Friday, April 1, 2011

All I wanted was you - Part II

Round 7 - August 2038 - BTU
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Ginger Newson is 18

Think of me when you're out, when you're out there
I'll beg you nice on my knees
And when the world treats you way too fairly
Well, it's a shame I'm a dream

All I wanted was you
All I wanted was you

Ginger loved Brown Technical University. Sure, the campus really only consisted of one building. But in that building were the tools she need to earn her license to do hair in LaQuest Beach. She was excited to begin classes. She was also excited to have a place she could call her own. Her small townhouse wasn't much, but for the next four years it was all hers.

She met him during her first day of class. Martin Thomas. He was cute. He really was. So Ginger had no idea why she found herself noticing that he wore the same Hey Monday shirt that Caleb had on the last time she saw him. It always came back to Caleb. When would she learn? It was obvious that he wasn't interested in pursuing anything with her. She should just let it go. So when Martin asked her out on a date later in the week, she quickly said yes. Because how else was she to forget about Caleb Henderson?

That night, as she ate her salad alone, she wondered what Gavin and the kids were up to. She also wondered why it was that she dressed in all these dark colors. It was as if she was in mourning or something. She was surprised Martin even showed an interest in her, with her emo clothes. She decided she needed new clothes to go along with her new Caleb free attitude. 

There was a new store called Escape near her townhouse and she decided that was exactly what she escape........

So the tights were black. The rest of the outfit was as colorful as she felt comfortable being. And the blue fitted her skin tone nicely. It wasn't the colorful rainbow that a ditz like Meadow Thayer would wear, but Ginger liked it. And that was what mattered.......

It obviously was pretty attractive to the male species because Ginger was getting quite a bit of attention. Paker Martin was a very cute guy. Cute and buff. Ginger didn't really do buff. Or at least she didn't think she did......

But Parker was very charming. And Ginger found herself flirting with him. Maybe it was best that she and Caleb went to different schools. Because at least this way she could make herself give other guys a shot. Even if he was never too far from her mind.......

And she had a good time with Martin that night. He was bright and he was funny. He listened intently when she talked. And she was pissed that her stupid mind still kept slipping back to Caleb Henderson........

* I know Ginger's update was much shorter, but not a lot happens when you live all alone......

* The poor kid has it bad. Even when she was out on her date with Martin, she still wanted to call Caleb. No matter how many times her wants rolled this play session, at least one of them pertained to Caleb. I'm still hoping they end up together. Damn, I want to play match maker lol. But this makes for a much richer history if they do end up together.

* I show more of BTU in the next update, there were a few issues with the main lot and I had to make some adjustments once I had already sent Ginger home.


  1. It must be really hard not to play matchmaker, because these two would be adorable together. Maybe Caleb just needs a little boost?
    I'm glad Ginger's dating other guys though, it will make the story so much more interesting. Not everyone meets their prince charming right away, so neither should sims.
    Anywho, great update! :D

  2. "But this makes for a much richer history if they do end up together."

    I agree! If they end up together after all this, Ginger will surely appreciate it more. My favourite couples are the ones that had to "work for it".

  3. You're right, it's more interesting when they don't become joined at the hip instantly :)

  4. coolkat2 - It really is! But you're right some people take a little longer to find their special someone :)

    Carla - That's what I have to keep telling myself lol. But they just started uni so there is plenty of time for them to get together

    Apple Valley - Them being at two different schools helps a little. It's not as easy for them to hang out all the time that way.

    Thanks for reading :)


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