Sunday, April 10, 2011

Brown Eyes - Part II

Round 7 - November 2038
Kayla Knowles, Tippy Dean, and Mindi Mason are 24 (Kenny Coners, Brian Johnson, and Slade Willis are 24)

I know that he loves me 'cause its obvious
I know that he loves me 'cause it's me he trusts
And he's missing me when he's not kissing me
And when he looks at me his brown eyes tell his soul
Destiny's Child

Kayla, Tippy, and Mindi arrived at their hotel at Twikki Beach and Kayla's first impulse was to call Kenny. She knew the girls wanted to site see but why couldn't they do both at the same time?

After checking in she called Kenny to see what they were doing.
"Hey babe, we made it."
"Oh that's great I can't wait to see you. We're at the boardwalk killing some time, you guys should come down," Kenny said.
"The girls wanted to go site seeing so that works out perfectly. Tippy loves any place that gives her the opportunity to shop," Kayla said laughing.
"Great, see you in a few!"

"It's so good to see you! I've missed you," he said after they arrived at the boardwalk.
"I've missed you too. And mom is driving me crazy with all these wedding plans she has. She completely disregarded me saying I want to keep it simple," Kayla said.
"You know how your mom is. It's going to be ok."

"What if we just elope? Better yet, let's just get married on the island! All of our friends are here, it'll be great," she said.
"But what about our families? Do you think your dad would forgive you for taking away his opportunity to give you away? Or Kali not getting to wear her dress? Not to mention how Tabitha and my dad would kill me!" Kenny said.
"Fine. Maybe we can hire someone to kidnap my mom? She's gone insane, Kenny! The guest list is ridiculous, she book the church without asking me if that's where I wanted to get married. She's a woman possessed!"

"Honey, your mother just wants it to be perfect. Look at it this way: we'll have a gorgeous wedding with everyone we love around. They're helping with the expenses which leaves more money for us to put down on that house in the warehouse district. Soon it'll all be over and you'll be my wife. Isn't that the most important thing?" he asked.
"Yea, you're right. It is."

Tippy was determined to get a tan this time! No way was she going to her friend's wedding looking like a ghost!

Brian decided it was time he talked to Mindi. They would both be in the wedding and he didn't want to be the one to ruin Kenny and Kayla's day.......

"So how have you been?" he asked.
"Good, you?"
"Great. The tour has been great so far, things are really coming together," he said.
"Well that's wonderful. Tippy's getting married," she blurted out.
"Really? Damn, I was hoping Casey would come to his senses," Brian said laughing.
"I guess he decided he wanted to spend his life with her. People do that when they're in love," she said.
"Let's not do this, Mindi. I never said I never wanted to get married. I just wasn't ready when you were."
"And now?"
"Now I'm starting to really have success with my band and that's where my concentration is. And before you say it, yes I know Kenny isn't doing that. But I'm not Kenny."
"I see you still have your fan club. I'll let you get to it," Mindi said walking off.

As Brian listened to the teen talk to him about how much he loved Mellow Metal, he wondered if he and Mindi would ever be able to be friends. He thought he was doing her a favor, thought being honest was best. He was convinced that women didn't know what the hell they wanted..........

It was amazing. She had known Kenny since high school and never would have imagined them getting married. Now she couldn't imagine her life without him. Life sure was funny sometimes......

After hours out in the sun, Tippy finally had her tan and couldn't wait to show it off! No more ghost skin for her!

"The guest list is ridiculous! So far there's my mom and dad and Kali, Tabitha, your dad and the twins, Brian's parents, Taesha and Gordon and their daughter, and Ricki and Ryan. And that's not even including the wedding party!" Kayla said.
"It's alot of people, but they're all people who love us and want to help us celebrate. It's going to be ok Kayla."

"It's going to be a great day. The beginning of hundreds of great days," Kenny said.
"How are you able to calm me down so fast?"

"Because it's my job. And I take my job very seriously," he said laughing.
"I love you."
"Love you too. We have to get ready for the sound check. You guys are coming tonight right?"
"Of course! See you then."

Tippy wanted to go check out some of the other sites before heading over to the guy's concert that night. She really wished she had brought Casey with her.......

That night, the girls headed down to see Mellow Metal in concert. They arrived a bit early and were able to see the guys go through sound check. Kayla was so proud of Kenny! And Mindi was feeling a bit bitter towards Brian........

"You look so groupie like with your Mellow Metal shirt on," Tippy said.
"Whatever! We're all here before the concert starts, so we're all groupies," Kayla said laughing.
"Well I'm definitely not a groupie!" Mindi said.

"Mindi, I'm going to tell you something you probably don't want to hear," Tippy said.
"Tippy........" Kayla started.
"No, she needs to hear this. You're 24 years old. Your life is not over just because Brian Johnson broke up with you. I haven't seen you try to talk to one guy today! And there's plenty of hot guys around! Look, I know it must be hard for you, with me and Kayla being engaged. But did you wonder how we, who never spoke about marriage and kids, got here before you, who talked about it nonstop all the time?" Tippy asked.
"I don't want to hear this," Mindi said.
"No choice. You want it too much. Enjoy your life, let the guy come to you. And when you're least expecting it, you'll get proposed to in the bedroom of one of your room mates," Tippy said laughing.
"I've been meaning to ask you what you and Casey were doing in my room," Kayla said.
"Easy. Looking at art," Tippy said laughing.

During sound check one of the island girls came on stage and stared down at Brian. She was kinda cute and Brian decided to get her number and take her out later. He felt bad about the situation with Mindi, but it was time that they both moved on.......

Soon the concerted started and slowly people from the island began to show up. Brian let HER stay on stage and it was eating Mindi alive. Maybe Tippy was right, maybe it was time to just let it go.......

Later Kenny pulled Kayla up on stage as well. He had really missed her while he had been away. He didn't know how he was going to balance his marriage and his career, but he knew he would find that balance eventually..........until then, he planned to enjoy both Kayla and Mellow Metal......

After the concert was over, the six friends decided to start a bonfire down by the water. They had been through alot together, but through it all they all remained close. And Kayla hoped it always stayed that way.

Brian hoped so as well. He knew that Mindi would eventually get over him and move on. And that was okay with him. He loved her, always would, and he genuwinely wanted happiness for her. He just didn't think he was the one to give it to her..........

Before they knew it, their vacation was over and it was time to head back to LaQuest Beach. Each girl was taking back something with them..........

Kayla knew that no matter how much her mother bugged her, it didn't matter. She just wanted to be married to Kenny, she'd leave the rest up to her mom. Tippy was finally able to achieve the tan she always wanted, without any sunburn! And Mindi realized that things were over between her and Brian. And that was ok...........

* I imagine Keisha running poor Kayla ragged with wedding plans :). I can see her trying to get everything just right for Kayla's big day, and the two of them bumping heads the entire way lol

* Tippy has a tan! I really didn't know if she could tan since she has a custom skin, but surprisingly she can!

* Mindi and Brian.........Mindi had the want to fall in love with Brian up until the last shot. So I think she's finally ready to move on. She's a family sim so she definitely has babies on the brain! Brian on the other hand is a pleasure sim and just wants to play his drum lol. I can see him and Slade being content to travel with the band for a much longer time period than Kenny

* I've set up the location for the wedding and am checking everyone's formal wear who are going to attend to make sure no one shows up looking crazy! I expect the wedding update to be very pic heavy so you've been warned :). I haven't been this excited about a wedding since Kevin and Kinsley got married :)

* You may or may not have noticed the girls staying in a different hotel by the end. The reason is that while they were at home, I used the weather changer from simwardrobe to make it snow because I rarely get to see it snow anymore. I didn't realize that it would snow wherever the girls went! Imagine my surprise when they pulled up at the first hotel and it began to snow shortly after I took that first pic! Twikki Island definitely does not need snow!!! So I had to send them back home and turn the force snow feature off on the weather changer. I sent them to a different hotel when I sent them back in case snow was still on the ground at the first one lol


  1. Here's to a new beginning for Mindi. It's hard to let go sometimes.

    Kenny and Kayla seems to be really in love. I wish them the best.

  2. I'm glad Tippy talked some sense into Mindi, can't wait for the wedding.

  3. What do parents have with big weddings? My sister is going through the same thing with my dad :D

    I'm crossing my fingers for Mindi to get a perfect little family of her own :)

    I hate that tan overlay. It makes all my pale sims look grey...

  4. I thought Tippy was going to end up sunburnt at first. Those would have been some memorable wedding pictures, lol!

    I'm glad Mindi is finally ready to let go of Brian. Hopefully, she'll find someone more suited to her one day.

    I can't wait to see the wedding!

  5. HCove - Mindi is a pretty tough girl, she'll be fine. Maybe this will make her appreciate whoever she does end up with that much more

    Apple Valley - Tippy is definitely the person not afraid to say the tough things! Just a few more updates until the wedding :)

    Flit - I think parents just want to make their kid's wedding day something to be remembered. Your poor sister lol. I'm sure your dad means well :)

    Carla - A sunburned Tippy would have been hilarious. She probably wouldn't have wanted pics taken of her! I'm going to let Mindi stay with Tippy for a while longer in an effort to allow her to find her guy before she joins the land of the NPCs :)

    Thanks for reading everyone :)

  6. Ha, I thought Tippy would have gotten sunburned too! I had a sunburn at my cousin's wedding two years ago and you can definitely tell in the photos since she chose strapless bridesmaid dresses, lol.

    I hope Kayla and Kenny make it through the wedding without going crazy. Once it's over they can enjoy their lives together!

    As hard as the truth is, Tippy is right and Mindi does need to move on. She needs to let herself get back out there and find someone who really is right for her.

  7. God Mindi... Please, MOVE ON! She could get any guy she wanted, if she tried, and she's still fretting about Brian. I hope she's finally moved on.
    I say this in almost every update, but Kenny and Kayla are sooo cute together! I am Soo excited for their wedding!
    Great update!:)

  8. Good luck finding someone to kidnap her mom! Funny on her going crazy over the wedding plans, it's kind of sweet. Maybe more so if it's not your own mother doing it. ;)

    I was surprised to see Tippy tan! I didn't know if she could ether, and if she could, I didn't know how it would look. She looks great with a tan, I can see her being one to keep a tan, and the maintenance involved with that.

    I'm glad Mindi is moving on, I agree that Slade and Brian seem to be the type to just love the band life, and not really look to settle anytime soon. The band looks great, btw. Loved the concert! The lighting was perfect, and looked like a fun time.


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