Saturday, April 23, 2011

Happy Birthday to Ya!

Round 7 - March 2039

Only two birthdays this time, and it's the Carr twins!

Layla Carr is the first of the Carr children to look more like Joe. She has his eyes, skin, and hair and her face is even shaped more like his.

Lauren Carr looks quite a bit like both of her older brothers when they were toddlers. She has Ariel's skin, hair, and eyes just like Kayden and Javion.

* I can't wait to see these girls grow up. If even one of them is like Ariel, she is in for some trouble!

* Lauren reminds me of Rumer Willis, Bruce Willis' daughter. While she looks like Demi, she has Bruce's face shape. Lauren looks like Ariel, but she got Joe's chin. If her brothers are any indication, she will grow into hers just as they did.


  1. "While she looks like Demi, she has Bruce's face shape. "

    Ha, my sister keeps telling me that Rumer looks like Demi and I just could not see it, until I read that. Now I see it, lol!

    Anyway, I'm a bit worried for all the boys in this town in 12 years or so. At least one of the girls is sure to have some of their mother's penchant for causing trouble in them!

  2. God, I hope that one of the girls become that diva you've been wanting.
    They are so cute by the way, although Lauren looks ALOT like her brothers!
    Happy Birthday Lauren and Layla!:)

  3. They're so cute!
    I've read couple of last posts and I really like the story - definitely following! Follow back? :)

  4. Carla - The first time I saw Rumer, I was like poor girl. Bruce's face shape isn't very becoming on a female! Yes, the boys should be concerned, these two are going to be something else!!!

    Coolkat2 - Lauren does look quite a bit like Javion and Kayden. I've got to age her up in bodyshop but I'm pretty sure it'll all just even out as she grows.

    Diana P - Thanks so much for reading, and I'll definitely check your blog out!


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