Monday, May 2, 2011

Ribbon in the Sky

Round 7 - April 2039 - Mini Update
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Derick Pace is 46, Charity Jones is 31, Jordyn Pace is 9 months

Oh so long for this night I prayed
That a star would guide you my way
To share with me this special day
Where a ribbon's in the sky for our love
Stevie Wonder

"Marry me," Derick said early one spring morning.
"What?" Charity asked laughing.
"Marry me. Right now, today."
"Are you serious? I mean you've never brought up getting married before. Why now?"
"Because........I love you. More than I would have thought I was capable of. And that little girl in your arms just made my love for you grow. Because I can't see being without you. Because I want you to be my wife," he said.
"I.......yes. Yes I will marry you!"

He was almost 50 years old and was just learning about what love truely was and how it felt. Sure it was a little late in his life, but hey, better late than never!

He hadn't made very many friends, but he considered DeJuan Foster to be one and he wanted him and his wife to come act as witnesses for the marriage. Sure, proposing in his pajamas and dragging her off to city hall the same day wasn't very romantic. But then, he wasn't a very romantic guy. And what difference did it make? As long as she was his wife by the end of the day.........

And city hall wasn't a bad place to get married. It was the least expensive place to get married in LaQuest Beach, other than just doing it at home. He wanted to put his money towards getting them a bigger home. He couldn't see himself not living in the city, but their tiny 2 bedroom townhouse just wasn't big enough anymore since they had Jordyn now......

"I can't believe he's getting married. He's not even the same guy anymore," DeJuan said.
"But isn't that a good thing? Derick had to grow up at some point in time. He couldn't stay the way he was forever. You aren't happy for him and Charity?" Donna asked.
"Sure I am! It's just weird, that's all. When the town bad boy cleans up his act, you know you're getting old," he said laughing.
"Speak for yourself! I am not old! I can't wait to see what their daughter is going to be like! Can you imagine a female version of Derick?" she said laughing.
"Don't wish that on the world!"

Mayor Brown performed the ceremonies done in city hall and Kimber Henderson served as a witness for those couples who may not have had one of their own. This was the first wedding Christian had been asked to perform and it reminded him of when he and Alana were wed........

Charity couldn't believe she was getting married to Derick! It wasn't long ago that she was freaking out about being pregnant. Now she had a beautiful daughter and a wonderful husband.

And DeJuan was happy for his friend. He wasn't sure if Derick would ever grow up and stop trying to be a hustler. But he was glad that he had. He didn't envy him having a 9 month old daughter at his age, though. Lyria was only a few months older and she was his granddaughter!

He loved this woman. And he loved his daughter. He finally had a real family, something that he never thought he wanted, but couldn't live without.......

"Congratulations! It was a really nice ceremony," Donna said afterwards.
"Thank you! And thanks so much for coming. I know it was kinda last minute."
"I would expect nothing less from Derick," Donna said laughing.

"He is just full of surprises. Do you know he's already talking about having another baby? Now he wants a son!" Charity said.
"How old are you?"
"Just turned 31."
"Well honey, we're old. Derick hasn't been 31 in over a decade! He probably feels like he's running out of time," Donna said laughing.
" Oh he's not that old. We have all the time in the world," she said smiling.

* I know this was a complete surprise :). Derick just seemed like the type to wake up one morning and get married lol. When they first got to city hall, I was wondering why they couldn't click on the wedding arch and I realized they weren't even engaged yet!

* And I'm trying to make sure all my houses have family pics hanging up so here is theirs:

I was excited to marry someone at city hall. They were my first couple to use the small wedding hall that I built onto the second floor.

* Derick really does want to have another child, but Charity doesn't have the want yet. This wasn't their official update, so we'll visit them again at the end of the round. I really do want them to move because their townhouse really is tiny. But I can't see Derick moving too far away from where his club is. Charity is still working on her online degree in creative writing. When she finishes, I'm hoping she will be the creator of a newspaper for LaQuest Beach.


  1. LOL! Derick, really, wow?!?! I gotta say, like Donna "I would expect nothing less from Derick,".

    I can't wait to see where you plan on moving them and if they do have another baby soon.

  2. Wow! I wasn't expecting this and it doesn't seem like anyone involved was either! But a spontaneous wedding seems to really fit for a couple like Charity and Derick, so I thought this was fantastic! Their wedding outfits were so perfect as well.

  3. Apple Valley - Haha, it seemed very Derick-like to wake up one morning and say "hey honey let's get married". They are my last update for this round so you'll hear more on them then.

    Carla - I alluded to his want to get married in their last update and I was going to do a proposal and then a wedding, but this seemed more Derick's style :). I wanted something completely non-traditional for them in the way of clothes so I'm glad you liked the outfits.

  4. Wow! Derick has certainly changed from what he used to be. It does seem like Derick's style to just wake up one morning, decide to get married, and then do it that same day, lol. ;)

  5. Wow! Didn't really see that one coming! I'm glad Charity and Derrick are finally married, even if it was last minute. I am gonna miss your bad boy though...:(
    I seriously can't wait to see their daughter grown up. Let's hope she doesn't turn out AS bad as her dad. A little rebel would be nice though.;)
    Great update!:)


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