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Scandolous Scholastics

Round 7 - February 2039 - LaQuest Beach Public School
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Principal: Kip Henderson; Art Teacher: Kayla Coners; Grade 8: Christa Brown, Raven Vance; Grade 11: Raphael Jones, Jean Mahesh

Christa Brown knew high school was going to suck. She had no optimistic expectations upon boarding the school bus that morning. But she was also not expecting Raven Vance to be a total douche simply because they were now in high school. But looking back, she really should have seen it coming.........

"Are you completely out of your mind? Just in case you missed the sign outside, this is HIGH SCHOOL. We don't behave like this here," Mrs. Coners said.
"I was just playing around! It's not a big deal!" Raven said.
"I'm sorry, you must have thought I said preschool. This is a high school and you are going to act accordingly. Let's leave recess back at the elementary school shall we? Now if you're done "playing around" I would like to start today's lesson," she said.
It was in that moment that Christa knew she was going to love Mrs. Coners.

Christa wasn't really one for art, she preferred science, but Mrs. Coners made art sound so cool. She couldn't imagine what her dad would say if she said she wanted to become an artist. She was sure he wouldn't think it was prestigious enough. College could not come quick enough for her. She was definitely going to LBU. Anything to get away from home.

Kip was preparing the juniors for college entrance exams. Both Raphael and Jean would be graduating next year. They had very low enrollment this year, but while they were graduating, there would be 3 more students coming in next year. The enrollment would steadily increase over the next few years and Kip would really need another teacher.

Kip hoped to get another teacher as good as Kayla. While he knew that this was not her first choice in careers, she really was a wonderful teacher. The kids loved her. He figured it was because she was closer to their own age. At 46, he really could no longer understand what was going on with these kids now. Things were so different than when he was a child.

Christa wasn't really big on interacting with other people. It had been her experience they people were never completely honest. So what was the point of befriending someone when you didn't know their true intentions? After all, her and her brothers and mom were accessories for her dad. He put them on to show the people of LaQuest Beach what a big "family" man he was. If they only knew..........but Christa liked and respected Mrs. Coners. She just hoped she didn't end up disappointing her too.

She was learning how to make robots in one of her classes and she was really enjoying it. It was something she could actually see herself doing one day. Making freaking cool would that be?

Kayla was confused. She would have her trust fund soon and while her dream had always been to open her own art studio, she really did enjoy teaching. Some of the kids were really bright and talented and she enjoyed working with them. But she also loved to paint. She had no idea what she was going to do. She really wished Kenny was around to talk with her about it. She could talk to her parents, but her mother had always hated the idea of her having a studio. She really didn't know what to do..........

Kip was really interested in hiring another teacher soon. While they had low enrollment now, it was going to increase. And he wanted to be prepared when it happened. Who knew, maybe Caleb would graduate and come and teach with his dad!

* Raven is a little jerk! He kept trying to give noogies to everyone. I don't use anything to turn it off because it's usually not a problem!

* Christa really took to Kayla. She always seems a little sad.......or maybe she's just deep in thought. She's a knowledge sim so she's much more interested in learning than socializing with the other students.

* I have no idea what to do with Kayla. She turns 25 in August and the plan has always been to let her buy a building to sell her art once she got her trust fund. But she's a great teacher and I can see her doing that too. Maybe she could do both?

* We'll visit the high school one more time this round when Imani and Imara Coners and Kali Knowles turn to teens......seems like yesterday Terrence and Tabitha were FINALLY getting together, now their twin girls are getting ready to turn into teens!


  1. Ha, I'm glad Kayla told Raven off for the noogies. ;)

    Maybe she could do her art on the weekends if she loves teaching that much?

    It does seem like just yesterday that Tabitha and Terrence got together! I can't believe their girls are becoming teens!

  2. Aww, I could see Kayla being a good teacher as well. In RL, both studio and teaching would be hard due to the workload of a teacher, but in sims there are these nifty things called cheats and maxmotives.

    Maybe the studio could be her second act once she's a bit older...then again, seeing that she's an art teacher, perhaps she could open the studio and display her students' work, it could even become a community/charity project to give the kids exposure, raise scholarship money, etc...hmm, I might have to think about doing that in my game :P

  3. Shana - Raven is definitely a jerk, but Kayla watches out for her students! I can't believe it either, you would think time would pass by slowly with the way I play, but it really doesn't!

    Apple Valley - OMG I love that idea! She could sell her own art work and still help out the kids! Totally going to do that, thank you so much for the suggestion!

  4. Ha, go Kayla! I loved seeing her tell off Raven! I put the no autonomous noogies hack in my game way before Sullivan, because they drove me nuts!

    Poor Christa though...I feel bad that her father hasn't really given her the impression that she can trust anyone. I hope getting to know Kayla as a teacher will help her with that.

    That's an awesome idea AV has about the gallery! I can't wait to see how/if you get that going. :)

  5. Raven is such a jerk :P Can't he tell that Christa doesn't want noggies?

    I hope you'll let Kayla open the art gallery and still be a teacher, I love apple valley's idea :D

  6. Oh yaa Kayla! You tell him! Lol.
    I'm glad that Christa has finally found a friend. She always seems so sad, so I hope this will help some.
    I definately think that Kayla should do both. She's an excellent teacher, but I have a feeling she would do great with her own gallery. Plus, with Kenny being gone so much, she will have plenty to occupy herself with.
    Great update!

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  8. Wow Raven! But yay for Kayla!! Though noogies don't always need to be such a big deal... or maybe I'm more laid back.

    I like the idea of the studio! And hope she can do both things, maybe a studio for the weekends. There are plenty of galleries that are

  9. Carla - I think Kayla will be really good for Christa. I love AV's idea and will more than likely implement it.

    Flit - Raven is indeed a jerk lol. Maybe it's his stupid way of showing her he like her :)

    Coolkat2 - Kayla is a great teacher and I really want her to continue to do that, The gallery would keep her occupied while Kenny is gone and I think I'm really going to try letting her do both.

    Maisie - I like the weekend idea. She'll be able to have the best of both worlds that way. I'm definitely going to try letting her do both.


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