Monday, January 30, 2012

Lost in you

Round 8 - April 2042
Elvin de Muse is 49, Tessa is 45, Vanya is 6, Arwen Vasan is 3

Somehow I found a way to get lost in you
Let me inside, let me get close to you
Change your mind, I'll get lost if you want me to
Somehow I found a way to get lost in you
Three Days Grace

"You can't just keeping popping in here unannounced Gurth! Arwen is your daughter but that doesn't give you the right to just show up whenever you feel like it," Tessa said.
"I apologized, I didn't mean to upset you, Tessa."
"Sure you didn't. Just don't do it anymore."

"Why are you so hostile towards me, Tessa de Muse? I thought we were past all that unpleasantness?" Gurth said.
"Well you thought wrong. I don't remember anything from my child hood, my parents, nothing! That is unforgivable!"
"I am sorry, truly I am. I let my anger at your husband and his family cloud my good judgment," he said.
"Aren't you dark elves known for your tempers?"

"Why is your mother being so mean today, angel?" Gurth asked Arwen.
"Because her father is a jackass. She's already different. Yesterday she knocked her bottle off her high chair and before I could pick it up, her eyes had a glow and it got cloudy outside."
"Ah, her powers are presenting themselves. I will need to work with her on control. Manipulating the weather is not even a fraction of what this amazing little girl will be capable of," Gurth said proudly.

"Can you teach her control? You know, with you being so out of control yourself?" Tessa asked.
"Arwen is my top priority. She will be queen one day, it is my responsibility to prepare her for that role. Do not question my motives towards my daughter. She is the only family I have left."
"I know what happened, I hate that you lost your family. But killing Elvin's family didn't bring your family back, did it? And kidnapping me didn't bring them back either. What was the point?" Tessa asked.
"You wouldn't understand. Maybe one day I will explain it to you."
"I won't hold my breath. I'll leave you to bond with her."
"Why don't we all bond together as a family?" Gurth asked.
"Because WE are not a family," Tessa said leaving the room.

"Not yet.......but we will be. Do not worry little one, you will have the family that was lost to me. I vow this to you..........."

Vanya did not understand what was going on. She knew that her dad wasn't Arwen's dad. She knew that Mr. Gurth was Arwen's dad. But she didn't understand it. The kids at school who had brothers or sisters had the same parents. Why didn't she and Arwen? And why was Arwen going to get to be queen? She had so many questions that no one would answer for her.........

Elvin knew that Vanya had questions. And he knew that he would have to answer them for her. It would be difficult to explain their tangled and twisted family life to her, but Vanya was quite advanced for her age.
"Vanya, come out of the water and get dressed. There's something that I would like to show you..............," Elvin said.

After getting dressed, Elvin transported them both to Vasadori.
"This is Esta Sinome. It is where we lay our loved ones when they pass on," Elvin said.
"So it's an elf graveyard?" Vanya asked.
"Something like that. Buried here are my mother and father, your grandparents, Veryan and Faelwen de Muse."
"What happened to them, Daddy?"

"That is a story for another time. It is quite complex," Elvin said.
"Why don't you like Arwen, Daddy?"
"Who said I don't like Arwen?"
"I can just never play with her or feed her or anything. Mommy does all that," Vanya said.
"I don't dislike Arwen.......Me and her father have........a bad history together. Arwen reminds me of that and I don't like it," Elvin said.
"But that's not her fault. I just want us to be a happy family."
"I want that too, mela en' coiamin. I promise to try harder, ok?"
"Ok. Daddy, will I be able to do cool stuff like you and Arwen?" she asked.
"What do you mean?"
"Sometimes when she's mad, she makes it cloudy outside."
"Does she have most certainly inherited some powers from me. We will also need to work on your Sindarin as well. Vasadori is a large part of who you are and you will need to know as much as you can about it," Elvin said.

"I love you, Daddy. Don't forget your promise. You gotta be nicer to Arwen."
"I won't forget, little one. For you, I would bring down the moon and stars.........."

"Well I should head out before Elvin comes in here frowning," Gurth said with a laugh.
"I think that is a good idea. I mean it, Gurth. Stop popping up without notice."
"I will do as you ask. I hope that you can forgive me one day, a'maelamin. I find that in this short time we have been acquainted, I care very deeply for you. It is something I did not expect to happen," he said.
"I find myself with the opposite problem. I despise you more as time goes by. Every time that I look at my wedding picture and can't remember. Every time I see my nieces but can't remember their birth. Or the birth of my first born. You have taken so much from me, how could I ever forgive that?" Tessa said.
"I do not know. But I will never stop trying to make it up to you..............."

"Why? There is nothing that you can do to change my mind! I will NEVER forgive you!" Tessa said as she watched him fade away.
"If this experience has taught me anything, Tessa de Muse, it is that one should never say never.........."

Tessa kept waiting for her life to be normal. She supposed it was time to give that up. Things would never be normal for her again..........

At least her marriage was doing better. She no longer felt like she was living with a stranger. She and Elvin were in a good place now. At least, as far as each other were concerned. She still had to work on his attitude towards Arwen........

But Arwen had faith that her father would not break a promise to her. She still had lots of questions about their family, but she knew that she would get her answers one day. Because if her father wouldn't tell her, she knew that Mr. Gurth would............

The next evening, Amanda Gray stopped by so that she and Tessa could catch up. The two women served as reality checks for each other. Between Tessa's elven husband and daughters and Amanda's alien son, they had a lot of issues that most women could not relate to.
"How......WHY are you having another baby?" Tessa asked.
"It wasn't exactly planned," Amanda said.
"I would just DIE. No more kids for me, no ma'am!"
"You don't want to try for a boy?" Amanda asked.
"And who would I have a boy with, hmmm? My half dark, half light elf husband or my evil dark elf baby daddy?" Tessa asked.
"Hmmmm.....yea, I see your point," Amanda said laughing.
"I couldn't possibly handle anymore craziness in my life. You know that this child will be a human. My kids aren't and never will be. I couldn't possible do that again," Tessa said.

"Congrats on the baby, Amanda," Elvin said.
"Oh, thanks. I was just talking to Tessa about you guys having another."
"While I would love to have a son, I don't think Tessa wants another child. I don't suppose I can blame her for feeling that way, considering," Elvin said. He still didn't know how comfortable he was with Amanda knowing as much as she did. But with her alien step-son, she had just as many secrets as they did.

He and Tessa decided that Vanya was old enough to have the pet she had always wanted. They bought her a little dog that she named Jax whom she adored. It was the first smile he had seen from his daughter in a while.

That night was the first night that he spent any amount of time with his step-daughter. He would not break his promise to Vanya. He would try........for her..........

Things were not over between him and Arwen's father. Not by a long shot. Gurth Vasan would pay for all that he had done........Elvin was a patient man, and he could wait it out for as long as it took for him to get his revenge......

* There was a sneak peek at one of the lots for Arwen's story. We will more than likely visit Esta Sinome again before then though.

* Tessa had Gurth related wants and vice versa. What does this mean? I haven't decided yet. Gurth's character is definitely a badass and he does want to right old wrongs while sticking it to Elvin. But I can also see him wanting to replace the family he lost. And because he's a dark elf, I can see him pursuing that in ways that nicer folks might not :). What's Tessa's role in that? She may not have one, I haven't gotten a feel for it yet. Since I've started the story already, regardless of what happens in game between now and then, it will all end up ending the way Arwen's story begins, if that makes any sense. That is, once Arwen moves to Vasadori, her time in LaQuest Beach essentially ends. And that ending will match the beginning of her story, regardless of what shenanigans they get into between now and then lol

* I realized while writing this that neither Arwen nor Vanya will ever get to meet their grandparents on either side of their family.........makes me a little sad :/

*  Vanya is going to be Tessa's twin, only she is much nicer than her mom lol. I'm excited to see how she develops.

* And this picture just made me laugh:

Starema loves that cat to death lol. If no one else cares about Neo, Starema definitely does :)


  1. Wow, I can see why those two women are buddies, you need someone to talk about all the craziness. Sometimes LQB seems so normal with rockstars and doctors, then I read about Elvin or Corbin and it reminds me that LQB is one strange place. You're missing a few creatures, but I don't doubt that I'll see those popping up soon. :P

    1. It is quite a strange place, isn't it? I don't think I'll incorporate the other creatures, it's hard enough trying to bring a sense of realism to the ones I have! But I do like that I can indulge my inner sci-fi geek as well as create complex real life scenarios. It makes it easier to write when I can appeal to all my interests.

  2. Right before Amanda entered, I was thinking how she and Tessa have in common. I can definitely understand why they've bonded, though I think Tessa's situation is dicier than Amanda's.

    Gurth saying he, Tessa and Arwen aren't a family "yet" is a bit concerning. He's more powerful than Elvin, isn't he? And if Elvin could cast a spell for Tessa to fall in love with him, then I dread what Gurth could possibly do or what he's planning.

    1. Yes, Amanda's situation is over for the most part but Tessa still has quite a bit to deal with. Gurth is definitely more powerful than Elvin. I'm glad you caught the "yet" part :). I'm trying to decide what Gurth's plan is myself lol. He's enchanted her once, I don't know if he would do it again. Besides, if he took Tessa from Elvin of her own freewill, that would be quite a blow.

  3. I feel for Tessa. Her whole situation is so messed up and it's just continuing with the girls. I hope that Arwen and Vanya can keep their relationship strong as they get older especially because they are destined for different things.


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