Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Sweet Revenge.............

Round 6 - Fall 2037 - Mini Update - Vasadori
Gurth Vasan is 132, Tessa de Muse is 41

"Who the hell are you and where the hell am I?" Tessa asked.
"I'm Gurth Vasan and you, my dear Tessa, are in Vasadori, the elven realm," he said.
"I know what Vasadori is, my husband brought me here. Look, I don't want to be involved in this shit between you two. Leave me and my daughter out of your little feud. We have nothing to do with it," Tessa said.
"Oh Tessa, you have more to do with it than you can ever imagine..........."

It was at that moment that Tessa felt something come over her. She could barely breathe, could barely comprehend what was happening.........

She recognized the feeling. It was the same feeling she got right before she ran off and married Elvin. She could feel the real her slip away into a shell, into a murky pool of unclear feelings for a man she didn't know.......

Before she knew what was happening, the deed was done and she was snuggled up with the enemy of her husband, completely oblivious to what had truly happened........

"I can see why Elvin is so attached to you. I could become attached as well if I were to allow myself the pleasure. But I won't. You have served your purpose, Tessa de Muse," Gurth said.
"Served my purpose? What do you mean? Aren't we going to be together now? I love you Gurth, don't you love me?" Tessa asked.
"That damn love spell is simply too much......good thing you won't remember any of this............"

Suddenly, she had no idea where she was. Or who the strange looking man standing before her was.......or even who SHE was......who was she? And how had she gotten to this place?

"I........can you tell me who I am?" Tessa asked.
"It will all be explained to you I'm sure. Tell the one called Elvin de Muse that I will see him in 9 months to collect my heir................."

* Hope this isn't too crazy! After Lorelai's baby didn't have the elf ears, I got to thinking. Maybe Gurth really will have to father the heir to the throne  since he is the only one with actual royal blood. But I also knew that he wanted to stick it to Elvin something awful lol. So I decided to kill two birds with one stone. What better way to get back at Elvin than to knock up his wife while also erasing all memory of him and their life together? Should be interesting once Elvin figures it all out! I've never used the memory erase spell before but it took all of Tessa's relationships down  to zero and erased all of her memories........

* Baby Vasan/de Muse will be here Summer of 2038. What a way to end the round right? :)


  1. Holy Simoly! What a whopper! I didn't expect that at all!

  2. Wow. Wow. Definitely a shocker!

    So if Tessa and Gurth's baby doesn't have the elf ears, will it still get to be heir? Or will you just save and reload until you get a baby with elf ears?

  3. LOL Glad I could surprise you guys :)

    Carla - Tessa and Gurth's baby WILL be heir, so yes I will save and reload until I get a baby with the ears. Otherwise I think it will become too confusing lol, as if it isn't already confusing enough! I'm still working on Elvin's reaction to all of this, he is not happy, this much I know!

  4. OMG!!! What a doozy!

    I can't wait to see what happens with Tessa


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