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Schoolyard Antics

Round 7 - October 2038 - LaQuest Beach Elementary

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Principal: Lorelai Ellison; Teacher: Taesha Foster; Kindergarten: Aiden Brown, Hayden Brown, Rainie Phillippine, Ryder Phillippine, Alex Gray, Ricki Knowles; 1st Grade: Connor Gray, Ryan Knowles, Garrett Newson, Georgia Newson; 2nd Grade: Javion Carr, Gabriella Newson; 4th Grade: Kayden Carr, Gallagher Newson; 6th Grade: Imani Coners, Imara Coners, Kali Knowles

Lorelai was so glad that she was able to FINALLY get another teacher to help her out at LBE. Their enrollment had doubled! Taesha Foster was a sweet girl and was eager to start teaching. Lorelai loved fresh out of college teachers, they were always so pumped. Until the kids sucked the life out of them that is........

The kids were actually pretty calm, which Lorelai appreciated a great deal. She was still a new mom and Kiara was running her and Jacob ragged when she was home.

She allowed the 4th-6th graders some time in the library. Instead of reading their assignments, everyone seemed enthralled with Gallagher's stories about his brother Gavin and the military. He claimed that Gavin single handedly kept peace in LaQuest Beach! Kayden really liked Gallagher, but sometimes his stories were just too much!

Taesha tried getting the kindergarteners settled down so she could have story time. Hayden Brown seemed to be the only one interested!

Javion Carr and Gabriella Newson worked on their painting in the art room. Javion was sure he could paint something better than what the students before him had painted!

Garrett and Georgia Newson shared some exciting gossip about their sister Ginger and her failed attempt to make hamburgers for them one night. Lorelai knew Ginger was off at school and figured this was simply a result of the twins missing her.

The Coners twins were also gossiping about their brother Kenny and his fiance Kayla Knowles. Gallagher thought it was cool that Imara and Imani's brother was in a band. Maybe he and Kayden should start their own band.......

While her sister was excited to attend the high school next year, Imara was terrified. She had just gotten comfortable here and wasn't ready to move on. But at least she would have Imani and Kali there with her. Maybe it wouldn't be too bad........

Since there were so many new students, they now had to go to lunch in shifts. While Lorelai was happy that LaQuest Beach was growing, she knew that soon they would need to expand to accomodate all of the new students.

She was also convinced that she would have to have an assembly on how it was impolite to gossip about people! Javion and Gabriella were talking about the poor cafeteria worker right in front of her!

Taesha thought it was cute that Hayden decided he wanted to eat his lunch with her. He was the only student in her class that actually listened during story time. She wondered how Lyria would act once she went to school. Javion Carr wondered why Ms. Foster wasn't teaching kindergarten when he was there!

But Javion liked Mrs. Ellison too. She was really nice and pretty. He liked that there were so many new students. Now he had more kids to talk to!

Most of the kids chose to play catch at recess. Ricki could see why her brother Ryan came home from school excited. School was fun!

Connor was feeling more comfortable around the other kids. He was worried that the new kids would ask him why he was green, but they didn't. He finally felt at ease. His visits with Mrs. Oros were really helping too. She helped him not feel so bad about being different.

Aidan Brown and Ryan Knowles decided to utilize the playground equipment during recess. Ryan could see all of Camden Park from the tower. He wished his parents would move out here. There were flowers and places to run. There weren't many places to run at their apartment complex.

Soon everyone was headed toward the buses so they could go home. Lorelai and Taesha hoped they would go home and do their homework assignments!

And Lorelai was finally able to get some of her paperwork done. She would definitely inquire about hiring new teachers at the next city council meeting. Because being both teacher and principal was becoming a bit too much!

* I didn't realize how many kids I had until I began enrolling them all at the school! And Imani, Imara, and Kali will move up to the high school this round but then Hunter Picaso, Ethan and Evan White, and Vanya de Muse will be coming in! So my schools are going to be pretty packed for now. Maybe no one will get pregnant this round lol

* The kids weren't flocking to Connor this time so I guess his appeal has worn off lol. I'm sure he's very relieved not to be stared at so much now :).

* I plan to build a second story to LBE and maybe hire a townie who is in the education career to work as another teacher. The high school is fine for now, but soon these kids will overpopulate it too lol

* I think it's so hilarious when the little kids stand around gossiping all day! They were constantly whispering stuff to one another :)

* We'll visit LBE one more time this round once the 2039-2040 school year starts. Each round contains 2 school years so I've decided to play the elementary and high schools twice. The kids will get more interaction with one another this way.

* I am SO far ahead of my posts lol. I've already played both Kayla and Kenny's wedding as well as the concert with Aerial Bionic! I'm dying to share them both, but in due time I guess lol


  1. "Gallagher thought it was cool that Imara and Imani's brother was in a band. Maybe he and Kayden should start their own band."

    Oh, how cute would that be? I wish kids could use more than just the piano, violin and synth.

    It's so nice to see Connor fitting in at school and being more comfortable with himself. I was worried about him.

    I love when the kids tell secrets - it's so realistic, because kids really do just do that all day if you let them!

  2. Ohhh, don't say that!!! I'm so curious about the wedding!!! I'm far ahead as well, so I try not to think about it and I have to check when writing comments what is public knowledge :)

  3. I can imagine how happy Lorelai is to get some help at that school with all those kids! I love when kids gossip too. It's so cute and they talk about some of the silliest things, lol.

  4. Carla - It would be great if kids could use other instruments! How cute would a little boy band be :). I was glad to see the kids ignoring Connor for a change. I think he's going to be fine, as long as Mayor Brown doesn't stir up trouble. All my kids were gossiping this time lol. It was really cute, albeit a bit rude :)

    Apple Valley - Haha I try not to think about it too much! You're write though, I have to be careful not to give spoilers too! But it's nice to be ahead. If something comes up, I'll still be able to post.

    Shana - The enrollment is crazy! And it's only going to get worse. No pregnacies so far this round so maybe I'll get a little break eventually :). It is funny to see what they gossip about. Who cares if Ginger burned some food?


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