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The Aerial Bionic/Mellow Metal Concert

Round 7 - February 2039 - The Hub
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Jacob was so happy with the turn out for his first major concert at his club. The guys were the opening number and he had actually gotten Aerial Bionic from Apple Valley to headline!

Slade, Kenny, and Brian were excited as well. This is was the first time they had ever shared the stage with another band, and they were honored that it was Aerial Bionic. They really felt like a success, really felt like this was their career. They couldn't wait to get to Three Lakes for the next part of their tour.

Kenny was excited about going, but he was also really going to miss Kayla. Somehow it seemed worse leaving her now. Before he was leaving his girlfriend behind, but now it was his wife.......but he just kept telling himself that she would be joining him at the end of made it a little easier.

Slade was excited to get to Three Lakes and see what kind of women lived there. He was surprised to see Meadow at the concert. He figured she would be pissed at him for not taking her out on Valentine's Day. But he didn't need her thinking they were a couple, and Valentine's Day was definitely not the day to take out a girl you were only interested in screwing!

Brian had been thinking about his life every since Kenny's wedding. No, he didn't want to get married, but he wouldn't mind getting serious with someone who could handle his lifestyle. He had met a really sweet girl on Twikki Island and had been having long phone conversations with her every since......who knew, maybe it would turn into something.........

Slade totally planned to take Meadow out before he left for Three Lakes. And her showing up to the concert meant he would probably even get lucky!

Meadow really felt Slade was an ass for ignoring her on Valentine's Day, but she couldn't help noticing how sexy he was......maybe she should give him another chance.....after all, if she eventually wore him down, it would all be worth it!

After their set, Kinsley told Slade how great she thought they did. While she came to support her brother, she was also a big fan of Aerial Bionic and couldn't wait for them to take the stage!

"These gentlemen really need no introduction, but put your hands together for Trevor Yates and Gareth Thayer, better known as Aerial Bionic!" Jacob said.

"Hello LaQuest Beach! We are Aerial Bionic and it is a pleasure to be here with you tonight!" Trevor said as Gareth began to play softly in the background.

Kenny, Brian, and Slade were fans of the band and quickly joined the rest of the audience to take in the show. Slade was impressed with Trevor's stage presence and metally stored away a few of his moves.

They performed most of the songs on their album Ursha, including "Explosive" which was definitely a crowd pleaser. Jacob was glad that the guys could see a more experienced band and take note of their stage presence and sound. It would really help them on the second leg of their tour.

Slade could definitely learn something from Trevor. There was an honesty in his performance, a sincerity that pulled the audience in. Slade was usually too busy trying to make eye contract with girls in the crowd to worry about how the audience as a whole perceived him.

Gareth was a very accomplished musician and Jacob hoped Kenny was taking note of his technique. Kenny was a wonderful guitarist, but there were times when his timing wasn't quite right. They were all getting better, and Jacob knew that it would take time for them to become the performers he knew they could be.

The crowd loved Aerial Bionic, and Jacob was so grateful that they agreed to stop through. It was overall a very successful night and Jake couldn't wait to see how much his club made on ticket sales!

He had Trevor and Gareth come up to his office after their set.
"I can't thank you guys enough for coming through! I know Camden Park isn't the most exciting area of LaQuest Beach, so I really appreciate it. The guys can learn alot from you two. That was really a great set," Jake said.

"It was no problem at all. Camden Park is a nice area, it reminds me of Apple Plains," Trevor said.
"At any rate, thanks alot. You guys really have talent," Jake said.
"Thanks. I think Mellow Metal's gonna do great. As long as they stay dedicated and work hard, they should really be able to go the distance."

Brian and Slade were waiting outside of Jake's office when Trevor and Gareth walked out.
"Thanks for letting us open for you man. It was really an honor," Brian said.
"No problem, you guys are really talented," Trevor said.

"Thanks! If you ever need an opening act when you're in Apple Valley, just let Jake know. We'd be glad to come help you guys out to return the favor!" he said.
"We will definitely keep you in mind," Trevor said.

"That was a great show man! We are so glad you guys let us open for you. It's the first time we've been asked to do that," Kenny said.
"It's cool, you guys did great too," Gareth said.

"You're the one who just got married right?" Gareth asked.
"Haha, yea that's me."
"How's that going for you? I always thought it would be pretty hard to juggle the group and a chick," Gareth said.
"Well we really only got married a few weeks ago. But it's great! And Kayla is a really cool girl. She's an artist, she paints, so she has her own stuff going on. She's not just sitting around waiting on me to come home. Plus, she teaches at the high school," Kenny said.
"Sounds like you have it all figured out. I wish you luck with that man," Gareth said.
"Thanks. Good luck on your tour, I know you guys will rock out wherever you go!"

* First I want to thank Apple Valley for lending me Aerial Bionic :). Hopefully I did them justice! I looked at their website and at some of their posts on the blog to try to get a feel for their characters.

* Also, to commemorate their visit to LaQuest Beach, I decided to take a group pic of both bands:

It was very cool to have sims from another hood come visit LaQuest Beach :). Trevor and Gareth are now on the empty lot where I make my townies and I've given them prisoner tags from simlogical that will keep them from showing up on community lots. Thanks again to Apple Valley!

* The guys will now be heading off to Three Lakes for 5 months. I'll do a little mini-update with them leaving and their first show. I built another performance area for Three Lakes like I did in Twikki Island. They may get one more update after that one showing when Kayla joins Kenny.


  1. That was a really interesting update! I can't wait for Mellow Metal's tour!!

  2. The concert was great and I agree Mellow Metal has to come to Apple Valley soon! I love the group photo and I bet Jake did bring in a lot of money from the concert. You make me miss my simmies so much, but I still am buried under school work, but I do see a light, so I'll be out soon.

  3. How fun! I'm so glad Mellow Metal are gaining some success. The show was awesome and it was cool to see Aerial Bionic in LQB as well.

    Looking forward to seeing a little more of the MM tour too!

  4. Great concert! It was awesome to see both bands together!

  5. This is soo fun!! I love that you borrowed them for a tour!! So cool, this made me miss concerts so much. Used to go every two months, and havent been in three years. I'd love to see these bands in concert, they look great.

    Great group photo at the end!

  6. Thanks for reading everyone!

    Apple Valley - I would love to see the guys in Apple Valley :). Jake did very well that night in deed! I just finished one of my last papers of the semester and am about to start on the other so I feel your pain about the schoolwork!

    Maisie - The last concert I went to was Paramore and No Doubt, I so need to go to another one soon too!


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