Saturday, April 30, 2011

Rockstar - Part II

Round 7 - March 2039 - Mellow Metal Update
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Kenny Coners, Brian Johnson, and Slade Willis are 24

Cause we all just wanna be big rockstars, and live in hilltop houses, drivin' 15 cars
The girls come easy and the drugs come cheap, we'll all stay skinny cuz we just won't eat
And we'll hang out in the coolest bars, in the VIP with the movie stars
Every good gold digger's gonna wind up there, every Playboy Bunny with her bleach blonde hair
And well, hey, hey I wanna be a rockstar
Hey, hey, I wanna be a rockstar

Three Lakes was a gorgeous place and Kenny couldn't wait until Kayla joined them. They were once again put up in a very nice hotel. Kenny still couldn't believe how lucky they had been so far.

The staff here had been just as accomodating as they had been on Twikki Island. While Kenny enjoyed seeing new places, he would be glad when they were finally back at home to stay. He was excited to get in the studio with Jake.

They decided to get in a little sight seeing before their first show. Slade didn't think he would like Three Lakes, he wasn't much of an outdoorsy type guy. Unless a beach was involved. But it was pretty nice here. And the air actually smelled cleaner.

While Slade and Kenny chatted up some of the locals, Brian decided to try his hand at ax throwing.

As psycho as it sounded, he actually liked welding the ax. It made him feel powerful and in control. This was, of course, a thought he would keep to himself. He didn't need his bandmates trying to commit him!

Kenny had to admit that Brian was actually pretty good at it. None of them were too athletic so it was pretty impressive that he could almost hit the bullseye head on!

"If you're done throwing axes Charles Manson, how about I whip your butt in some log rolling?" Kenny asked.
"Log rolling? What do you know about log rolling?" Brian asked laughing.
"Just about as much as you do. But I can still beat you," Kenny said.
"You're on!"

"You're looking a little unstable there, Coners. You okay?" Brian said laughing.
"I'm fine! You just concentrate on not falling Johnson!"

"TIIIIIMMMMBBBERRR!" Brian yelled as Kenny fell into the cold water.

"That was totally lucky!" Kenny said.
""Whatever you say man. Whatever you say."

Slade didn't understand why Brian and Kenny wanted to splash around in some dirty water, but he opted to stay dry and flirt with a very cute tourist who claimed to be a huge fan of Mellow Metal. While Slade was sure she had never heard of their band, he didn't really care. Fan or not, she was cute. And really, wasn't that the most important thing?

The concert hall in Three Lakes wasn't as packed as it had been in Twikki Island, but they didn't care. If only 8 people showed up and they each told 2 friends about the great time they had, their popularity would spread fairly quickly.

They were definitely destined for greatness. And Slade planned to just sit back and enjoy the crazy, fun ride.

* That's pretty much it for Mellow Metal this round. I'll do one more mini update showing Kayla's vacation in Three Lakes with Kenny, but that won't include all the guys, just Kenny.

* Slade is such a diva already lol. Kenny and Brian had fun log rolling but all Slade wanted to do was flirt with the ladies lol. And he even got into a little argument with one of the guys there. I'm interested to see how fame affects each of them as they become more popular.


  1. Slade is quite the rockstar, he was born for this lifestyle. Perfect!

  2. Wow, only Slade would wear that shirt. Did you download that just for him?! Lol.
    The tour looks great. I'm sure they're will be alot more than 16 people at their concerts, once they finish off their album. I wish them luck!:)
    Great update!:)

  3. I don't think anyone else but Slade could wear that shirt, lol!

    These guys are so much fun to read about and I'm glad their tour is going well. I'm looking forward to seeing Kenny's reunion with Kayla as well. Those two are so sweet!

  4. This is so fun!! LOVE Slade's shirt, it fits him perfectly!!! I love that we get to see them on stage, and know them behind the scenes, so fun!

    I really like Brian, I figured he'd kick butt if he could axe throw, he could log roll too.

  5. Apple Valley - He was definitely born to do this! Kenny and Brian are approaching their success with a little more humilty than Slade :)

    Coolkat2 - Yep, I downloaded that outfit just for him :). I think it fits him perfectly! I'm glad the stages have looked ok, I'm not much of a builder so this was a bit out of my comfort zone.

    Carla - Slade is definitely the "diva" of the group and he alone could pull off that look! I'm glad you enjoy reading about them, I love playing them so much! It'll be hard to move on from them once I have to play everyone else lol. Kenny and Kayla really are toothachy sweet aren't they? :)

    Maisie - Brian is probably the most athletic out of the 3, although none of them are terribly athletic! I'm looking forward to continuing with them and seeing how they grow with their careers.


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