Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I Can't Lie - Part I

Round 7 - March 2039 - LBU
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Caleb Henderson, Ricky Cormier, and Meadow Thayer are 18 (Ginger Newson, Kimberly Jackson, and Abigale Arnold are also 18)

I can't lie on my mind, stuck inside my head
I wanna feel your heart beat, for me instead, yeah
I just die so much inside, now that you're not there
I wanna feel your heart beat, like yesterday

"Why can't you just mind your own business? I have everything under control," Ricky said.
"All I'm saying is that Kimberly is a great girl. Meadow is not. Why mess up a good thing over her?"
"I'm not messing up anything! Ginger is a nice girl too," Ricky said.
"So? What's your point?" Caleb asked.
"How long are you going to dance around the issue? You know you want to be more than friends with her."
"That's crazy! And we're not talking about me, we're talking about you," Caleb said.
"Well when you're ready to talk about YOU, let me know."

Ricky didn't get Caleb. He was SO worried about Ricky's love life, he just forgot about his own! And it was obvious to everyone that he and Ginger had the hots for each other. Walking around pretending to be friends.......Ricky wasn't fooled and he wasn't taking any advice from a guy who couldn't even straighten his own mess out.......

Caleb decided to try another approach.
"What do you think you're doing?" he asked.
"Um, reading a book? What's with you?"
"You. Why are you playing with Ricky's head? We both know you only want him because someone else wants him now," he said.
"Correction: I want Slade Willis. I just need Ricky to help me out with my work. He can continue seeing that little tramp, I don't care. Everyone knows who really has his heart," Meadow said.
"You can be a bitch, you know that?" he asked.
"Baby, I take that as a compliment. I'm the queen bitch, and don't you forget it!"

She really didn't get why Caleb was so upset. It's not like Ricky wasn't getting anything out of the deal. She'd keep sleeping with him until Slade got back from his tour. Then she would shift all of her attention onto him. Who knew, maybe she wouldn't even have to finish college!

Caleb decided to meet Ginger for dinner that night. Ricky was wrong, he and Ginger were just friends. Really good friends........

He told her all about his troubles with Ricky and Meadow. He really wished she could just transfer to LBU. He could use another sane person around the dorms!

"You don't need me. You can handle Ricky and Meadow. And who knows? Maybe she'll actually trap Slade Willis and leave Ricky alone all together," Ginger said laughing as she stroked his hand. It felt nice. Maybe a bit too nice. Maybe he should pull back his hand.........

"Her trap Slade Willis? You've got to be kidding me! The guy is traveling all over the world, what would he want with her?" Caleb said laughing.
"You never know. Sometimes people who you would never have put together, get together."

"And speaking of togetherness, I had a pretty nice date recently."
"A date? You? Since when did you start dating?" Caleb asked.
"What? I can't date? Am I so hideous that you can't imagine guys liking me?"
"You know you're beautiful! You've just never mentioned dating before," he said.
"I am a girl Caleb. A straight girl. Who from time to time finds guys attractive," she said laughing.

"Well yeah, of course. So what, is he your boyfriend or something now?"
"We've only been out a few times. He actually attends LBU. He just takes a business course at BTU."
"Oh. Well that's nice. Hope he makes you happy," he said. And he meant it. And the butterflies in his stomach? Just a consequence of eating an omelet so late at night.............

The next day, Kimberly came by to see Ricky. She really was a nice girl. If Ricky wanted to settle down, which he most definitely did not want to do, he could see it being with her. But he really wasn't ready to give up his newfound sex appeal. Not for her or anyone else!

He did feel a little bad.......after all she was a really sweet girl. But he had made her no promises. And if she got her heart broken, he wouldn't be to blame.......he wouldn't.......definitely not.........

Caleb decided to take Ricky's advice. Not that silliness about Ginger, but about getting his own social life. So he asked out Tammi Carter, a girl from one of his classes. It had nothing to do with Ginger going out on dates and the butterflies that idea caused to flutter in his stomach. Nothing to do with that at all.

She was a nice girl, very easy going. She was cute and funny. She was great. Really........so why wasn't he feeling excited? Wasn't that how you were suppose to feel?

Tammi ended their date early so she could head to class and Caleb found himself faced with a very angry Ginger.
"Hey! What are you doing here?" he asked.
"What am I doing here? What are you doing here? On a date?" she asked with a sneer.
"Actually yea. What's your problem?"
"You! You're my problem!" she yelled.
"What the hell are you talking about, Ginger? What are you even doing here?"

"Look, I'm sorry. I'm being crazy, I'm just going to go," she said.
"What? Wait, tell me what's wrong!"
"Nothing.......everything! You're here on a date with that girl and I came here to meet Martin so I shouldn't even care, but I do and I know it's crazy because really who am I right? This is stupid, I'm just going to go back to BTU where I belong. Let's just call this temporary insanity, ok? No need to ever discuss it again," she said as she ran off.
What the hell was that?

Back at the dorms, it seemed that Ricky was about to run into some trouble with Meadow and Abigale.
"Hey you want to go grab something to eat?" Meadow asked.
"Uh yea sure," he said.
"But I thought you were going to help me with my assignment for class," Abigale said.
"Hey, I can do both. I'll go grab a bite with Meadow and then me and you can work on your assignment. All night long," Ricky said with a smile.
"Ok," Abigale said giggling.

How many of these little girls was Meadow going to have to get rid of? She couldn't wait until Slade got back and she could forget all about Ricky and the little harem he was building for himself.......

After changing clothes, she came out to find him still flirting with Abigale.
"You gonna get dressed or what?" she asked.
"Oh yea, guess I need to do that huh. I'll see you tonight babe," he said walking off.
Meadow had no idea why the sound of him calling Abigale "babe" made her want to vomit. And she was not going to think about it.

Caleb called Ginger later that night to talk about what happened between them. She, of course, didn't want to talk about it. What was happening to them? And what happened to the days when things were easier between them?

* Oh Caleb and Ginger. Even when they are on dates with other people, they still have wants for each other. I think I've given them enough time. Seems to me they really want to be together. They have NO bolts but can't leave each other alone!!

* They actually fell in love on their outing. Ginger just showed up on campus at LBU while Caleb was on his date and ran up and slapped him in the face lol. I figure she just lost it for a second :)

* I'm just going to let them be together. Normally I wouldn't because of their attraction, but Ginger is dating two guys who she has 2 bolts with and she still constantly rolls up wants for Caleb. Same deal with him. Sometimes the heart wants what the heart wants.

* Ricky and Meadow. These two are a riot to watch lol. Meadow didn't care that Ricky was flirting in front of her but she did ACR alot more with him after the fact! I don't know what's going to happen with these two or with Meadow and Slade once he gets back.....but I can't wait to see where it goes.

* Part II is much shorter, I promise lol. It's in Ginger's POV and at BTU. It looks like all my uni posts will have to be split in two because there's so much going on with these guys.


  1. I don't think Ginger and Caleb have to have attraction to be together. Many of my couples have very little or no attraction but roll wants for each other often.

    Oh Ricky... You can't be with two girls at the same evening without at least one of them being offended!

    I hope he won't break Kimberly's heart! He definitely would be the one to blame in that case, even if not in his head :P

  2. Flit - I usually like to match together sims who have at least two bolts, but I suppose I shouldn't interfere if they have different ideas :). They really love being with each other and I think that even if I forced them to be with other people, they'd end up right back together. So I guess it's better to avoid all that drama, my hood has plenty already!

    Ricky really is a good guy, though he doesn't seem like it now! I like to think that he's just so happy to finally be getting the attention Meadow denied him all those years. Not to mention he's got her chasing after him for a change! Kimberly could very well get her heart broken and yes, he will be to blame! Hopefully it won't come to that though :)

  3. Some couples don't care what Sim chemistry says, they just have to be together anyway. How funny that she ran up and slapped him in the face, lol!

    I'm worried that Kimberly will end up getting really hurt by what Ricky's doing right now. But Meadow needs to figure out if she really wants Ricky or not!

  4. I love Ginger, she's beautiful - I wish Caleb ends up with her! :)

  5. I agree, bolts don't matter as much in my hood. I take bolts as how (physically) attracted they are to their partner. Sometimes the personality and character blows the physical attraction out of the water :P It's odd that they have no bolts, but some of my sims have no bolts...until they flirt with each other and then BAAAMM!!! Three bolts!

  6. Caleb and Ginger have no bolts? Wow! It really does seem like they're telling you who they want to be with though, doesn't it? And you know, now that they're in love and all, it would just be cruel not to. ;)

    Can't wait to see what else happens with Meadow, and with Ricky and his "harem"!

  7. Ginger and Caleb are perfect together!! It's great that you're finally gonna let them be together. :)
    I have a three bolt couple who never roll any wants for eachother. It's kinda funny how the game works sometimes, isn't it?
    Great update!:)

  8. Shana - They've been friends for a while now so I figure that is what is giving their relationship so much depth. But they are my first sims with no attraction to behave like this! Kimberly could possibly get hurt, and I think Ricky would regret it later on down the road. But I'm staying out of it lol.

    Diana P. - Ginger is a great girl and her and Caleb would be a great couple......hopefully they'll get it together soon!

    Apple Valley - That makes a lot of sense! Caleb is attracted to red heads and charismatic people and Ginger is attracted to athletic and fit guys. Neither of them really fit the others turn ons but she's a taurus and he's a libra so they match up there. They've flirted, but it hasn't changed their bolts. I actually think I prefer this, its sweeter that if it were based on more than the physical :)

    Carla - Haha, it would be a bit cruel wouldn't it? Ricky is definitely building up a harem. Everywhere he goes, women are attracted to him. He does have the romance bonus so that doesn't help matters either! I really think Meadow likes Ricky more than she'll ever admit. She's actually a family sim, though she doesn't act like it!

    Coolkat2 - It's little quirks like that that make the game so much fun!

  9. Sometimes the Sim heart wants what the Sim heart wants. It's interesting that game wise they have no chemistry but can't help but want to be together.

    Ricky is gross but I can say that about a lot of college boys who realize they can have sex with anything that's willing.

  10. I think it's super sweet that Caleb and Ginger don't have bolts, but still really want to be together. They make a cute couple, and how cute were they coming to the realization that they liked one another?

    Meadow is trouble, trouble! I always pegged her as a trouble girl in my hood too. Every reinstall (back in the day) I always knocked up Meadow and put the baby up for adoption (to have one in the adoption pool). Cause she's adorable!

    As for Ricky, I hope he doesn't screw things up. :(

  11. HCove - Ricky is an average college guy lol. I'm hoping he'll settle down a little, but time will tell! Caleb and Ginger are my first couple to have these wants despite having no chemistry.

    Maisie - They really do make a cute couple and I think they would make beautiful babies, but I'm getting ahead of myself here :) Haha, I get the same vibe from Meadow, she is definitely trouble!!!! I made her a shorter sim in my game because for some reason I see her as a petite package of trouble :).

  12. Yes! I totally always thought of her as a tiny sim too!! How funny is that? I think it must be the cute little round face, cause Cara from Sullivan I believe has the same type of face, and she's small in Sullivan too. Love "petite package of trouble." It describes her perfectly!


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