Friday, April 8, 2011

Brown Eyes - Part I

Round 7 - November 2038
Kayla Knowles, Tippy Dean, and Mindi Mason are 24 (Casey Addler is 24, Taesha Foster is 22, Kinsley Knowles is 32)

I know that he loves me 'cause it's obvious
I know that he loves me 'cause it's me he trusts
And he's missing me if he's not kissing me
And when he looks at me his brown eyes tell his soul

She was getting married in four months. Four months! Things were coming together nicely, but she was ready to kill her mother. She insisted on throwing this huge lavish wedding when she and Kenny wanted to keep it simple. She knew they should have just eloped.........

"Do you have any male relatives I haven't met? Because I think it's high time I got a little woohoo in my life," Mindi said.
"Ummmm, no I don't think so. Just my brother and he's happily married," Kayla said laughing.
"This isn't funny! I haven't met a decent guy since Brian broke up with me. And I don't want to show up to the wedding looking like a desperate loser!"

"Ugh, are we still talking about Brian? We're not past that yet?" Tippy said as she joined the conversation.
"That's easy for you to say! You'll have Casey there with you," Mindi said.
"I wouldn't care if he wasn't. It's not my wedding, it's Kayla's," Tippy said.
"Whatever Tippy. You just don't understand that....." Mindi started.
"Come on guys, enough! I need you guys to come with me to Escape when I get off. I've already picked out your gowns, you just need to be fitted. And maybe I'll actually find a wedding dress I like today," Kayla said.

"Look, I'm sorry Mindi. But it's just that you're stressing way too much about this. I guarantee you that Brian is unconcerned about seeing you. It's over. Just move on. And Kayla, I can't come tonight, I have a photoshoot. But I'll get by there asap to get fitted," Tippy said.
"I guess you're right. It's just going to suck to see all these happy couples at this wedding."
"Great, now that that's settled, I have to get out of here. I'll be glad when Christmas break gets here. These kids are driving me crazy. I'll be glad to get out of here tomorrow," Kayla said.
"You're just stressed about the wedding. It'll get better. I can't wait to get to the beach. Maybe I'll finally get a tan," Tippy said.

They were all flying out to Twikki Island tomorrow so that Kayla could see Kenny and make more plans for the wedding. Tippy just wanted to get away from all of this snow. It hadn't snowed like this in quite a while. She knew she was being a little hard on Mindi. But that's what she needed. Brian was so not worth all this drama. Anyway, Tippy had her own problems. Every since Kayla got engaged, she had been thinking about her and Casey. They hadn't even discussed getting married. She knew why. It was because of her attitude. Because she acted so tough, people thought she didn't want the same things that everyone else wanted. But Tippy wanted to get married too. Maybe even have a kid............

Taesha came by the apartment when Kayla got off to discuss her new teaching position. She was excited about it and Kayla remembered when she was the same way. But now she really wanted to open up her art gallery. Her 25th birthday was less than a year away and she had already picked out a space for it. All she had to do was get past this wedding without killing her mother..........

Once Mindi got off, they headed down to her sister-in-law's boutique to get Mindi fitted for her bridesmaid gown and try to find Kayla a dress.

"I've got the bridesmaid dresses ready. Are your friends here?" Kinsley asked.
"Mindi is but Tippy had to work so she'll be by later."
"I also pulled a few dresses for you to try on. I know you chose red and white for your colors."
"Yea I did. I'm looking for something a little less traditional, ya know? I mean Kenny is a muscian and I'm an artist and we don't really do traditional, much to my mother's dismay," Kayla said laughing.
"Yea, Keisha is going all out isn't she? She did the same thing to me and Kevin though. I think both of you will be happy with my picks," Kinsley said laughing.
"We'll see........."

Mindi had to admit that she looked pretty good in the dress Kayla had picked out! She knew it was petty, but she couldn't wait to see Brian's reaction once he saw her.......

"Heard you and Kenny are tying the knot. Congrats," Gordon said when Kayla ran into him.
"Thanks! You and Taesha are coming right?"
"Yep we'll be there. I knew you guys would go the distance," he said.
"Yea, it's pretty amazing. You and Taesha won't be far behind us will you?" Kayla asked.
"If her dad has anything to do with it we won't. I'm dying to marry her, but I want us to save up so we can have a nice ceremony. And move out," Gordon said laughing.
"I understand that. It'll all work out though."
"I sure hope so. Congrats again," he said.

The first dress she tried on was nice, but it didn't incorporate the red into it. Plus, it wasn't really her style. He mother would love it which automatically placed it in the "no way" pile!

She really liked the second dress, it was much more her style. The ribbons tying the corset in the back were more of a burgundy than red, but it was still a beautiful dress. In the end she decided on the third dress she tried on. She had her wedding dress. This was all really going to happen..........

Mindi couldn't wait to get away from all of this snow. Some fun in the sun was just what the doctor ordered......even if it meant she had to see Brian. She had done her best to avoid him, a difficult feat seeing as how they lived in the same apartment building!

"I love the dress, thank you so much!" Kayla said.
"No problem! And hey, don't let your mother get to you. This is YOUR day. You're making memories for you and Kenny, not Keisha. So just tolerate her nagging and then do what you want. You know, like you usually do," Kinsley said laughing.
"Will do!"

Kayla and Mindi were still out when Tippy got home, so she invited Casey over.
"You know I love you, right?" he asked.
"You better!" Tippy said laughing.
"Do you love me?"
"What kind of question is that? Of course I do. Just because I don't say it all the time, that doesn't mean that I don't feel it," she said.

"I know. And I love that about you. You bust my balls all the time, but I never have to guess at what you're thinking. You don't let me get away with stuff, you keep me in line. And I need that. I need you. So will you marry me?" Casey asked.

He had obviously been saving up because it was a gorgeous ring. Stunning. She couldn't believe he'd actually proposed!
"Well.........I guess since I'm madly in love with you and can't see myself with anyone else I should say yes. So yes, of course I'll marry you!"

Who would have thought that Tippy Dean would fall in love with Casey Addler. It was definitely one for the books. And she knew that this was only the beginning of a very exciting and crazy life for them.........

"We just saw Casey leaving. Getting in a little going away woohoo were we?" Kayla asked laughing.
"No. Actually I was too busy getting engaged for that!" Tippy exclaimed.

"Oh my gosh! Oh Tippy that's great! I can't believe it! You, married. This is definitely one for the books!" Kayla exclaimed.
"I was thinking the same thing! I was so surprised, we hadn't really talked about it but I wanted to. And then he just proposed out of no where!"

"Now we have two weddings to plan!"
"Not so fast there hun. We're going to take our time with this. Not all of us have rich parents to foot the bill," Tippy said.
"You want to borrow mine? That's so great Tippy! I'm really happy for you two. Come on, you have to see the wedding dress I picked out," Kayla said grabbing Tippy's hand.

Mindi was happy for her friends. She really was. Sure, she was the only one of them talking marriage and kids a few years ago and now both of them were engaged, but she wasn't bitter. What kind of bitch would that make her? She was happy for them......really..........

The next morning Kayla walked in the kitchen to make herself some breakfast before their flight and found Tippy doing dishes.
"Are you okay? Because I don't think I've ever seen you do dishes......." Kayla said.
"Are you calling me a slob?"
"No. You don't like dirt. You just expect everyone else to clean up for you," Kayla said laughing.
"Just for that, consider this my last time doing this," Tippy responded laughing.

Soon the shuttle arrived and they were headed off. Tippy kinda hated that she was leaving so soon after her engagement, but knew that she would be back in only a few days. Tippy Addler. It had a nice ring to it. Mindi was just ready to get away from here so that she could clear her head......

And Kayla was just ready to see Kenny. It had been two months since he left on tour and she was ready to see the man she loved.........

* I totally didn't plan for Tippy and Casey to get engaged, but they both had the want and I was like why not? This means that Casey will become playable because Tippy is now a playable character. So we'll get to follow their lives after this.

* This isn't good news for Mindi who is not a playable. I haven't decided if I'll just simply move Casey in with Tippy and Mindi once Kayla moves out or if I'll have Tippy and Casey get their own place. I'm excited to play them together. Updates that are completely about Tippy? Should be crazy fun :)

* I was so on the fence with Kayla's wedding dress. I really did like the second dress but I think the one I chose will go better with the theme. This wedding is going to be huge (Keisha wouldn't have it any other way) and I've been trying to get everything just right. It'll be the event of the season lol. Their wedding is set for February which is spring in my hood so it should be pretty nice.

* Kayla rolled the "go on vacation" ROS which worked out perfectly for me. Now she can visit Kenny and even attend one of his concerts.

* Part II will be on how their trip went. I'm so excited to marry these two. They both have plenty of family so it's going to be a nice turn out.

* And since this will probably be the last time we see these three ladies together, I decided to do a little portrait of them:

I didn't put much thought into their poses, but once I looked at them, they fit. Especially Tippy's lol.


  1. Poor Mindi...

    I usually ignore my university sims' engagement wants unless it makes sense because I've been having too many family sims since freetime and secondary aspiration and EVERYONE seem to roll them!

  2. I almost picked that first dress Kayla tried on for Josie!

    Anyway, Tippy and Casey getting married! I wasn't sure if I'd ever see that day! I do feel sorry for Mindi though - must be hard to watch all your friends move on right after you've been dumped. :(

    My Sims hardly ever roll engagement wants - they tend to move right into the marriage wants, lol. My Sims are totally serious about commitment, apparently!

  3. Yayyy! Tippy is my favorite character, so I can't wait for updates ONLY about her! Well, and Casey of course.
    Kayla and Kenny are absolutely adorable!! I can't wait to see them get hitched! <3
    And poor Mindy....:( I hope she finds someone soon, she really needs to get over Brian.
    Great update! :)

  4. Flit - They're all out of college now so I let them get engaged. Things are pretty hard for Minid now, but she's a strong girl :)

    Carla - It's a beautiful dress, but the one I picked fit Kayla a little better. I can't wait to play Tippy and Casey :). My sims usually will have the engagement want before the marriage want. Your sims are very commitment ready lol

    Coolkat2 - Tippy is one of my favorite characters too. It's going to be really cool to have updates on just her. And Casey too :). I think Mindi will be ok. She just needs a little time.

  5. I feel for Mindi. It's hard to be single and pining for your ex when your friends are making strides with their lives.

    I can't wait to see Kayla's wedding dress.

  6. I can't wait to see Tippy's wedding, it should be...spunky to say the least. I feel bad for Mindi as well, all the happy engaged couples surrounding her...not too much fun.

  7. Looking forward to Tippy's wedding!! I liked their last photo together, they're all growing up. It's always a little sad to me when roommates start marrying off, and this stage is over.


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