't it better to realize I don't really have anything to offer someone permanently than to pretend just to fit in with how everyone thinks I should be?" he asked.

"Calm down! I know it may seem like we're attacking you, but we're not. We just want to make sure you realize how big of a purchase this is. The house is great, I love staying there. But come on man, you have to admit, it's a pretty expensive house."
"So? Kenny has a new house!" Slade said.
"That his in-laws and parents bought! Look, if you like it, we love it. I just don't want to see you wind up in debt," Brian said.
"I won't. I got this."

Kenny and Brian decided not to bring it up anymore. They just hoped this didn't come back to bite Slade in the butt later on.......

Slade decided to have Meadow over to his house before leaving the next day. He considered the fact that she might be the kind to try to just "drop by" after finding out where he lived, but he would address that when it became an issue.

Brian had actully put his $20,000 in a savings account. He agreed to help Slade pay the utility bills while he lived with him, but he planned to get his own place once he had saved up enough money. Maybe a nice little house on the beach.......but nothing like this! He didn't need this big of a bachelor pad!

Meadow couldn't believe how beautiful Slade's house was! She could totally see herself living here with him. Mrs. Slade had a nice ring to it!

"This is a gorgeous house, Slade!" Meadow said.
"Well thanks. My band mates think it's too much," he said.
"Too much? It's great! I can't wait to see the inside!"
"Yea, I'll give you the tour. How about we jump in the sauna first?" he asked.
"Sauna? Hell yea!"

He had a sauna in his house. She didn't anyone else who had a freaking sauna in their house! She didn't care what it took, she was definitely going to become permanent in his life........definitely........

Brian was keeping a journal with details of their touring. He still couldn't believe they had met Aerial Bionic. He couldn't wait to get into the new studio Jake had bought to start working on a real album. It was going to be really great!

Kenny hated to leave Kayla the next morning, but he was excited to head to Three Lakes. Maybe she could actually get some painting done while he was gone.......they had stayed fairly.......busy, during his break so she hadn't really had the time!

He got to Slade's house and wasn't surprised to find that he and Brian weren't ready to go yet. He loved his friends, but they took longer to get ready than his wife!

Slade loved his new house. Yea, there were cheaper homes he could have bought, but he didn't want those homes. And even if it took him until he was 70 years old to pay off this house, he would never regret his decision to buy it.

Kenny walked into the living room to find Brian sitting down reading......and not dressed.
"Don't you think that maybe it's a good idea for you to go get ready? You know, before the shuttle gets here?" Kenny asked.
"I'm almost done. And I have plenty of time. You're the only one who likes to rush," Brian said laughing.
"Excuse me for wanting to be on time!"

Brian got dressed and came down stairs, running into Slade in the kitchen.
"So.......a pink, half buttoned shirt. You sure that's the look you want to go for?" Brian said laughing.
"What's wrong with my outfit?"
"Nothing, nothing. The guys are going to love it," he said still laughing.
"Screw you! I look good!"

Soon they were heading out to the airport. Slade could definitely get use to a life out on the road........

* Part II will be showing them at Three Lakes

* Slade and Brian had to move because once I moved Kenny in with Kayla, their apartment went wonky. I could totally see Slade going out buying this huge house to impress everyone, so I let him take out a loan to get it. It's a gorgeous house I found at Simsurbania.

* Brian really didn't have anything to spend his share of the tour money on so I figure he'd save up to get his own place. I have my eye on a nice little beach house for him.

* What are my plans for Mellow Metal? No idea. They all three are actually working in the music career so they do have income coming in regularly. I suppose I'll have them work on an album and put in some appearances around LaQuest Beach. After that, I'm not sure.

* I was hoping Kayla would get pregnant, but no such luck. It would be great. Maybe when I send her to Three Lakes to visit Kenny later in this round she'll get knocked up. *fingers crossed* :)


  1. LOL! Nice to know I'm not the only one that wishes pregnancies on my sims. The house is beautiful and exactly Slade's style of being over the top. I can't wait to see the future of Mellow Metal as well.

  2. Lol, the guys are so funny, especially Slade with his pink shirt xD
    And Brian is such a hunk! :D

  3. Oh I'm excited for Brian to have a nice little beach house of his own. I sort of wish I could have some affordable beach houses in my hood. I've built my beach area up as prime realestate, and each house is *very* expensive. The London's costs over 100,000 in game.

    I hope Kayla can get knocked up in Three Lakes. I think it'll be a lot for her to take care of the baby with Kenny touring, but it'd be a fun story. Too bad she can't go with him, be a groupie! That could be a lot of fun.

  4. Love Slade in his shiny pink shirt! ;)

    But he'd better watch out for Meadow! Who knows what she might do to become part of his life permanently. And I hope he's not getting in way over his head with that house loan.

  5. Wow, Slade's new house is amazing! Let's hope he won't have too much trouble paying it off.
    Meadow, Meadow, Meadow.. All's I'm going to say is good luck.;)
    Kayla better get knocked up soon!! Their babies are gonna be ADORABLE!
    Great update!:)

  6. Did Kayla and Kenny not try for a baby or did they try and were unsuccessful? I would love to see a baby from these two!

    And oh my gosh, what a house Slade bought! I hope he is able to pay it off and we don't see the bank repossessing it instead!

  7. You're making me wish I had a band in SimsVille as well! At the moment I don't have sims who would even think about starting a band, so no band in SimsVille :)

    Wow, that house is huge! It's nice though! I hope Slade will be able to pay it off, and doesn't get into problems because of it.

  8. Apple Valley - No you aren't alone! I think they are going to have some really awesome kids together :). As soon as I saw that house, I thought of Slade!

    Diana - Brian is a cutie but Kenny has always been my favorite :)

    Maisie - I have some really expensive beach homes but I also downloaded alot of affordable ones from modthesims. Kayla will be joining Kenny in Three Lakes for the rest of his tour and I'm thinking they'll get in the studio once they get back so now would be a great time for a little kiddo :)

    Shana - That outfit was in a group of outfits I downloaded and it made me think of Slade :). Yes, he needs to watch out for Meadow, she's definitely not one to be trusted!

    coolkat2 - Slade's house is really beautiful. It looked even better the way the creator decorated it but he uploaded it unfurnished. I hope I did it justice :) And their babies are going to be too cute!

    Carla - They tried and were unsuccessful :/. I think Slade will eventually pay it off, its just going to take quite a while. Hope he doesn't have any kids any time soon!

    Tanja - This is the first time I've played a band and I have to say its alot of fun! The guys are all good friends and they have such funny personalities. I'm sure you'll have some music inspired sims soon :). I have a feeling Slade's going to be involved in lots of trouble in the coming rounds lol. I definitely could see him becoming a "diva" lol


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