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Nine in the Afternoon

Round 8 - September 2040
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Kenny & Kayla Coners are 26, Liam is 7 months ( Brian Johnson, Slade Willis, and Mindi Mason are 26, Keisha Knowles is 52, Tabitha Coners is 50)

Cause it's nine in the afternoon
And your eyes are the size of the moon
You could cause you can so you do
We're feeling so good, just the way that we do
When it's nine in the afternoon
Panic! At The Disco

"You ready for one of those?" Kenny asked.
"Hell no. Why does everyone keep asking me that?"
"Because the kid is coming whether you're ready or not Slade. And if you're the dad, you know we're going to ride your ass about it until you do the right thing," Kenny said.
"IF the kid is mine. I'm still not convinced."
"It just sounds to me like you're in denial, man," Kenny said.

It wasn't like he hated kids. He thought Liam was adorable sleeping in his little seat. But Slade never wanted any of his own. He'd never admit it aloud, but he was terrified. Babies were so dependent and he just didn't think he had what it takes to have someone depend on him like that. He truly didn't know if the baby was his........but he was honestly and truly terrified.

"Hey I know it's scary......" Kenny began.
"Who said I'm scared? I just don't like having my lifestyle changed," Slade said.
"Whatever. My point is that you have to suck it up. You're going to be a dad man. You see that little boy there? He's my world now. I could never play another note, and I would be completely okay with it. The way he looks when I walk into the's more amazing than even going out on better feeling," Kenny said.
"Why is it so hard for everyone to understand that I don't want any of this? This isn't the path for me. And I'm sick and tired of being made to feel that I'm a bad guy because of that," Slade said.
"That's not my purpose. I just want you to do the right thing," Kenny said.
"I am. By my definition, not by yours," he said.

Brian still wasn't quite ready to get married or have one of his own, but he had to admit that Liam was cute. He truly hoped that Slade stood up and was the man that he knew he was. If Mindi had ever gotten pregnant, he would have been right there, front and center. Mindi........he had been thinking about her a lot lately..........

Kayla was trying to finish up some art pieces for her gallery. She had taken her trust fund and bought a small old warehouse building that was being renovated. She was excited about finally being able to have her gallery, but she knew she would have a slow start because of her teaching responsibilities. She never thought she would enjoy it so much, but she really loved working with the teens at the high school.

"Do you have any idea how rude it is to have company over and not have any snacks around?" Brian asked.
"Seriously? Dude, me and Kayla are up with Liam all the time. And when we're not with him, she's either painting or grading papers and I'm writing songs for this album. You should have eaten before you got over here," Kenny said laughing.
"Whatever, man. I'm about to fix some chilli. That's about the only thing you have in here that's edible."
"You can always get a little of Liam's formula. I'm sure he wouldn't mind sharing," Kenny said with a laugh.
"Nah, that's okay. And don't think I'm fixing enough for you!"
"You better, it's MY chilli!"

Kenny took Liam upstairs to Kayla's art studio. She liked having him around her when she painted, and Kenny wanted to spend a little time with the guys. It seemed the only time they saw each other now was in the studio.

"Has your mom come sniffing back around?" Brian asked.
"No, and she better not. I'm not even trying to deal with all that. She's been gone for years, she should have just stayed gone," Kenny said.
"Not to change the subject, but I have an idea for a song," Slade said.
"Great, what is it?" Brian asked.
"It's about this guy who was enjoying his life and gets caught up in this situation.........."
"Ugh!" Brian and Kenny said at the same time.
"Let it go man. Seriously, the kid is on the way, it's over," Brian said.

"I guys just don't understand. My whole life is about to get knocked off course. What if we're touring and the kid gets sick? Kids get sick all the time........I'll have to drop everything and come running back here. I don't want to care that much about someone. Hell, the only people I really give a shit about outside of my parents are you two guys," Slade said.
"Awwwww, I think I'm going to cry," Brian said with a laugh.
"Hey screw you ok? I'm being serious here!"
"I know you are. But all of these fears are kind of irrelevant now. What's done is done. What's so bad about caring for other people?" Brian asked.
"People can hurt you when you care about them.........."

"Hey guys," Tabitha said as she walked up.
"Hey! What are you doing here?" Kenny asked.
"Your wife called me. I've been wanting to come over and get some time with little Liam."
"Ah, ok. She's inside painting. They're both upstairs."

Liam was asleep when Tabitha went upstairs, so she and Kayla went back down to the kitchen to talk. Tabitha was a bit sad that she and Kenny's dad had been unable to have any more kids once their twin girls were born. She was trying to talk her husband Terrence into maybe adopting another child. Kayla really loved talking with Tabitha. She was much easier to talk to than her own mother.......

It wasn't that Kayla hated it when her mother came was just not the same. Keisha stopped by shortly after Tabitha left. That was one of the things Kayla hated......her mother just stopped by. She rarely called ahead of time before coming over.

Keisha knew that Kayla wanted her to call before she came over. But Keisha also knew her daughter. She'd never get to see Liam if she announced her visit before hand. Things were better with Kayla, but their relationship still wasn't ideal. She only hoped that changed as Liam got older. Maybe being a mother would help Kayla see why Keisha did the things she did. She simply wanted what was best for her family.......

Mindi also stopped by to check on them.
"So how is my little boyfriend?" she asked.
"He's fine," Kayla said with a laugh.
"You're laughing, but the way my social life is going, I'll do better waiting on him to grow up."
"Oh it's not that bad. It's all going to work out in the end. Liam's upstairs in my studio if you want to see him," Kayla said.
"Of course I do. What, did you think I came to see you?" Mindi said laughing.

Mindi ran into Brian on her way to see Liam.
"Mindi. Hey," Brian said.
"Hey yourself. How have you been?"
"I've been good. I was actually thinking about you the other day," he said.
"Really? Bad or good," she asked with a laugh.
"I don't really was just really weird."
"I don't know what to say to that. You look good, fame seems to agree with you," she said with a smile.
"Fame? Oh, I don't know about that. You look good too. So..........would you mind if I maybe called you later? You know, so we could catch up?" Brian asked.
"Well...........I guess that would be okay........." Mindi said confused.

"Mindi! Wow, long time no see," Kenny said interrupting their converstion.
"I know right! I've been coming over to see Kayla and the baby, but you're never here. Working hard on the album?" she asked.
"Yep. We should all get together soon," Kenny said.
"Definitely, just let me know when," Mindi said walking off to go get Liam.
"What did I walk up on?" Kenny asked Brian.
"Nothing man. Just two old friends catching up............"

"Is that right?" Kenny said laughing.
"Yes, that's right. I gotta get out of here man, I'll see you at the studio," Brian said.
"Alright man. Keep Slade out of trouble."
"I don't know if that's even possible. You've got a really beautiful family man. Seriously, you're really lucky," Brian said hugging him.
"Thanks........are you sure you're okay?" Kenny asked.
"Yep, I'm fine."

The next morning, Kayla got up to take care of Liam while Kenny went to the studio. She had a meeting at the school to attend that afternoon and Kenny would have to come back to keep him. Neither of them wanted to leave him with a nanny and they didn't want to ask their mothers to help out too much either. Although they knew both Tabitha and Keisha would jump at the change to babysit.
"Your daddy thinks you're so even tempered. So I guess you only put your shows on for me huh?" Kayla said smiling down at him. He laughed and grabbed at her face.
"You be sure and show him what you're really capable of today okay?"

Kenny was really excited about recording their first album. With Jacob Ellison producing it, they were sure that Mellow Metal's debut album would be a hit.

It was refreshing to see a familiar face when he walked through the doors of JLK Studios. Ariel Carr had worked at Jake's club, The Hub, and all the guys had grown to love her. She was a very nice woman, with a bubbly personality and a great sense of humor. Kenny figured the only reason Slade hadn't hit on her yet was because she was married with four kids!

Jake really believed in these guys. They reminded him so much of himself and the other members of the Blooming Plumbobs when they first started out. He was a bit nervous at first about Kenny starting a family so soon, but it seemed the young man had found a good balance. They were ready to make some great music.

Kenny didn't know what was going on with Brian, but he knew when something was wrong with his friend. He never thought he would see him trying to get Mindi back, but that's what it looked like was happening.......who would have thought that would ever happen?

They each had their own drama and headaches going on, but they were still able to focus and make the music they all loved. Kenny hoped they were able to do this until they just couldn't do it anymore..........

Kenny came home to a very unhappy Liam. He couldn't believe it, he was usually so easy going and calm......maybe he was just a bit cranky because he was sleepy........

"Hey, what's all that fuss about? That's not how my big man is suppose to act! All that fussiness is totally from your mother's side. But don't you dare ever tell her I said that!" Kenny said laughing.

* Sorry it was so long, a lot happened that I wanted to address. How freaking cute is Liam? I just want to pinch his little pixelated cheeks! And I couldn't fit this pic in but I loved it:

Definitely an "awwwwww" moment :). He is going to be SO spoiled when he gets older lol

* And dammit, Brian needs to make up his mind. He keeps rolling wants for Mindi and I finally just locked the date want. We'll hear more about those two in her and Tippy's update. I'm trying to decide how Mindi would feel about Brian wanting to try things again with her.

* Kayla has her art studio, but for some reason, all the paintings I had her putting in her inventory have disappeared. So she'll wait a little before opening it up officially........

* I plan to design an album cover for the guys once I come up with a good name. I'll share the picture once I get all that done. I'm considering sending them on another tour, but it definitely won't be this round. I have enough going on as it is with the abduction that's going to happen and Tippy's wedding that is to take place this round. Gonna be pretty busy in LaQuest Beach :)


  1. I couldn't believe it when Brian was thinking about Mindi again, I kind of want/wish she had something/someone else in her life at the moment or something as to make it a bit more difficult if Brian wants to renew things with her. I actually like Slade's idea of a song :P and the boys look great in their band recording music. You're tempting me to download that great set for Aerial Bionic. Heck, better idea! They can just travel to LaQuest to record their newest album, especially since Jacob has a swanky new studio, I bet all sorts of artists are trying to record there. Also, sign Apple Valley up if Mellow Metal does another tour-definately want to get in on that.

  2. Despite how much Slade doesn't want this baby to arrive, it does sound like he's planning on being involved (however reluctantly!) I say that's a small step in the right direction. He might just enjoy fatherhood more than he thinks he will. ;)

    I was really surprised Brian was all about Mindi in this update too! Wow. Maybe seeing Kenny settle down has him reconsidering his own path?

  3. I have to say I really love Slade. I think it might be the bad boy and the "devil may care" attitude, but I really like him.

    I hate when paintings vanish like that. It happened to one of my sims once.

    If you do a tour I would love for them to visit Riverdale, keep us posted!


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