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 Round 7 - January 2039
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Kevin and Kinsley Knowles are 32, Ryan is 6, Ricki is 5

The pleasure's all mine 'cause we have seen
good times, It's our anniversary
Victoria won't be no secret at the end of the day
It's our anniversary, anniversary
Tony! Toni! Tone!

"Good morning Mrs. Knowles. Happy ten year anniversary baby," Kevin said.
"Same to you Mr. Knowles. I can't believe we've been married for ten years!"
"It doesn't seem like it's been that long does it? That just means we're doing something right. Time flies when you're having fun," Kevin said.
"I'm ready for my gift! The kids have been snickering for weeks, hinting that they knew what it was," she said.

"You've been pretty patient! I thought for sure you would have bribed them by now. But I guess I should give it to you now, huh?"
"Yes! I've been dying to know what it is!" she said.
"Well you know how the kids have been complaining about not having a yard to play in? And how you had to give up your sewing room when Ricki was born so that he and Ryan can have their own rooms?" he asked.

"I bought a house!"
"You bought a house? Oh my gosh, where?"
"It's on the beach, near my parents but not too close. There are 4 bedrooms and 2 baths and plenty of room for you to have your sewing machine and designs," he said.
"It has access to the beach? Oh, Kevin can we afford this? I mean I just took out a loan to open Escape and we need to be saving for the kids' college and......"
"AND I'm a doctor and your store is already a hit. We can afford this Kinsley. The kids deserve a place to play around. Now it's going to take us some years to pay it off, but we have time. Ryan is only 6!" he said.
"I can't believe you bought me a house!"
"Believe it. I love you Kinsley and I always want you to be happy," Kevin said.
"And all I got you was a watch," Kinsley said through tears.
"And I bet I"m going to love it."

The kids were glad their mom finally knew about the house so they could talk about it. They were going to have a yard! And a beach! Ryan couldn't wait to invite Connor over to check out their new home.

He still didn't get why his sister liked ballet so much. It seemed pretty silly to him. And his mom even told him that boys do ballet too! Gross! What boy would want to wear tights and dance around on his tip toes?

Kevin was really excited about moving. He didn't know if Kinsley would be happy about him buying a house without consulting her. But they had discussed their aspirations about one day being home owners and now that both of them were working nice paying jobs, he figured now was just a good of time as any. He was confident that they would be close to paying it off by the time Ryan got ready to start school. And he and Ricki were very smart so he was confident that they would recieve scholarships as well.

Kinsley knew Kevin was right. In the short amount of time that Escape had been open, Kinsley was already turning a profit. She would soon be able to hire another cashier and train August in sales. She hoped to eventually hire her as a manager while she opened another boutique in Camden Park. But that was years away..........

Her mother was super excited about them moving and wanted Kinsley to throw a house warming with everyone. Kinsley thought it was a great idea and was going to run it by Kevin. Ten years of marriage and she still loved him as much as she did when they were teens. No, much more than that.........

Ryan came home excited about his first A! Kinsley was so proud of him. She just hoped he kept his enthusiasm about school once he was a teenager.......

Kevin brought Joe Carr over after he left the hospital. It was the last time his boss would get a chance to see their apartment before the move. He knew that there would come a time when Ricki wouldn't even want to be seen with him, so he enjoyed coming home from work and having her jump in his arms.

As a reward for his hard work, Kinsley let Ryan play his game once he finished his homework. She had no idea that Joe was so into video games! He seemed more excited about it than Ryan was!

Soon it was moving day and they were all very excited. The kids couldn't believe they were going to live on the beach! It was going to be like going to their grandparents house everyday!

Kevin was proud that he had accomplished this on his own. He knew that his parents would have tried to help him out and he didn't want that. This was something he wanted to be able to give to Kinsley, a gift from only him. He finally felt successful.........

They decided to have their families over to help them celebrate the new house. Kevin could not think of a better way to celebrate ten years of marriage.........

Ryan decided to have his friend Connor Gray over. Ryan still thought Connor was an alien, but he didn't ask him about it anymore. He was really cool to hang out with and Ryan didn't want to ruin that.

That didn't stop him from wondering though. How cool would that be, having an alien for a friend? He could take Ryan to his planet and he could meet his alien parents.......maybe one day.......

Kevin was amazed at his parents' relationship. His mother was so snooty and uptight on her own, but his dad brought out her playful side. He could see why they had been together for so long, they complimented each other very nicely.

Kinsley couldn't believe Kayla was marrying a rockstar! Kayla didn't really see it that way since Kenny was doing his first tour. Mellow Metal were well on their way as far as Kinsley was concerned. Kayla's main concern was keeping her mother from completely taking over the planning process. Kinsley was honored that she had asked her and Kevin to be in the wedding. Kayla and Kenny were a great couple and Kinsley had no doubt they would be together for the long haul.

Ricki was sad that all the great snow they had gotten had melted. LaQuest Beach rarely saw actual snow during the winter. The kids didn't even get to make any snowmen before it melted away.

Donna was alot happier these days with Taesha, Gordon, and Lyria staying with them. Kinsley hadn't seen her mother this happy in quite a while. It really was a shame that her and DeJuan were unable to have any kids together.....

But she was an excellent grandmother. She listened patiently while Ricki went on and on about school and her friends and how happy she was to have the new house. She also told her about the room with mirrors and a ballet barr that her dad had built just for her.......

She played rock, scissors, paper with Ryan even though they all knew that once you started playing with him, he never wanted to quit! But Donna never complained. She loved being a grandmother.

Kali couldn't believe she would be starting high school this year. She was a little nervous that the work would be too hard for her. And she figured it would be weird with Kayla being her teacher......would she have to call her Ms. Knowles?

Kinsley had to scold Kevin for reading his medical books while the family was still there. This was a celebration, he could reading his boring books later. They were going to sit down and have a nice meal and just enjoy their new home.....the work day would be there soon enough.

Kevin was really happy for his sister. Kenny was a pretty good guy and while Kevin initally worried about his career choice, he could now see that Kenny would be able to provide for his sister and any kids they might have. He knew their mom was driving Kayla crazy, but he knew that once Kayla found out what their wedding gift was going to be, she would see that it was all worth it........

Kinsley didn't think her life could get any more perfect. A wonderful family, loving husband, and great kids......what more could a girl ask for?

* This really just came from me watching the Office and seeing the episode where Jim bought his parent's house as a present to Pam. Kevin is a doctor and I figured he should have a nice house instead of the apartment they had been renting since they got married.

* Ten seems like only yesterday they were teens and I was sending them out on their first date, how the time flies.

* They did in fact try for a baby, but unfortunately they were unsuccessful. Maybe next time......

* I really love this house for them, it's the perfect size. I almost had to move them because of a glitch. I just had them put all of their old furniture in their inventories so that they wouldn't have to buy new furniture but what ended up happening is that a custom bed was making them constantly reset. I would tell Kinsley to do something and she would jump and the action would be canceled. So I moved them out, selling all of their stuff and put them back in the empty house, problem solved. It must have come from putting the bed in the inventory because I have that bed in the Coners' house and have had no problems......go figure :)


  1. The new house is great and now I'm curious about Kayla's wedding present. How much longer until the wedding?

  2. Apple Valley - Kayla and Kenny are getting a big wedding present :). I'll post the Foster update and then the wedding! The wedding will be posted before the end of this week.

  3. Wow, I can't believe they've been married ten years already! It does seem like just yesterday that they were teens. Sims grow up so fast. *sniffle*

    I'm glad everyone is happy with their new home and that they're doing so well in their careers!

    I'm really excited to see the wedding and can't wait to find out what the wedding gift will be!

  4. Their home is amazing!! What a view, and yard, ahh! Lucky them! I absolutely adore the picture of Ricki jumping in his arms, aww.

    This is probably one of the best anniversary gifts, not sure how he'll ever top it again!

    I've heard beds can cause issues if stored in inventories, no idea why. Glad the glitch was easily fixed though, cause their new home is great. I agree it's about time they own some of their own property.

  5. Wow, 10 years! I can't believe that either! That's some anniversary present as well - nice work, Kevin! It's a fantastic looking house too.

    That picture of Kevin with Ricki in his arms is about the most adorable thing I've ever seen in my life. I haven't used that pose box yet.

  6. I love the house, it looks beautiful! What a great anniversary present!
    The pic of Ricki in Kevin's arms is adorable!!!! I sooo have to use that posebox, cause it really is cute.

    Great update! :)

  7. Shana - They did grow up very fast! It's amazing how fast, considering that playing in rounds actually slows down gameplay!

    Maisie - Haha, no I don't see how he could top this one.....maybe he'll do something else big after they've been married twenty years :). I definitely won't put anymore beds in inventories because I was terrified my game was corrupt!

    Carla - I'll have to check in game to see what posebox that was specifically. I got the posebox catalog located here:

    It's a PDF of almost all the poseboxes available. I wanted to find some nice poses for the wedding and I didn't have that many boxes in my game.

    Coolkat2 - I love their house too, I think it really fits them. See my response to Carla for more info on the posebox. It really is a cute pose :)

    Thanks so much for reading everyone!


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