Wednesday, April 27, 2011

I Can't Lie Part II

Round 7 - March 2039 - BTU
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Ginger Newson is 18 (Caleb Henderson is 18)

I can't lie on my mind, stuck inside my head
I wanna feel your heart beat, for me instead, yeah
I just die so much inside, now that you're not there
I wanna feel your heart beat, like yesterday
Maroon 5

She was a basket case. There was no other way to look at it. How could she run up yelling at Caleb about going out on a date, when she was dating two guys? In her mind, she felt justified. Martin and Parker were simply distractions, Caleb was It wasn't to forget her, he held no memories or lingering feelings. She knew he wasn't going to let it go, knew they would have to talk about it.

She loved her townhouse, loved living in the city. She even almost had a view of the water. But she felt she was missing out on a real college experience. Caleb hated dealing with all the mess going on between Ricky and Meadow, but Ginger kinda wished she could be there for it. Besides, they were adults. She was trying to get Caleb to see that he didn't need to watch out for them. Some people just needed to learn the hard her........

She had been hanging out a lot with Martin. He was so nice. She felt bad about not having stronger feelings for him. It wasn't his fault that she was hopelessly in love with her best friend.....

But maybe if she kept seeing Martin and Parker she would eventually fall for one of them. It was a selfish thing to do and one of them would end up getting hurt, but she was out of options. She had to do something before she lost her best friend. She couldn't stand to lose Caleb.......

She went out with Parker the next day.
"Why did you pick this place? Isn't this where people get married?" Ginger asked.
"Yes it is. But it also has a very nice restaurant as well. And you can't beat the view of the ocean. You don't like it?" he asked.
"No, no I do. It's just weird. I feel like we should be getting married or something. And I feel under dressed," she said laughing.
"Well, I don't know you well enough now, but who knows? Maybe we'll end up getting married here," he said with a smile. Ginger's stomach dropped down to her knees.......

It was then that she realized she couldn't continue to do this. Parker and Martin were two really wonderful guys who deserved someone with a heart to give. Hers had been stolen a long time ago......

So she kissed him one last time.........

And told him she would call him later. And she would......but he wouldn't like what she had to say. Was she a chicken? No doubt! But she wasn't brave enough to do it in person.....

As she was getting into her cab, she noticed for the first time that Ricky and Meadow were also at Paradise Cove. Neither of them looked happy and Ginger couldn't even imagine what was going on with those two now.

It wasn't long before Caleb came by to talk about what happened between them.
"Are you ok? I've never seen you so mad!" he said.
"Oh, I'm fine," she said smiling.
"You sure didn't seem fine. Why can't you just talk to me, Ginny?"
"Nothing to talk about," she said leaving his embrace.

"Ginger, what's doing on?"
"Why can't you just leave it alone? I said I'm fine, what more do you want?"
"How about the truth? We used to talk about everything. What happened?" he asked.
"It's just better this way. Please can we just drop it?"
"No! We need to talk about it now, before it becomes a bigger problem," Caleb said.

"We're friends right?" she asked.
"Of course!"
"Best friends?"
"Yes! Are you going somewhere with this?"
"I love you."
"I love you too, Ginny. That's why I want to know what's wrong," he said.
"No, you don't get it. I love you. Or rather, I'm IN love with you. So you see, there's nothing that can be done. You can't fix this, can't tell me that you feel the same because I know you don't. So there it is," she said leaving the ball in his court.

She was in love with him. And as she sat facing forward, waiting on a response, he didn't know what to say. His best friend was in love with him. What the hell was he to do about it?

* These two are just ridiculous. Completely in love and scared witless about it. As soon as Ginger ended her date, this was what her wants looked like:

Poor Parker hadn't even left the lot and she was already thinking about Caleb. I can see Caleb being scared and not wanting to mess up things between them. I guess we'll see what happens in their next update :)

* So I JUST realized that you can enlarge the lot view and see more buildings. I can even see across the water when I play one of the beach lots! Had no idea I could do that but I"m excited about more background for my pics. I'd always left the lot view on medium but my laptop can handle large now :)


  1. Aghh! You mean I have to wait until thier next update to find out what happens!!! You're killing me here with the cliffhanger.

  2. Oh, gosh, what will he say to that?! :D
    I want them together, but I feel sorry for Parker and Martin, poor guys...

  3. If Caleb is having trouble deciding what to do about it, I can help him out! He needs to admit he's in love with her too and be done with it, lol! Put poor Ginger out of her misery!

    I'm very invested in Caleb and Ginger, as you may have guessed. ;)

  4. Ahh cliff hanger! I wonder what his response is, and how he handles this! I hope their friendship can stand whatever happens from here on out.

    Your background looks gorgeous! She has a great looking townhouse to boot, I can see why it'd be hard to want to leave that.

  5. Ugghhh... You better update soon!! I want to know what happens to them. I wonder how Caleb's going to react..;)
    Poor guys, I feel so bad for them. I hope that one day they will find someone (maybe a playable?!) special. :)
    Great update!:)

  6. Apple Valley - Unfortunately yes you do have to wait lol. But I play uni 4 times a round so they still have 2 more updates for this round :)

    Diana P. - Parker and Martin are kinda casualties in all of this aren't they? It's unfortunate, but I'm sure they'll find someone else eventually :/

    Carla - Haha, I can see you're invested! Caleb really does need to stand up and tell her he feels the same way. Their relationship is forever changed after this, no matter what he does decide to do.

    Maisie - Their friendship will defintely change, hopefully for the better. The background looks alot better with the lot view enlarged, it feels like a real city now :)

    coolkat2 - You're going to have to wait a little while to find out :). Their next update isn't until September! Parker and Martin are very good looking guys so I'm sure some lucky girl will snatch them up soon :)

    Thanks so much for your comments!

  7. Come on, Caleb, tell the girl how you feel! She's already broken the ice and taken the first step, all he has to do is admit his own feelings and maybe then they'll be the ones getting married at the nice place Parker took her to on their date. ;)


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