Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Wedding of Kenny Coners & Kayla Knowles

Round 7 - February 2039 - Coners/Knowles Wedding
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Kenny Coners and Kayla Knowles are 24

Extremely pic heavy!!!!!
Click on song link for best effect :)
These are the moments I thank God that I'm alive
And these are the moments I'll remember all my life
I've found all I've waited for
And I could not ask for more

Best Man & Maid of Honor - Brian Johnson, Tippy Dean

Slade Willis, Mindi Mason

Kevin & Kinsley Knowles

* I decided to just push this up instead of teasing everyone lol. The Foster update really has nothing to do with the wedding so I just switched them up! Hope it lives up to all the hype :)

* Hope it makes sense, I didn't see a need to put captions under every pic. I'm estatic with how this turned out and can't wait to do another big wedding like this. My computer only crashed once, which happened because I tried to seat all the guests before shooting the wedding party shots. Once I did the shots first then added the guests, everything went smoothly :)

* And of course Kenny and Kayla are going to need pics to hang on their walls:

Kinsley, Mindi, Kayla, and Tippy

Brian, Kenny, Slade, and Kevin

Terrence & Tabitha Coners, Kenny & Kayla Coners, Tanner & Keisha Knowles

Mr. & Mrs. Kenny Coners :)

* Also, because Tanner and Keisha have SO much money and even though they helped pay for the wedding I could see them also wanting to give a big wedding present, Kenny and Kayla are now the proud owners of a nice house in the warehouse district! Kenny's dad Terrence is an architect so he did the renovations on the old building. The house is a gift from both sets of parents:

It's not huge but it has two bedrooms and two baths with Kayla having an art room on the second floor and Kenny's office in the shed out back. Kayla's art gallery will also be in the warehouse district so it works out great! They are both family sims so I expect kids to come pretty soon.....but Kenny probably needs to finish his tour first :)

* Kenny will being opening for Aerial Bionic in concert before heading out to Three Lakes for the second part of his tour.

* Kayla's hair is still actually short, I just figured she got extensions for the big day :). Kenny comes from strong genes so I'm interested to see what their kids will look like. Even though he and Imara have different mothers, they both look quite a bit like Terrence so I figure Kenny's kids will look like him too.


  1. The wedding was beautiful! I LOVE all the dresses and the rose petals on the aisle.

    And that is an awesome wedding gift! I'm sure they can't wait to start their lives there.

    Congrats to the newlyweds! :)

  2. The wedding was amazing, I love the choice of colors and how it played up their personalities. The gift of a house is an amazing wedding present, I don't have too many wealthy sims in my hood that can do that and the only one I can think of, thier daughters have more than enough to purchase their own home.

  3. Great wedding gift! The house looks really good :)

    The dresses look great, especially on Mindi!

    May I wonder what is written on the roof of their house? :P

  4. Okay, I just have to say, I am in love with Kayla's dress! The whole wedding was so beautiful, and suited Kenny and Kayla perfectly. I'm glad to finally see these two finally get hitched.
    Wow! Nice wedding present! Not many people get that lucky!
    Anywho, great update! :)

  5. Gorgeous wedding!! And yes, extensions make perfect sense for a wedding day! Beautiful locks, without taking all the time to grow them in. The bridesmaid dresses are great, they look awesome on all the girls. The guys look handsome! Just great all around!

    Their new home is really sweet for a little newlywed couple, though if they start on that family right away, she won't get much use out of her art gallery. That's one thing I dislike about smaller, adorable homes, they tend to outgrow them quickly.

  6. Oh, this is so beautiful! I almost didn't recognise Kayla with her extensions but she looked gorgeous! You definitely didn't disappoint. ;) It was a wedding very fitting for a couple like Kenny and Kayla.

    And their new house looks awesome as well. That's a perfect wedding gift! I let some of my richer couples do that for their kids as well.

  7. Shana - I forgot where I got those petals, but they really added to the overall feel of the wedding. The house was a great present!

    Apple Valley - I was on the fence between red or black (I have a gorgeous dress that's white and black) but in the end the red looked the best on all the girls. Tanner and Keisha have a LOT of money but both Kayla and Kali still have to get their trust funds so that will make quite a dent in it too.

    Flit - Mindi really did look the best in the dress. It really looked nice with her skintone. No idea what is on the roof of their house lol. It's one of Nengi's warehouse lots and it was on there already. I left it because I felt it was something Kayla would really like lol

    coolkat2 - I really love Kayla's dress too, I was on the fence between that one and another, but in the end the red ribbon of that dress better matched the bridesmaid dresses.

    Maisie - Everyone I know that has had a wedding had all kinds of things done to their hair lol. Kayla's art gallery is separate from the extra bedroom so they would be ok with one child.....two may be a tight fit though!

    Carla - The hair screamed Kayla and it was a style she wore when she first went to college. I really love their little house, and I think it fits them really well. I don't see them moving, if neccessary I'll just have to add on to it.

    Thanks for reading everyone!

  8. Lovely wedding and what great parents to get them their first house.


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